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Bhawna Rawat

Bhawna Rawat

A nature lover and a passionate trekker, Bhawna Rawat is an ardent writer with an eclectic taste. She looks forward to new experiences with nature, people, places and things.

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Tips for married life 10 Inspirational Love Quotes That'll Make You Tie the Knot Right Now

The lifetime commitment attached to marriage is sure to give cold feet to anyone thinking of getting married so here are some beautiful inspirational love quotes to revive your faith in marriages.

Wedding formalities Here Are 5 Fun Wedding Games for Groom to Amp Up the D-day Zest

Don’t let the classic wedding celebration reign the day without some fun quotient on your wedding. Our list of games for groom will definitely be a barrel of laughs at your wedding events.

The wedding guests 8 Kurta With Jacket Ideas for Groomsmen to Unleash the Dapper in You

Still complaining about the limited ceremonial wear options for men? Check out this list of kurta with jacket for groomsmen to rock at your BFFs wedding.

Tips for married life 20 Expressive Love Quotes From Movies for Every Hopeless Romantic

Here are some tantalising love quotes from Hollywood and Bollywood movies that are sure to remind you of your special someone.

Beauty for brides 10 Peacock Mehndi Designs to Grace Your Hands & Feet in Weddings

Peacocks are birds with flattering stature that make for a beautiful mehndi design. So here's our list of stunning peacock mehndi designs for your love for nature!

Tips for married life Budget-friendly Diwali Party Ideas Every Newly Wed Couple Needs

Hosting a Diwali party with a budget to maintain can be a piece of cake with these 11 smart ideas (which we promise aren't dull). All we're aiming at is to turn your party a success by making your couch potato guests forget Netflix and Instagram.

The Bride Don't Forget to Adorn Your Feet With These Beautiful Silver Payal Designs on Your Wedding

Silver payal are culturally believed to be a symbol of purity & positivity and scientifically proven to be good for health. Whether you believe any of these two reasons or don’t, you still won’t be able to ignore these 8 pretty designs of silver paya...

Wedding formalities Confused About Aadhar Card Name Change Online? Find All The Solutions In This Guide

Whether you need to change your surname in your Aadhar card or correct the spelling mistake in your name, you can easily do it online. Learn the step by step procedure for ‘Aadhar card name change online’ by reading this article

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