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Expert Tips For Brides For Your First Night After Wedding

Here's a first-night tips for brides handbook that can come in handy to prepare for your first night after the wedding.

first-night tips for brides

first-night tips for brides

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The romantic Suhagrat scenes in Bollywood movies can make us curl our toes. But when it comes to experiencing Suhagrat in reality, we all surely can do with first night tips for bride guides. For those who are in a love marriage, the comfort of ease in communication can do very well in breaking the ice. But if two people are uniting in an arranged marriage or if the bride is coy, then reading through this first night tips for bride manual will help you enjoy your first night together with confidence, preparedness, and ease.

Now with the right wedding night lingerie in check, read on to find out how to make the first wedding night more memorable and enjoyable for you two.

First Wedding Night Is Not Equal To Sex

Every bride-to-be has a group of girlfriends, cousins, and other aunties who love giving tips for her first wedding night on ‘How to Seduce a Man’. This not only puts unwanted pressure on the bride to expect intercourse on the first night but also gives her the wrong impression that the first night has to be all about sex. While sex is a great way to bond physically, it is okay to spend the night bonding and enjoying getting close to each other instead. (especially after the hectic few days that you have had!)

Bond Over Friendship Before Fantasies

A wedding is a whole new experience for the couple. Whether you’ve had a love marriage or an arranged one, the journey of living together under one roof will be exhilarating and brand new for both of you. As another first night tip for Indian brides, we suggest that you two establish a stronger friendship and help each other on this new journey before diving deeper into romance and fantasies. It will not only help you two to communicate freely but will also help you to embrace romance smoothly, sans shyness.

Intimacy Can Be Painful

Yes, it is not all rosy and thrilling in the intimacy department on the wedding night. Especially if you have had an arranged marriage and haven’t been physically close to each other earlier. For virgins, the first-time experience can be painful, but that is not the case for everyone. So the best way to indulge in first-time sex after the wedding is to take deep breaths, relax, and not focus on getting the big O immediately. The First Night Tips for Brides guidebook says that focusing on foreplay can make third base less painful and more enjoyable. Start with cuddles and kisses for the night, and then let the wind blow!

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Careful with Contraceptives

When the awkwardness sidelines, things can heat up quickly. Giving into the temptation of not using contraception is a big no-no if you don’t wish to get into family planning right away. Don’t go by the recommendations of your friends and family. Instead, visit your gynaecologist to discuss various types of contraceptives and finalize the one that will work best for you.

Speak Your Mind Freely

Among many first wedding night tips for brides, the most crucial tip is to speak your mind freely. If you are not feeling comfortable about something, express it to your husband. If something is bothering you or you need any assistance (in taking off your heavy bridal lehenga), ask your husband for help. As a result, you'll feel more at ease talking to your husband because he'll feel wanted.

Awkwardness Is Fine

Imagine the pin-drop silence of the after-hours: you two together in a closed room, feeling shy and not able to figure out how to move forward from here. Guess what? It is normal and happens with arranged marriages. Even if you have courted for some time, being alone in front of each other can still bring about awkwardness. So another first-night tip for brides is to not feel embarrassed about the awkwardness. Let the natural flow of events on your wedding night unfold and bring you two closer.

Set Up The Mood Right

Our favourite among first-night tips for brides is to create a romantic ambience in your bedroom to set the mood right. Dim the lights or simply illuminate the room with fragrant candles. Instead of doing it yourself, you can even hire professionals to decorate your room for the first night. Play your favourite slow romantic music, give each other massages, and indulge in some aphrodisiacs for a playful beginning to the wedding night.

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Whether you take tips for the first wedding night for a bride in Hindi or first night tips for an Indian bride of any state or culture, they will all point in the same direction. Sex is not the most important thing for the first night; speak your mind, feel comfortable with each other, and establish friendly communication as the ideal foundation of a beautiful married life. But most importantly, express your love, cherish these moments, and just let things happen naturally, one night at a time.