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Headed to the Marriage Registry Office in Bangalore? Here's All You Need to Know to Get Your Marriage Solemnised

Still getting off the highs of a spectacular wedding? Do not forget that you have one more chore left! Head to the marriage registry office in Bangalore and make your wedding legal!

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When you’re getting married, the last thing on your mind is the legal side of the wedding. Although you may feel ‘married’ the minute the Pheras are over, you’re technically unmarried in the eyes of the law until you get your marriage registered. Thus, you need to head to the marriage registry office in Bangalore to ensure that you are legally married too. Whether you get married under the Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, or the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, you’ve got to have a few documents ready for the process to be official.

What documents do you need to get married?

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For starters, you need your marriage application form. You can download this from the registry office’s website or get a hard copy from the marriage registry office in Bangalore.  You must also bring your original wedding card, even if you used e-wedding cards. This is basically to prove that you have gotten married. You must also bring your address proof. Furthermore, you also need to get your identity proof, particularly one that shows your date of birth so that the authorities at the marriage registry office in Bangalore know that you are over the legal age for getting married.

Your marriage affidavits, along with an affidavit of any name change is also essential. As a part of changing your name, you must make an official announcement about the same in the newspaper. The marriage registry office in Bangalore also requires you to bring along a copy of the newspaper clipping.

Can you get your marriage registered online?

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If you do not have the time to go to the marriage registry office in Bangalore, then you can always get your marriage registered online. We live in a digital era and as a result of that, most of us are accustomed to having all our needs met online. Knowing that most young people now rely on the internet for a variety of services, the marriage registry office in Bangalore along with the government of Karnataka has made wedding registrations easy to do online.

In order to apply to get your marriage registered online, you must visit the Karnataka government website. Then, you need to select the district where you live. You’ll see a form that will ask you to fill in basic details like your name and age, and you must then select the button that says ‘Registration of Marriage Certification’. You will be directed to a page that takes you to the marriage certificate form. Fill out the form with the correct details along with the date of appointment. Click the submit button. You’ll be given a temporary number that acts as a receipt of sorts. Keep that with you for any reference in the future!

How to choose the witness?

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At the marriage registry office in Bangalore, there are strict rules regarding the witnesses that you can bring along with you. You must bring two people who actually attended your wedding. Bringing pictures along always helps. The marriage registry office in Bangalore prefers witnesses that are blood relatives of the couple (close relatives are preferred over distant relatives). More often than not, the officials do insist that at least one parent sign the documents as the witness.

However, we understand that not every wedding is conventional. If you cannot bring the family along, you can still bring people who are of legal age and attended your wedding. The whole point of witnesses is that people need to attest to the fact that you got married. Whether they are blood relatives or not is not as relevant. Even though individuals might ask for Parents to be present, the wedding laws in India do not. As long as the two of you are consenting adults who got married, getting the marriage registered should not be a problem.

How expensive is it to get your marriage registered?

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Getting your marriage registered is not expensive at all. The rates depend on the act under which your marriage is being registered. If you are getting the marriage registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, then the form costs ₹5 and an additional ₹10 for the certificate.

If your marriage is getting registered under the Special Marriages Act, then the fee for the solemnization cost is ₹10. However, if you choose to solemnize the marriage in a different place other than the sub-registrar office, then the cost increases to ₹15.

If your marriage is getting registered under the Parsi Marriage Act, then the certificate costs ₹2.

Getting your marriage registered may feel like a bit of a chore at first, especially when you start collecting self-attested documents. However, this is something that you must do in order to make your marriage legal so do not procrastinate!

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