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Wedding traditions Make an Epic Love Story With the Best Proposal Ideas & Lines

Not a fan of the cliche? Then why proposing in the usual ways? Ask your partner "The Question" using some of the best proposal ideas & lines that aren’t cliche! 

The Bride Swanky New Indian Dress Shops to Ace Your Cocktail & Sangeet

Ready to rock your Sangeet and Cocktail events in something swanky? Check out these chic New Indian Dress shops in India for some head-turning effects!

Tips for married life Beautiful Marriage Life Quotes for First Wedding Anniversary

Bare your heart out with these romantic marriage life quotes to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Take cues and mix them up with your own feelings.

The Bride Jaw-dropping Temple Jewellery Designs for That Extra Sparkle

Add oodles of grace to your bridal trousseau with gorgeous Temple Jewellery Designs. Know everything about the elegant temple jewellery and get inspired.

Planning your wedding Every Wholesale Cloth Market in Delhi You Must Experience

Take out all those bridal magazines & photos to get into some action. Check out each Wholesale Cloth Market in Delhi that would be a shopping treat for you!

Wedding gifts Innovative Return Gift For Wedding Ideas For Your Bffs

Getting the perfect return gift for wedding is a significant part of your whole wedding planning. Here are a few E- gift ideas that are beautiful & ‘Green’!

Beauty for brides Take a Crash Course on Puff Hair Style Step by Step & Puff It Up!

Want to know how to get that perfect Puff Hair Style Step by Step? We have come up with some easy tips & hacks to achieve that gorgeous puff! Keep reading!

The Bride 5 Ladies Payal Designs To Get Awesome Foot Pictures For Your Wedding

If you are in love with your feet you must check out different kinds of ladies Payal that would go with all your wedding events! Read on to know more.

Wedding gifts Men Exclusive! 7 Types of Marriage Return Gifts for All the Men on Your Guest List

When you're choosing your Marriage Return Gifts, you must keep all guests in mind. And that includes the men and boys of the family too! So here we have come up with 7 different kinds of wedding favours for men with different tastes.

Wedding gifts Pack It Like a Pro! Check Out These Gift Packing Ideas and Vendors Who Will Wrap Your Gifts Like a Dream

Just buying the perfect wedding gifts or return gifts isn't enough! It's equally important to wrap those gifts in style. Therefore we have come up with a list of trousseau packing experts & their creative Gift Packing Ideas. Read and get inspired!

Honeymoon destinations Head to the Hills! Best Hill Stations in India for Honeymoon for Couples Who Crave for Nature & Adventure!

If you've always felt a calling from the mountains, your most romantic holiday should also be in the hills! We have a list of some of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon for couples who can't have enough hills! Read and start planning!

Planning your wedding It's Play Time! Crazy Unconventional Indian Wedding Couple Games to Heighten the Fun Quotient

Begin your new venture with a laugh! Add a generous dose of crazy to your wedding with these unconventional Indian wedding couple games and simply let go! Have fun like never before and let everyone be a part of your quirky games!

Wedding invitations What's the Good Word? Tips on Framing Wedding Card Wording in English in Indian Style for Your Relatives & Elderly Guest

Categorising your wedding invitations for different sections of guests is the smart thing to do. So what would be the ideal wedding card wording in English in Indian style especially for your relatives & elderly guests? Keep reading to find out!

Wedding invitations Looking For Some Desi Invites? Check Out These Online Indian Wedding Card Maker Vendors Across Country!

Who said you can't have digital invitations with a traditional theme? Here we have prepared a list of Online Indian Wedding Card Maker vendor names who offer e-invites keeping the desi feel intact! Check out their names & prices before you pick one!

Wedding gifts Exclusive Ideas For Handmade Wedding Gifts For Indian Bride That Exudes Emotion And Personal Touch

Wondering how to give an exclusive and personal touch to your gift? We have some ideas on handmade Wedding Gifts for Indian Bride that are simple yet beautiful. Read on to know how to get creative and make stunning customised wedding gifts!

Wedding photography Indian Wedding Poses That Scream “bridesmaids & Groomsmen Only”! Check Out for Some Inspiration!

After all those glorious bride photos and dashing groom images, let’s give it up for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen this time! Check out these rocking images of Indian Wedding Poses where the bride & groom squads are the stars!

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