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Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

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Wedding decoration

The Most Common Wedding Decor Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Don't ignore the obvious errors. Plan ahead to make sure your wedding day decor matches what you had saved on your Pinterest board.

Wedding fashion

How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

Remember that you’re going to be wearing the ring for long time. Here’s how you should look for the perfect wedding rings:

Planning your wedding

5 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Bachelorette

Bring your best girls together, plan an exciting itinerary and get set for the most memorable holiday of your friendship!

Planning your wedding

20 Important Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

From availability to music and catering, here's a complete list of questions you should have answers to before you finalise your wedding venue:

Planning your wedding

The Dos And Don'ts of Bridal Wear Shopping

Wedding outfit shopping can be both fun and stressful. Refer to our guide and avoid the most common lehenga shopping bloopers:

Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception

5 Simple Tips to Host a Successful Cocktail Party

The cocktail night is the most fun event during any wedding celebration. But it's also the easiest to goof up. Avoid the confusion that comes with hosting a grand party with our simple guide:

The Groom

The Wedding Style Guide Every Indian Groom Needs to Read

Funky prints or solid colours; shervanis or bandhgalas; what's your grooms style?

Wedding photography

5 Tips to Personalise Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Cheesy or cool, there's a pre-wedding photoshoot for every couple type. Prepare ahead to get pictures that you'll love just as much as your wedding images.

Wedding decoration

4 Easy Ways to Use Fairy Lights in Your Wedding Decor

Learn how to incorporate every wedding decorator's favourite accessory into your special day because there's nothing that can't be made better with some fairy lights!

Planning your wedding

How To Combine Two Themes For Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding themes, the more personal the better. Here's how you can pull off a wedding that represents you and your partner in the best way!

Planning your wedding

How to Get Along With Your Future Mother-In-Law

Get ideas from some of these useful tips on getting along with with your future mother-in-law:

Places to celebrate your wedding

How to Have Your Wedding In Two Different Locations

If you’re thinking of having your wedding in two different places, here’s a useful guide:

Men's grooming

Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips for the Groom

Here’s a list of handy grooming tips you should refer to before the big day:

Planning your wedding

Major Summer Wedding Hacks For 2017

Consider some of these useful hacks for your summer wedding:

Planning your wedding

Ways to Surprise Your Guests with Unconventional Ideas

If you’re looking to surprise your guests, check out some of these tips:

Wedding formalities

5 Ways You Can Support Your Bride BFF on Her Wedding Journey

Your best friend's big day is an important one for you too. Be there for her now to be a part of her memories for years to come.