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Planning your wedding

If you want your wedding to be a success, make a list in advance of the most important things for the big day. We will help you make it and even the tiniest detail won’t be overlooked.

Planning your wedding

Wedding Planning in 2021 Webinar by WeddingWire India

If you are wondering about wedding planning in 2021, we bring to you exclusive expert advice on wedding planning in 2021 by top industry experts to guide you. Read to know more.

By Anwesha Das, 10/05/21

Planning your wedding

Ideal Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Postpone Their Wedding Smoothly

Your BFF or Cousin might be going through a turmoil as they postpone their much-awaited wedding due to the global crisis of COVID-19. Here's how you can help them:

By Bhavika Vallecha, 06/05/21

Planning your wedding

Postponed Your Wedding? Here’s How to Inform Your Guests!

Do you want to announce the news of postponing your wedding to your guests due to the pandemic, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a step by step guide to help you through this. 

By Anwesha Das, 05/05/21

Planning your wedding

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue to Pick It Right

From availability to music and catering, here's a complete list of questions you should have answers to before booking a wedding venue.

By Anwesha Das, 04/05/21

Planning your wedding

Balance Work-from-home & Wedding Planning Without Losing Your Mind

Wedding planning & work-from-home can be daunting. But with our list of Dos & Don'ts, you can now balance them both better for smoother wedding planning. Read on to know more!

By Anwesha Das, 28/04/21

Planning your wedding

Reasons Why You Might Have To Postpone Your Summer 2021 Wedding

Read this if the second COVID-19 wave and alarming situations around are making you wonder if you should postpone your wedding.

By Anwesha Das, 23/04/21

Planning your wedding

Your Personal Indian Wedding Cost Calculator

If you are about to get married soon and are looking for a simple Indian wedding cost calculator, then your search ends here. Read on to find out more.

By Kriti Gulati, 11/04/21

Planning your wedding

Government Guidelines for Small Weddings

While COVID-19 has altered the course of weddings, here are some recent guidelines from Central & State for you to take notes before planning a small wedding.

By Anwesha Das, 10/04/21

Planning your wedding

The Wedding Calendar for 2021 is Out! Grab Your Dream Dates Now!

Planning a 2021 wedding but confused about where to start? Here's our wedding calendar for 2021 that will help you kickstart your wedding preps.

By Bhavika Vallecha, 28/03/21

Planning your wedding

The Bride Who Wore Her Mother's Salwar Suit to the Anand Karaj

Tarun & Vishesh celebrated a gorgeous wedding in Zirakpur where Tarun wore her mum's Patiala suit from 28 years ago. Read on to know their story in deets!

By Anwesha Das, 22/03/21

Planning your wedding

WeddingWire India Presents the #VoiceofVendors Series

WeddingWire India presents #VoiceofVendors, a series of insightful conversations with wedding experts on the positive impact of Offline-to-Online on wedding business models.

By Rumela Sen, 22/03/21

Planning your wedding

3 Easy Steps to Post A Discussion On WeddingWire India Community

Wish to post a discussion in the WeddingWire India community? Here are 3 easy steps that will give you the ticket to be a part of Community conversations. Read to know more! 

By Surbhi Sachdeva, 18/03/21

Planning your wedding

The Intimate Wedding Where Sidharth Proposed Astha in a Theatre

Astha & Sidharth tied the knot in an intimate ceremony and planned their own wedding. Read on to know the deets for some inspiration!

By Anwesha Das, 09/03/21

Planning your wedding

Here's the Story of a Classic Beach Wedding in Muscat

This classic beach wedding in Muscat of Palak & Aditya was an epic one. Read on to know the deets of their full-on Bollywood story here.

By Anwesha Das, 08/03/21

Planning your wedding

Madhuri & Parshwa's Lockdown Wedding in Ahmedabad

Madhuri & Parshwa tied the knot amidst the lockdown after changing their guest list last minute. Yet their wedding was a hoot, read on to know more!

By Anwesha Das, 16/02/21

Planning your wedding

3 Real Couples Who Got Married on 14th Feb - Valentine's Day

14th of February is the day of love and what better date to get married on than Valentine's Day. Here are the stories of couples who got married on Valentine's Day for inspo!

By Anwesha Das, 13/02/21