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You're beautiful and everybody is aware of that, but wedding planning can be a hectic process. We'll guide you through all the do's and don'ts so that your inner beauty reflects on the outside too.

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Meet the Bride Who Didn't Wear Makeup on Her Wedding

Avantika Singh planned her wedding by her own rules and turned out to be the most unconventional bride we’ve seen in a long time.

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Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips for the Groom

Here’s a list of handy grooming tips you should refer to before the big day:

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How to be a Glamorous Bride: Makeup and Styling Tips

If you wish to be a glamourous bride, here are a few useful makeup and styling tips to see you through:

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Major Wedding Style Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here’s a list of the most common wedding style mistakes to look out for:

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How to Get Enough Sleep Before Your Wedding

You must make sure you get enough rest in the days leading up to your wedding so that you have enough energy for the big day. Here are a few handy tips to help you sleep well:

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Wedding Makeup Essentials, Tips, and Ideas

Looking perfect on your wedding day is not easy. If you’re feeling stressed out over your wedding makeup details, here’s some help:

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Bridal Vanity Kit Checklist

Aside from your attire and accessories, there are a few important items you’ll need by your side on your wedding day—a vanity kit!

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Selecting the Perfect Lipstick Shades for your Skin Tone

To get that perfect lipstick is a real mission in itself. With so many choices, the process can be overwhelming. But never fear, we’re here to help you find a lipstick that will enhance your wedding-day look.

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Tips for Hiring a Wedding Makeup Artist

Your wedding-day makeup should make you feel beautiful and confident—but still feeling like yourself.

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The Wedding Beauty Checklist

The pre-wedding stress can make it difficult to keep track of everything. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through endless beauty tips months, weeks and days before the wedding:

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How to Prepare For Your Wedding – Grooming Tips For Brides

It can feel like there’s a lot of pressure to look perfect on your wedding day. You just need to breathe and remember to not stress yourself out. Here are a few useful tips to help you prepare for your wedding day:

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Tips for Your Makeup Trial

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A well-prepared makeup trial will only help you make sure that your makeup artist lives up to your wedding dress, theme, and expectations.


7 Diet Tips for Brides

If you’re on the famous ‘slim-down’ mission in order to look flawless in your dream dress, you need to stay true to the diet plan and follow it religiously.

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Signs of a Beautiful Bride

You are beautiful on the inside but you need to enhance the inner beauty on the outside and look absolutely dreamy on your big day.

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7 Questions to Ask to Your Makeup Artist

The more you know about your makeup artist, the more satisfied you will be with their final results on your wedding day.