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Wedding protocol

How must the bride enter the wedding venue? And what about the groom? Knowing the wedding protocol is essential, and it will help you with all those questions that are crossing your mind.

Wedding protocol

COVID Advice Blog for Vendor Partners

As the second wave of the pandemic sweeps through the world, we want to stand by our vendor partners & assist you in navigating your businesses better through these uncharted waters. Read on to know how.

By Anwesha Das, 25/05/21

Wedding protocol

Here's The Answer To The Best Day To Get Married in 2019

Want to start your new life on an auspicious note? You must be looking for the best day to get married in 2019! Find out which day suits you!

By Kajoli Anand, 23/07/19

Wedding protocol

30 Incredible Palki Designs to Help You Create the Wedding Entrance of the Century

You’ve planned the wedding of your dreams! Now it’s time to enter your wedding venue in true royal fashion. Here are 30 ideas you can use to design your palki.

By Divya Premkumar, 09/05/19

Wedding protocol

Headed to the Marriage Registry Office in Bangalore? Here's All You Need to Know to Get Your Marriage Solemnised

Still getting off the highs of a spectacular wedding? Do not forget that you have one more chore left! Head to the marriage registry office in Bangalore and make your wedding legal!

By Kajoli Anand, 07/04/19

Wedding protocol

9 Funky Joota Chhupai Hacks and Tricks for Your Best Friend's Wedding to Keep the Fun Rolling on Their D-day

Can hardly wait for your sister/best friend’s wedding? We couldn't either! We have curated for you a guide of 'how to' and 'where to hide' the groom's shoe. Yes, the famous 'Joota Chupai' all the sisters and the girlfriends eagerly wair for!

By Vandini Nirwan, 30/12/18

Wedding protocol

Wedding Functions: Carnival of Unforgettable Moments Until D-day

There are multiple wedding functions involved, each with their own reasons, ceremonies and stories to tell. We count all of them for a walkthrough!

By Vishu Sharma, 14/11/18

Wedding protocol

"My Wedding": Brides-to-be Can Rock-n-roll on the D-day Their Way

Brides tend to believe myths that exist about the D-day. Don’t fret, ladies! We are here to debunk all the myths and tell you that you can do it your way.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 13/11/18

Wedding protocol

7 Real Wedding Games That Will Break the Rules & Bend the Lines & Make Your D-day Memorable

While you may believe that all real wedding games are about love, dance, songs and family; there are some that go beyond crazy. Here are 7 games that, believe it or not, people have played at their weddings and had insane fun. Take a cue!

By Aastha Sirohi, 07/10/18

Wedding protocol

Make Your Wedding Fun – A Curated List of Unique Ideas

Who says your wedding needs to conform to norms and be the same as everyone else’s? Here’s a list of ideas to help you have a lot of fun and make your wedding a unique affair to remember!

By Vidhi Maingi Gaur, 13/04/18

Wedding protocol

10 Creative Bridal Entry Ideas for the Uber Cool Brides

Here comes the bride, walking down the aisle. Doesn’t every bride dream of a grand bridal entry to her wedding ceremony! Make it extremely special with these styles.

By Shrennya Kalyani, 09/04/18

Wedding protocol

And This Is How You Keep Every Wedding Guest Engaged!

From the naughty kids to the emotional grandparents, here are the tips to make every type of wedding guest feel a part of the festivities.

By Boshika Gupta, 12/03/18

Wedding protocol

Best Wedding Etiquette Tips

Adhering to wedding etiquette can feel especially stressful because you’re required to take so many things especially other people and their feelings into account. Here’s a useful guide:

By Boshika Gupta, 09/10/16

Wedding protocol

7 Wedding Etiquette Rules That Apply If You're Invited To Any Indian Wedding

A wedding is all fun and games but within certain boundaries of what's acceptable and what's not. Remember these customary wedding etiquette guidelines while attending a wedding ceremony.

By Shokhi Agarwal, 07/06/16