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30+ Trending Beard Styles for Men You Should Try This Wedding Season

Some of the best beard styles for men trending in India to get before the wedding has been listed for you, inspired by the handsome celebs themselves!

beard styles for men

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Anshul Singh Chauhan(L), Vinuthna Garidipuri(R)

While the brides run their endless self-pampering routines to look as gorgeous as ever on the biggest celebrations of their lives, what are the grooms in the house doing? The general idea that men's grooming has smaller horizons than women's has been altered years ago. From facial massages to mani-pedi treatments, men have it all too. The grooms in the house will also be as busy as the pretty brides, grooming themselves for the big day.

There is no pressure to look your best on the wedding day, but it is always nice to look nice on a day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Just choosing a dashing outfit and getting a handsome hairstyle for the wedding day won't be enough. For all the handsome hunks with beards, here are the different and new beard styles for men 2022 that will make a head-turning impression on your wedding day, effortlessly. 

beard styles for men by Mili ghosh

Image Courtesy: Mili Ghosh

Your beard style has a major impact on your overall look. Some people can redo their personalities with their beard style. You can always turn to Bollywood for reference and inspiration. 

While your brides get their spas done, get to your stylist to pick up the trimmer and give you one of these best beard styles for men 2022 to look remarkable and do justice to your impression as a groom!

Short Beard Styles

Short beard styles have been in vogue for millennial men for quite some time now. Here are some of the trendiest short beard styles that the groom can flaunt. In fact, be it the groom squad or a guest at the wedding who likes to keep a dashing stubble - this list of buoyant short beard styles is going to be your personal style guide this wedding season. 

Full Stubble Short Beard

beard styles for men

Did we not all love Anand Ahuja's suave look at the big Sonam-Anand wedding? This short beard style with an extended soul patch is a great look to pull off, especially if you are picking traditional outfits.

Short Light Beard for Men

beard styles for men

If you are not a fan of clean-shave but also do not want to overdo it with full stubble, then this light short beard style for men is going to be the safest pick. You could keep a soul patch joining to your chin beard to add to the sleek look.

Light French Stubble Style for Boys

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Vicky Kaushal

A defined french beard with a faded cheek beard is a great short beard style with a moustache that you can opt for. This is one of the best beard styles for men who plan to keep it sharp with a touch of beard!

Simple Short Stubble for Men

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Balerina Films

A simple short beard style for men with a clean line and zero-fade can be your IT look.

Simple Beard Style for Men

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Diamonds Edge Photography

Another clean simple short beard style for men, this one is sure to turn heads.

Virat Kohli's Modern & Stylish Ducktail Beard Style

beard style for men

Image Courtesy: Virat Kohli's Instagram

Virat Kohli's long stubble beard style is a modern version of a ducktail beard that covers the entire jawline and chin along with a fully grown circle beard. This is a very popular and new beard style for men. Some regular trimming will help you maintain the look better, however, stay away from scissors if you love your beard as much as Kohli does and go for this latest beard style for men.

Shahid Kapoor's Boxed Stubble

Shahid Kapoor's Boxed Stubble  short beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Shahid Kapoor's Instagram

Recently, Shahid Kapoor shifted his well-known identity as the cute heartthrob in Bollywood to being Bollywood’s perfect gangster. He has been seen with a medium stubble often and in his movie Kabir Singh he was seen with a full beard. However, the most common beard style that he maintains is a boxed beard with a faded medium stubble on his cheeks. This is one of the most popular short beard styles for men and it might need regular maintenance if you want to keep it this way it is going to look perfectly balanced for your wedding too!

Ayushmann Khurrana's Extended Goatee

Ayushmann Khurrana's Extended goatee beard style for men

Image Courtesy: Ayushmann Khurrana Fan Page on Instagram

Keeping his adorable dimples aside, Ayushmann Khurrana's neatly trimmed sides with an extended goatee has often been the reason why he left us all floored and is indeed a head-turning stylish beard style for men. This is obviously excluding his beyond great acting, singing and poetry skills. He has come a long way from the short stubble in Vicky Donor which has been one of the best short beard styles for men.

