About us

We are a few romantics who help couples plan their wedding.

About us

We are the leading wedding portal in the world but beyond that, we are a few romantics who help couples organise their wedding; a unique day to enjoy with family and friends that involves hours of preparation and work. We enjoy sharing experiences with a lot of brides and grooms, we get excited with their stories and help them with their wedding planning. We're able to do all this thanks to the collaboration of thousands of specialised companies with whom we grow.

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The best help for couples

We have created content and tools that help couples in each step of their wedding planning. From the wedding venue, the dress or bureaucratic procedures, they can easily find everything they need at any time.

Business directory

Each couple is unique and looking for something that reflects their personality. For them to find their ideal place, we're offering the best guide of wedding vendors.


Who better than another couple that has already hired that professional to tell you how they work? No one. That's why we ask brides and grooms that have gone through the same to share their experience with the trusted vendor.

Organization tools

All kinds of free utilities that will turn wedding planning into something easy and fun.

  • A checklist of tasks to know what to do and when to do it

  • A guest list manager to keep track of who is coming to the wedding

  • A table planner to seat all your guests

  • Your vendors in one place

  • A simple tool to control your wedding expenses

  • A lot of designs to have a unique wedding website


All the essential ideas to have a unique wedding: Weddings of real brides, catalogue of designer dresses and nuptial related articles.

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