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Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

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Wedding invitations

5 Pretty DIY Handmade Envelope Ideas to Try This Wedding Season

Do away with the old drab ways and gift handmade envelopes and try with these DIY ideas. Personalisation is always welcome!

By Kajoli Anand, 14/12/19

Tips for married life

Check Out These Happy Married Life Quotes for a Happily Ever After

Want to write a special note for your spouse on your wedding anniversary? Take a cue from these happy married life quotes and surprise them with your words.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 13/12/19

The Bride

Timeless Gold Earring Design Images for the Millennial Brides

It's a constant challenge to look out for unique earrings so we bring to you these new gold earring design images that are unlike anything you've ever seen or worn before.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 13/12/19

Wedding gifts

Perfect Best Friend Wedding Quotes to Make It Emotionally Right

Your bestie’s wedding is just as special to you as your own, and we know it. Here are some quotes for your best friend’s wedding which will make her laugh & cry at the same time!

By Manvi Malhotra, 12/12/19

The Bride

Drool-worthy Gold Sets for Brides You’ve Got to Get Your Hands on!

When you’re all decked up in your bridal finery, the only thing you need to complete your look is a beautiful gold set. Check out these 10 drool-worthy sets that we know you’ll be itching to get your hands on!

By Kajoli Anand, 12/12/19

The Bride

Fancy Mangalsutra Designs Cuz Life's Too Short to Wear Boring Baubles

A mangalsutra is a wedding essential that is prevalent in every Indian wedding whether big or small. Check out these 10 fancy mangalsutra designs for every bride of today!

By Ashwin Nair, 11/12/19

The Bride

Dazzling Red Combinations That'll Make for a Fairytale Wedding

If marriage is a bond of love, then red is the colour that signifies it. So here are some beautiful ideas of using the red combination of love for everything at a wedding.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 11/12/19

The Bride

10 Wedding Day Pattu Half Saree Designs for South Indian Brides

If you are looking for Pattu half sarees to add a twist to a traditional saree look, check out these 10 half sarees that are perfect! We guarantee they will fill you with confidence!

By Kajoli Anand, 10/12/19

The Bride

Fun Anniversary Quotes for Your Husband to Make the Wish More Special

Who says words are not enough to portray your feelings? Here are some beautiful anniversary quotes for your husband that prove otherwise!

By Manvi Malhotra, 10/12/19

The wedding guests

The Only List of Simple Hairstyles You Need for Short Hair

Find it hard to get style your short hair? Don’t worry; we have some simple hairstyles for short hair that’ll solve your problem while also making sure that you look good.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 09/12/19

The Bride

Ruby Necklace Sets to Add a Pop of Colour to Your Bridal Jewellery

Check out these 10 ruby necklace set designs perfect for the bride for her wedding day. May it prove to be the stone of energy, love, passion and power for you and your marriage!

By Nikita Aggarwal, 09/12/19

Beauty for brides

These 7 Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes to Make You Look Bomb

Hairstyles are perfectly done when it is in sync with your face shape to give you the perfect edge. We have curated a list of hairstyle for face shape to inspire!

By Ashwin Nair, 09/12/19

Planning the honeymoon

6 Beach Resorts Near Mangalore Perfect to Host an Indian Wedding

Destination weddings are the latest trend in the wedding industry right now. Check out these beach resorts near Mangalore that are undoubtedly the best the city has to offer for the same!

By Nikita Aggarwal, 08/12/19

Planning the honeymoon

Greece Honeymoon Handbook for All the Newly Weds Out There!

Visit Greece and explore amazing travel destinations, the best resorts with ravishing cuisine to make your honeymoon one helluva romantic affair.

By Kajoli Anand, 08/12/19

The Bride

9 Gorgeous Thread Jewellery Designs to Add a Twist to Your Look

Try something new this wedding season to stand out from the crowd! Check out thread jewellery options instead of the traditional gold or diamond jewellery.

By Nikita Aggarwal, 08/12/19

The Bride

Beautiful Gowns to Complete the Picturesque Locations of Your Albums

Prepping for your pre-wedding shoot & want to pack in some beautiful gowns to create the magic? Take a cue from these brides that nailed it by choosing these!

By Chinar Ghorawat, 07/12/19