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Wedding Jewellery: Check prices, request a quote and find an array of beautiful bridal jewellery sets including an extensive selection of stunning gold, silver, diamond and pearl pieces from many designer jewellery stores.

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    Nikhar Beauty Collection
    Bridal Jewellery Khurai (Khurai)

    Wedding jewellery is one of the most important buys for a grand event. Why not get something that is affordable and stunning. Offering inspiring pieces of jewellery is the main goal of Nikhar Beauty Collection. It is a company based in Khurai, which offers great collections of fabulous ornaments... (gold necklace)

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    Jawaharatul Osman Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Jawaharatul Osman Jewellers is a prestigious name for finely crafted ornaments for decades. It is one of the oldest and leading names for great jewellery and custom creations in Hyderabad. Started in the 70´s, this well-known company’s dazzling items have enhanced the beauty and confidence of... (jewellery designs)

    Price from ₹7,500

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    Shakti Gems Jewels
    Bridal Jewellery South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Shakti Gems Jewels is name synonymous with great quality, excellent service and expertly crafted ornaments. It is a store located in Delhi, which offers wedding jewellery in all the latest trends and designs. The secret behind the success of Shakti Gems Jewels is the selection of styles knowing the... (jewellery designs)

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    Shri Shyam Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Wedding jewellery holds a special place in a woman´s life, it symbolises the beginning of a great journey and buying bridal ornaments is an enjoyable process. Aiming to make you look beautiful with exquisite, well-crafted jewellery is Shri Shyam Jewellers. It is a store located in Delhi, which... (wedding jewellery)

    Price from ₹250

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    Surat Diamond Jewellery
    Bridal Jewellery South Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Surat Diamond Jewellery has been in the wedding jewellery industry for so long that now their third generation is in-charge of their business. With unique designs and fast executions, they provide jewellery for every type and budget. This company is the perfect mix of traditional values and... (wedding jewellery)

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    Lustrous Gems
    Bridal Jewellery South Mumbai (Mumbai)

    For exquisite bridal jewellery and ornaments, you just want to know one name, Lustrous Gems. It is a company which manufacturers, exports and importers diamonds and precious stones and also sells Indian and western jewellery and also antiques. It also specialises in customised ornaments. For seven... (jewellery)

    Price from ₹1,00,000

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    A R Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Central Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    A R Jewellers, located in Delhi is one of the leading jewellers for wedding ornaments. Be it a statement necklace or a diamond wedding ring, this store knows how to design exceptional pieces of jewellery. It features contemporary and traditional designs and you can enjoy the pleasant ambiance and... (jewellery)

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    Vishal Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery West Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Founded in 1975, Vishal Jewellers is a Delhi-based jeweller with a long history of exquisite designs and valuable customer relations. It was established by Rajinder Talla, in Moti Nagar as a small shop. Within a short period of time, Vishal Jewellers grew into a leading name for well-crafted... (jewellery designs)

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    Dhandia Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Dhandia Jewellers is the jewellery division of Abhinav Enterprises, established in 1962 to provide high quality diamonds for jewellery. Later on, they created their own name in this industry by creating and providing lovely jewellery items. When it comes to tradition and trust, Dhandia Jewellers is... (wedding jewellery)

    Price from ₹2,000

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    Zella Diamonds
    Bridal Jewellery Kozhikode (Kozhikode)

    It is said that "a diamond is a girl´s best friend". No one believes this better than Zella Diamonds. It is one of the pioneers in bringing exquisite diamond and platinum jewellery in Kerala. With 24 years of history in gold jewellery, Zella Diamonds has more than enough expertise in selecting and... (gold necklace)

    Price from ₹8,000

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    Shubham Jewellery Nx
    Bridal Jewellery Indore (Indore)

    Shubham Jewellery Nx is a designer fashion jewellery studio whose name is related to the manufacturing and wholesaling of matchless collections of imitation or artificial jewellery. For decades, Shubham Jewellery Nx has been providing high quality pieces for the soon-to-be brides in the city of... (jewellery)

    Price from ₹1,000

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    Swati Pearls & Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Swati Pearls & Jewellers stands out from the rest thanks to the talent of their master craftsmen. Their unique handling of precious stones and pearls, along with their experience and workmanship, produces high quality jewellery. Its main outlet is located in Nampally, but the company has two... (bridal jewellery sets)