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Honeymoon Packages

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get so swept up in the details that you forget about planning your honeymoon. But honeymoons are important, whether couples stay close to home or jet off to some exotic destination. It’s a time to relax after the excitement of the wedding and share some private time with your new spouse. That said, your choice of honeymoon destination doesn’t have to be romantic and private. Some couples opt for adventure travel or foodie tourism instead of the stereotypical beachside getaway. Don’t feel pressured to choose a destination that doesn’t feel right just because it’s a honeymoon. Where have you and your significant other always dreamed about going? Planning a honeymoon is the perfect excuse to take that dream vacation!

Deciding Where to Go

There are thousands of possible destinations, so narrowing down your options can be tough. If you can’t decide, try thinking about what you like to do on vacation instead of where you want to go. Imagine your perfect trip. Are you lying on a lounge chair on a secluded beach? Zip lining over mountainous terrain? Indulging in luxurious spa treatments? Trekking through parts unknown to take photographs of interesting animals? Or maybe you want to shop until you drop.

Your honeymoon can be whatever you want it to be — though you should consult your wedding budget before you begin planning. Knowing what you want to do will help you decide on a destination because every city and every country has its own pleasures to offer. If you plan your honeymoon based on what you want to do, you’ll have a wonderful time whether you go abroad to the U.S., Africa, South America, or Europe or visit trending destinations like Gangtok, Agra, Munnar, or Manali.

Why You Should Look at Honeymoon Packages

There are two very good reasons to look at honeymoon packages instead of trying to plan a honeymoon piece by piece. First, chances are you’re busy right now tackling all the items on your wedding to-do list. Adding travel planning to your plate can mean that wedding planning feels that much more stressful. Second, honeymoon packages are often less expensive than à la carte honeymoons because resorts and travel companies are able to give couples deals on bundled trips.

There are basic honeymoon packages that bundle transportation and accommodations, as well as all-inclusive honeymoon packages for destinations around the world that include amenities, dining, drinks, and activities so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the bill. Ask friends and family to recommend travel agents and then ask those agents what kinds of honeymoon packages they offer. With just a little searching, you can find a package that makes it easy to plan a picture-perfect honeymoon. WeddingWire’s vendor listings, wedding vendor manager, and other wedding planning tools make planning your wedding — and your honeymoon — easier so you can enjoy your engagement even more.

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