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Hrithik Roshan's Full Groomed Beard

Hrithik Roshan's full groomed  stylish beard style for men

Image Courtesy: MensXP

While many global polls have often declared Hrithik Roshan as one of the top 5 sexiest men on earth (without denial), his enviable jawline is covered in a full groomed beard. From his rugged look with his untamed curly locks to his absolutely sharp appearance, his beard style works wonders. And of course, those hazel green eyes make the women go weak in their knees. While the younger genZ and millennials can pull this stylish beard style for men effortlessly, we would also suggest this as one of the soberest and most stylish beard styles for older men.

Ranbir Kapoor's Stubble Cycle

Ranbir Kapoor's stubble cycle  latest beard style for men

Image Courtesy: Hi Boox Magazine

Unquestionably one of the most good-looking men from Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor has experimented with many beard styles. However, his loyalty and consistency in maintaining a stubble - be it long, short or medium, is very evident. You can try this look and keep changing the length to keep the look fresh and new every time. Adding some length to this beard style for men makes it one of the best Indian beard styles for men with a round face.

Siddharth Malhotra's Tapered Stuble

siddharth malhotra's tapered stubble beard styles for men with short hair

Image Courtesy: Siddharth Malhotra's Instagram

Keeping it short and clean but not being clean-shaven, this handsome hunk has maintained a short and tapered stubble. Siddharth Malhotra's beard style is not rugged and full, it is more inclined towards a clean shave but the trimmed stubble enhances his jawline. This beard style is a low-maintenance one that doesn't require hours of grooming and devoted beard time every day.

Vicky Kaushal's Stubble

Vicky Kaushal's  stylish beard style for men

Image Courtesy: Vicky Kaushal's Instagram

A short stubble is the most undemanding style of beard for men to maintain. It is almost a natural growth that happens every few days to a week and does not need too much grooming apart from regular trimming to maintain the length. For the grooms that want it easy breezy and hassle-free, here's your pick!

Kartik Aryan's Soul Patch with a Stubble

Kartik Aryan's new beard style for men with a soul patch

Image Courtesy: Kartik Aaryan's Instagram

Kartik Aryan is the new-age actor who flaunts another easy-going beard style with very little maintenance required. His medium stubble with the soul patch and extended sideburns add contrast to his narrowed jawline and makes him look more dynamic and millennial.

The Classic Verdi Stubble

The Classic Verdi Stubble on fawad khan

Image Courtesy: Fawad Khan's Instagram

Another fancy beard style that helps men show off and accentuate their jawline is the Verdi beard style. It is paired with a handlebar moustache and is a great combination that gives you an uptight handsomeness instantly.

Friendly Mutton Chop-Wolverine

Friendly Mutton Chop-Wolverine on Hugh Jackman

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you keep your hair short and maintain a longer side-burn, then getting a friendly mutton chop like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine will be easy too. This beard style is an off-beat one and is not often opted for by the grooms. You can either simply sport mutton chops or couple them with a natural moustache. Whatever suits your personality best!

Balbo Beard Look

Balbo french beard styles for men on robert downey junior

Image Courtesy: Robert Downey Jr's Instagram

A Balbo beard is similar to what  Robert Downey Junior has. The chin patch comes with a well-groomed and thin French beard style for men and a soul patch. It is very gentlemanly and suits middle-aged men mostly. If you are looking for popular Indian beard styles for men with short hair, the Balbo beard is one of the best French beard styles for men and it has to be your go-to!

Short Patchy Beard

Short Patchy Beard style for men on David beckham

Image Courtesy: DMarge

While aesthetic French beard styles for men make you look classy and sharp, the short patchy beard is characterised by a more casual short hair that is of the same length as that of a trimmed moustache. This look has daily maintenance and needs you to spare time and trim it every day to keep it neat and short. This is one of those staple Indian beard styles for men and it is a professional yet easy-going classic look fit for the youth. Try a crew cut hairstyle for men with beards to ace the look.

Short & Tapered Beard

Short & Tapered Indian Beard style for men on Ryan Reynolds

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This latest beard style for men is always accompanied by a handlebar moustache and is a perfect pick for men with rectangular faces or broader jawlines. The short and tapered beard keeps it sturdy and accentuates your features making it one of the most favoured Indian beard styles for men with broad faces. 

