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Wedding DJ: Check prices, availability, request quotes and get special deals on the best wedding DJs in your area to create the perfect wedding functions. Make sure to get the party started right at your sangeet, wedding reception, cocktail parties and all other events. A great DJ will ensure that your guests have a great time throughout your wedding.

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    DJ Mervin
    Wedding DJ Goa (Goa)

    DJ Mervin is a Goa-based wedding DJ who has played at many weddings all across the state and the nation. He specialises in House, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Retro and Techno music genres. He assures to take your wedding party to a whole new level with his outstanding repertoire. Plus, he is equally... (Wedding DJ)

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    DJ Roody Bajaj
    Wedding DJ South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    DJ Roody Bajaj is one of the most prominent names in the club scene in India today. With over a decade in the field, he is a much sought after DJ both in India and abroad. Started at the age of 16, DJ Roody Bajaj made his mark with his fantastic Bollywood with EDM mashups. He is a permanent fixture... (Wedding DJ)

    Price from ₹50

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    Sandeep Vyas & DJ Sanjeev
    Wedding DJ South Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Sandeep Vyas and DJ Sanjeev are two talented artists, based in Mumbai. Sandeep Vyas is a great singer, who has serenaded his way through a range of genres, like, Bollwood, English, Indi pop, Bhangra, and classic tunes. Dj Sanjeev, as the moniker suggests, is a DJ and produces music for Sandeep Vyas.... (Wedding DJ)

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    Red Carpet Event Management
    Wedding DJ Western Suburbs (Mumbai)

    Red Carpet Event Management is a company which offers diverse planning solutions and services for occasions and events. One of the main attractions of this company is its DJs. It offers its musical extravaganza for social functions and creates an exciting and amazing ambience in weddings and related... (Wedding DJ)

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    DJ Dhruv
    Wedding DJ North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    DJ Dhruv is a prominent Bollywood disc jockey in Delhi’s party circuit. He transformed his passion to a profession in 2010 and has since performed at many events worldwide. He specialises in Bollywood music and will provide your family and friends with endless hours of entertainment with his mixing... (Wedding DJ)

    Price from ₹25,000

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    DJ Tejas
    Wedding DJ Navi Mumbai (Mumbai)

    DJ Tejas specialises in a grand variety of genres including Bollywood, Pop, House, Psy-chill and Lounge. He'll make sure that nobody stays still and that your dance floor is completely packed. If you're really looking for a high quality service and a professional wedding DJ who listens and works... (Wedding DJ)

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    Extreme Sound
    Wedding DJ Western Suburbs (Mumbai)

    Extreme Sound counts with over eight years of experience in the wedding entertainment field. If you're looking for an unusual DJ that will turn your wedding celebration into a total party, then you're at the right place. They provide fully tested equipment, making sure that nothing goes wrong on... (Wedding DJ)

    Price from ₹10,000

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    DJ Rody
    Wedding DJ Thane (Mumbai)

    DJ Rody is a Mumbai-based artist who has been in the business for more than four years spreading happiness with his extraordinary DJing techniques. You can clearly see his passion reflected in the final results; he aims to turn your party into an unforgettable celebration for each one of your family... (Wedding DJ)

    Price from ₹6,000

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    DJ Ashrafi
    Wedding DJ Western Suburbs (Mumbai)

    DJ Ashrafi started her career in 2005 and eventually become one of the leading female Bollywood DJs of India. She's based in Mumbai and she has performed in hundreds of events all across the nation, offering power-packed performances, especially at weddings and related ceremonies. She's known to be... (Wedding DJ)

    Price from ₹50,000

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    Jonasera Sounds and Lights
    Wedding DJ Vasai-Virar (Vasai-Virar)

    Jonasera Sounds and Lights is a Mumbai-based company that offers professional DJ services for weddings and related occasions. Their young and dedicated team creates a customised playlist of various genres of music including Bollywood, hip-hop, disco, and classic to make your special day a memorable... (Wedding DJ)

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    Soundtech Events & More
    Wedding DJ South Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Soundtech Events & More is a Mumbai-based company, headed by DJ Neil, who has an experience of more than 19 years in creating exceptional music and offers great DJ services for all types of events and parties. Soundtech Events & More will provide the most entertaining moments of your wedding with... (Wedding DJ)

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    Sharma Dj Point
    Wedding DJ Jaipur (Jaipur)

    Sharma Dj Point is Jaipur-based company which specialises in providing event management solutions and DJ services. It is an experienced business with a competent team and has done countless shows and events, since the year 2000. From artist coordination to providing modern settings for sound and... (Wedding DJ)

    Price from ₹5,000