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Wedding Gifts - Find the Best

Weddings are probably one of the biggest and most loved celebrations in a family. Weddings in India bring together all your family members, friends, relatives, cousins, colleagues and even neighbours. When so many people come together to celebrate love and togetherness, gifts are a given. The exchange of gifts has been the oldest and most convenient way of letting people know that you appreciate them and that you are grateful for their presence. Whether it is a gift for the couple who is embarking on their new journey together or the endeavors that the couple gives their dear ones as a sign of gratitude, gifts somehow play a pivotal role in the celebrations. You can look at it as a token of affection for the young ones or a sign of respect and no matter how big or small the gift is, the intent is what is actually appreciated. 

Historically, wedding gifts for guests were something small and sweet for guests to eat, like laddoo or barfi. It was also common to give guests takeaway boxes of almonds and raisins because these represent wealth and abundance. At some weddings, guests might even receive small decorative envelopes of cash. While a little money will always make guests smile, you should consult your wedding budget list before choosing any wedding favour.

These days, it’s all about presentation and sweets are still in. Sugar cookies are simple but can be henna themed or decorated to match your wedding décoration. Some couples give their guests flavoured sugar, teas, or coffees packaged in creative ways. Figurines of elephants or Lord Ganesha are still popular, and you can also find these auspicious figures on candle holders or frames. There’s no one perfect wedding favour, but do consider that gifts for guests now tend to be more creative than they once were. You could give anything from small succulents to custom bottles of wine. The only limiting factors will be your budget and the availability of the gifts in required quantities and timelines.

However, with time a wide variety of things have become popular as wedding gifts for the millennials. From plants to electronics, DIY gifts and even experiences - the list of things that can be considered as gifts apart from the traditional ones, is a long one. With so many Findingwedding gift or wedding, favour is not an easy task. Each couple with so many options to choose from has a different taste and preference and so do the guests. While in the west the concept of a wedding registry is very common, India is still at a budding stage there and many of us find ourselves at the end of our wits while picking appropriate gifts. However, to help you find the perfect wedding gifts - be it for the couple or favours for the guests, WeddingWire India is here to sweep you off your feet. 

Types of wedding gifts in India:

There are two significant types of wedding gifts available in India that guests or even couples prefer when it comes to wedding favor. 


  • Edible Gifts: The edible gifting options include sweetmeats, chocolates, dry fruits, snacks, cakes, fruits, and so on. These are the most common wedding gifts and favors that one will find in India. This is a prevalent form of a gift at weddings in our country.


  • Non-edible gifts: The variety of non-edible gifting options available in India are endless. From flowers, plants, crockery, bed linens to personalized home decor items like photo frames and idols of gods - if you are planning to pick non-edible gifting options for the couple or as the couple, you will have a multitude of options to choose from.

How to filter the relevant & best wedding gifts providers on WeddingWire India?

The WeddingWire India app and website provide a variety of gifting options as well as an array of filters that will help you find your way to the best vendors for wedding gifts. Each couple has a different taste and a very distinct preference that is almost always unique. WeddingWire India’s filters are here to cater to your unique requirements and help you navigate through the multitude of options to find the perfect one for you.

  • The region filter will help you pick a location as per your choice and preference. You can choose a wedding gift vendor near you or one that is near your destination wedding venue. However, many wedding gift providers offer doorstep delivery services or can travel to your wedding venue themselves too. You can ask the vendors you have shortlisted for clarity.
  • Pick the type of gift - edible or non-edible. Based on your preferences, only those gifting storefronts that provide the type of gifts you have picked will be displayed on your screen. This saves you the time of scrolling through a million irrelevant options. 
  • Then comes the price filter. Now in the gifting category, there are two different types of gifts available - edible and non-edible. Thus, their prices are also broadly classified into two categories. One is the price per kg of edible gifts. It starts at around INR 100 and can go up to INR 2000 or more. The other is the per-unit non-edible gift prices which start at around INR 100 again and can go up to INR 2500 or more. Pick one or more filters as per the wedding budget that you have estimated. 

Once you have picked all of these filters as per your choice, you will find a list of the aptest wedding gifts vendors displayed on your screen along with their galleries of the latest and best gifts from their past services, their prices, their services, reviews and so on. These storefronts display the general information about a vendor, but you can always send a query by clicking on the Request pricing tab to find out more in detail. 

What kind of gifts do millennial couples prefer?

As per the trends we have observed in the past few years, millennial couples have a slightly different choice for wedding gifts. While the western concept of a wedding registry has still not become fully functional in our societies, here are some suggestions you can check:

  • Home Decor (especially if the newlywed couple is moving together into a new house that they need to set up)
  • Personalized gifts
  • Gift vouchers
  • Plants
  • Home furnishing (includes bed linens and so on)
  • Crockery

What can we give as gifts for guests?

Guests too receive gifts at weddings as a sign of shared fortune and good times or as a sign of gratitude - sometimes as favours or return gifts and often along with invitation cards. 

  • Plants
  • Sweets - cakes, a box of sweetmeats, a box of macaroons, a box of dry fruits, etc
  • Assorted box of chocolates
  • Idols
  • Personalized photo frames
  • Flower bouquets

Make wedding gifts a priority on your wedding checklist to avoid any last-minute rushes because a wedding celebration is a significant day, and to pick anything off the racks or any run off the mill option that you found does not sound right at all. Take your time to choose the right gifts and the suitable vendor who can provide you with these wedding gifts within the budget that you have decided.

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