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Manyavar, MG Road

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Study By Janak, Kaushambi

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Diwan Saheb, Shalimar Bagh

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Manyavar, Vashi

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Manyavar, Goregaon

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Best Sherwani For Groom


Groom wear is no longer about simple sherwanis. Now you can pick from Jodhpuri suits, Bandhgalas, and Indo-western silhouettes, too, if you are looking for sherwanis for men. Find the list of the most exquisite sherwanis for men in your city right here. Check the collection of the best designer sherwanis for grooms, their prices, sizes, and even reviews to make sure you pick the perfect one.


Sherwanis are one of the essential aspects of turning into a groom on his wedding day. Sherwanis have come a long way from the traditional silhouette. There are so many different types of designer sherwanis that men can pick from these days: the Jodhpuri suits, the classic Bandhgalas, the Nehru Jackets, and even the Indo-western silhouettes. Regal as the name sounds, you will be amazed to know that Sherwani did originate in the 18th century. The Chokha is a folk dress worn by the natives of Shirvan in Azerbaijan, and that is where the word Sherwani is probably derived from. The Sherwani originated out of the Turco-Persian affinity of the Middle Ages and became popular in the 19th century. The Indian Royals would flaunt a sherwani as their official attire during British rule and were later adopted by the masses as a special outfit for important occasions or celebrations. Despite the global presence of Sherwanis, Lucknow in India seems to be one of the first places where the sherwani first appeared in the 1820s in India. 


A sherwani can make or break your look for the big day with all that history and royal heritage. When you walk down the aisle to take your vows, all the eyes in the room will follow your tail, and you need to look dapper and wow the crowd. It is one of the most important days of your life, and it is only evident that you would want to look your best.  With the top wedding decorators, best wedding planners, and fantastic wedding caterers on your team, the wedding is meant to be a super hit. It is of utmost importance that you pick the best sherwani for your wedding and other pre and post-wedding ceremonies to make sure you look handsome. The WeddingWire India app and website enlist numerous sherwani designers from almost all the cities in our country. You can scroll through the options from the comfort of your homes and pick the best one with just a click.


There are more than 1500 sherwani vendors on WeddingWire India, and to pick a good quality sherwani wedding dress that accentuates your features while complementing you at the same time, there are some things that we have listed for you to keep in mind. 



  • Ask for a trial: Sherwanis need to fit you like a glove to bring out the best in your outfit. The ready-made sherwanis for men come in different sizes, and the fit also depends on the fabric used to make the sherwani. You must opt for a trial to check how it physically fits your posture before finalizing any sherwani for the groom. 




  • Opt for alterations: If you have made your pick, you must remember that these designs can also be altered to fit you perfectly. Be it the length or the size - you can ask the designer for alterations or get it changed by your tailor too. These alterations require precision, and to maintain the intricacy; you should prefer to get the sherwanis for men altered by the designer you get them from. 




  • Pick the type of sherwani: There are many types of sherwanis like Angrakhas, Bandhgala sherwani, asymmetrical sherwani, suits, and tuxedos, along with the accessories like pocket squares, safas, turbans, shoes, and jewellery too. You will need to pick the type of sherwani for the groom you are looking for and the right kind of accessories to complete the look with absolute finesse. 




  • Consider the budget: Right from ace designer labels like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani to popular brands like Manyavar or Frontier Raas and even lesser-known talented designers in your city - you will have plenty of options to pick from. The wedding budget will play an essential role in helping you decide your ideal wedding sherwani for the gents. Make sure to stick to the budget to avoid any spillovers. 




  • Custom-made fits: You can always opt for custom-made sherwani that can be stitched to your as per your choices. You can pick a fabric of your choice and even choose a silhouette or design of your liking to get your wedding dress explicitly stitched for you. This makes it one-of-a-kind and all the more special for your wedding day.


What are the latest sherwani trends?

The buzz around sherwanis can make it a tad bit difficult for you to choose one, and this is why we have identified some of the latest sherwani trends for you to make a pick that is in vogue. 


  • Floral Prints: It started as a design for bridal wear only. Now floral prints have become a huge hit among the grooms too. The floral sherwanis for men by veteran designers like Sabyasachi and others have made the grooms fall in love with floral prints, and we love it too!
  • Indo-western wears: You should go all out and experiment with the designs and silhouettes out there. Be it the Pathani suits or Jodhpuri ones. You can pick the asymmetric sherwanis for men too to be innovative and out-of-the-box.
  • Pastel Colours: From red lehengas to red sherwanis and golden ones - though these traditional colors have been favored for ages, groom wear has seen a new dawn with the popularity of pastel colors. 
  • Dhotis: Grooms have picked dhotis instead of going for the regular churidar pants or trousers with the sherwani. Dhotis are quite popular bottoms with Bandhgalas and Pathani suits. 
  • Printed Safas: The traditional safas are primarily golden, white or red, and so on - in single colors. However, printed safas have been quite loved by millennial grooms, and they can enhance your whole look in a wink.



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  • How much does a sherwani cost?


         A sherwani can cost anywhere between INR 1000 to INR 2,00,000 or more depending on the fabric, the designs, the designer, etc. 



  • Where to find the best sherwanis in India?


         You can find the best sherwanis in your city. Be it sherwanis in Delhi, sherwanis in Pune, sherwanis in Ahmedabad, Sherwanis in Mumbai, or sherwanis anywhere in the country - you will find some of the top vendors enlisted in the WeddingWire India app. 



  • What is the latest sherwani trend?


      You can check some of the latest sherwani trends like pastel sherwanis, floral sherwanis,      Bandhgalas, and so on as per your liking. 



  • Which designer makes the best sherwanis?


        You can get the best sherwanis designer from various places - from top designers to local stores - you can find your ideal sherwani anywhere that you pick. 



  • Can I get a sherwani stitched for me?


           Yes, you can always get a sherwani or a suit stitched just for you.



  • Will I get sherwanis on rent?


        Many places in India provide you with sherwanis on rent. You can check them listed in   WeddingWire India. 



  • How to find sherwanis on a budget?


           Make use of the prices filter to be able to find sherwanis as per your budget. 

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