The Van Dyke Beard Style

The Van Dyke Beard Style on Jeremy Renner

Image Courtesy: Jeremy Renner World on Instagram

A chic combination of a goatee with a handlebar moustache, the Van Dyke beard style for men adds more length to the face. It is especially perfect to suit long or oval faces, but in a round or square face, this style adds some extra length to your chin. This is one of those formal beard styles for men that add to your sharp features.

Full Short Beard

Full short beard style for men by Bradley cooper

Image Courtesy: E!news

This has to be the most trending Indian beard styles for men among the millennials. Maintaining a longer beard takes a lot of time and care and does not suit the climate often. However, keeping the stubble as full as a full-grown beard, you can keep medium length stubble near your chin strap along with the moustache that is full-grown and styled too. This is also a cool pick when it comes to the latest beard styles for older men to add to your personality.

Long Beard Styles

You must be thinking "how long is too long?" Well, it depends. Anything that extends from the chin can be looked at as a long beard style. Now conventionally men either prefer a clean shave or a short beard style for weddings - especially if they are a part of the groom's squad or the groom himself. However, modern men are nothing ordinary and they do not want to fit into a box - we love it!

Full Long Beard with Mooustache

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A full-grown beard with a moustache for the dashing grooms out there! Look stunning in this simple beard style - we suggest you cut out the volume a little for a manageable look. Or you can always use a gel!

Long Goatee Beard with Moustache

beard styles men

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A long goatee that frames your jawline and extends a little extra on the jawline - a suave long beard style for boys out there to look royal.

Long Tapered Beard 

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A long tapered beard style for men is for those who like it long but regal. The handlebar moustache with the long beard just makes it so much better.

Long Verdi Beard with Moustache

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Siddhant Nagpal

A Verdi stubble gives you a neat but effortless look. If you would like a long beard style for men that does not look unkempt but also does not look like it was hard work - this is it!

Full Stubble on Long Beard

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Amrit Singh Photography

The full stubble long beard is winning and we have seen a lot of men flaunt this long beard style on various occasions.

Full Long Beard

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Piccatch

Keep your beard long and manageable, comb it through and set it with a nice setting cream and watch your look transform!

Full Groomed Long Beard Style for Men

beard styles for men

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A full groomed long beard style for men need not be tapered, it usually takes the shape of your jawline and we love this look on Shahid Kapoor!

Ranveer Singh's Ducktail Beard

Ranveer Singh's dukctail new beard style for men

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Ranveer Singh is an impeccable actor who has flaunted a variety of some of the best beard styles for men to gush over. From stubble to an extended goatee, he has done it all. His profession demands different looks from him for the different roles that he chooses and that is why we see the different beard styles on him. However, the iconic new beard style for men carried by Ranveer Singh was the ducktail beard with his handlebar moustache. We are swooning!

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The Garibaldi Beard Look

The Garibaldi stylish Beard for men Look on Rana Daggubati

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Garibaldi beard style for men is similar to the Bandholz style except this is only shorter by a few inches. This is a perfect look for a man who cannot afford to trim or shave regularly. Keep it short and trim the edges of the beard in the jawline by shaving it in a neat line, and make this a handsome look to pull off. The Garibaldi bear style is one of the most classy beard styles for bald men to add to the handsome hunk look.


Bandholz Beard Style

Bandholz  beard styles for older men by Jason Momoa

Image Courtesy: Jason Momoa's Instagram

If you aspire to have this Greek God look and have a great amount of patience to groom your hair and nourish it well to thick growth, then Bandholz beard style is your answer. Characterised by a full-grown beard and long handlebar moustache, this style will surely highlight your facial features. You might even pull off a top knot hairstyle for men with beards to keep up the rugged look. If you are looking for stylish beard styles for men with a round faces, you have found one!



beard styles for men Indian

"Mooche ho toh Nathulal jaisi warna na ho" is an apt saying for all the handsome grooms in the house who love to maintain a stubble and groom their beard. These are the latest and stylish beard styles for men with both short or long beard that will make them look like an absolute stunner on your D-day! These new beard styles for men of Indian origin are going to be a head-turning view for everyone we guarantee.

You can pick a sherwani or a tuxedo for your big day and add to your swag with the perfect type of stylish beard styles for men. Make sure you make an unforgettable entry to your wedding while looking like the stud you are!

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