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10 Sister Engagement Quotes for Your Wonderful Sibling to Show That You Care

Your sister is among the closest people you’ll have in your life. Celebrate that special bond with our ten fantastic sister engagement quotes specially curated for her engagement ceremony!

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Let Kerala Marriage Photos Show You the True Essence of a Malayali Wedding

A Kerala wedding is a mix of cultures, traditions, rituals, fun, frolic, and joy. Here is your invitation to a Kerala wedding. Visit a Malayali wedding with these exhilarating Kerala marriage photos.

Wedding photography

13 Famous Indian Photographers Whose Work Inspires Beautiful Brides Today

Special occasions like your wedding demand photographers who can capture the right moments and tell stories you’ll cherish for life! Opt for these famous Indian photographers, who excel at clicking the right scene from the right angle every time.

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Fun, quirky or romantic? Choose The Style For Your Marriage Videos From These Inspirations

From engagement till reception - every moment is your moment. And you, are the star of your own film! Get tips and ideas on what’s trending in the world of wedding videography from these brilliant marriage videos.

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14 Awesome Punjabi Photo Ideas for the Ultimate Swag Wala Photoshoot

The wedding season is here but photoshoot ideas are still a little fuzzy. Take a look at our fantastic selection of Punjabi photo ideas that will transform your photoshoot experience into a treasured piece of art.

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7 Types of Wedding Invitation Wording Samples to Help Create Your Own

Looking for some wedding invitation wording samples for inspiration? From formal to casual, we have all the examples to keep you covered!

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10 Essential Bridal Photos You Should Get Clicked

Bridal photos are picture memories that every girl keeps and cherishes for life. Each picture tells a story and here are 10 must-click pictures every bride needs in her wedding album.

Wedding photography

11 Unconventional Couple Photoshoot Poses Which Became All the Rage

From crazy to cute, silly to stunning; couple photoshoot poses have no limits and boundaries. You can create dreamy and majestic pictures to goofy ones that bring out the child in you. Here are 11 unconventional couple poses that had us awestruck and...

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12 Pre-wedding Shoots You Can Imitate to Highlight Your Own Love Story

Want to know what's the secret behind extraordinary pre-wedding shoots? Take a look at some of the couples who weren’t afraid to think out of the box and put an extra effort for outstanding results.

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12 Remarkable Rangoli Photos To Use As Cues For Your Own Wedding Decor

A wedding is a beautiful chaos and with colours thrown around everywhere, a rangoli is never out of place. So, here are 12 awe-inspiring rangoli photos which not only add to the wedding décor but also gives your wedding functions a personal touch.

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12 Spectacular Wedding Photo Poses for Team Bride and Team Groom to Flaunt

Team bride vs Team groom, who does wedding photo poses better? We know, everyone has an opinion on that. So here are some examples for you to make a call.

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12 Funky Wedding Tags to Add the Quirk to Your Celebrations

As personalising your wedding becomes a raging trend, there's yet another element you can consider to do that for you - wedding tags. Discover how and where all you can include wedding tags in yours.

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What Is Candid Photography and How to Get That Perfect Click!

Ever wondered why certain wedding photographs look so stunning? Some of the best wedding photographs are taken when the couple is unaware! So what is candid photography and how you can get your perfect shot? Read on to find the answer.

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12 Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas Which Make A Fragrant Style Statement

Who wouldn't want to brighten up their wedding day with some bright and fragrant flowers? Take cues from this guide and find different ways in which you can amp up your wedding flower decoration. Take out your pens and take notes now!

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Why Do You Need Separate Wedding Invitation Cards for Friends?

If you are reading this, probably you or your closed ones are getting married. So, here we are to give you interesting ideas regarding wedding invitation cards for friends.

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How to Frame Fun, Witty and Creative Bengali Wedding Cards for Your Biye Invite

Getting married in a true blue Bong style but yet to do the invites? Take a quick look at all there is to know about Bengali wedding cards and create your own in fun and innovative ways.