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With original ideas and proposals, we'll help you make your event a one-of-a-kind! Remember, it's the meticulous details that turn a common wedding into a unique event.

Wedding photography

5 Tips to Personalise Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Cheesy or cool, there's a pre wedding photoshoot for every couple type. Here's how you can create a photo story that suits you!

Wedding photography

8 Tips To Nail Your Bridal Photo Shoot

Mahima Bhatia from Mahima Bhatia Photography shares her top 8 tips to create the bridal portrait of a lifetime.

Wedding decoration

10 Gorgeous Day-Mehndi Setups You Can Use To Plan Yours

Get inspired by the top wedding decorators of the country and start planning your dream mehndi now.

Wedding decoration

The Most Common Wedding Decor Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Don't ignore the obvious errors. Plan ahead to make sure your wedding day decor matches what you had saved on your Pinterest board.

Wedding video

Ideas for Your Save-The-Date Video

Be as true to yourselves as possible in a video as special as this one. Here is a handy guide for planning your save-the-date video:

Wedding decoration

How to Throw a Rustic Wedding

Subtle is good, make your wedding stand out. Here are handy tips to plan the perfect rustic wedding:

Wedding music

Top 10 Wedding Dance Songs for 2017

Here is a list of evergreen, popular and new wedding songs to include in your playlist to add some fun and excitement:

Wedding decoration

How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

If you’re looking for tips for picking and deciding your favorite wedding colours, here’s a useful guide:

Wedding photography

How to Get The Dreamiest Wedding Pictures

Thinking about what your ideal wedding would look like in pictures, here are some tips to help you make your vision come true.

Wedding photography

What to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Here are a few helpful tips to decide on your style in case you’re not sure what to wear for your engagement photo-shoot:

Wedding music

Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

Here is a list of questions you must ask you wedding DJ and things to keep in mind while planning your special occasion:

Wedding invitations

People You Don’t Have to Invite to Your Wedding

It’s understandable that you want to keep your wedding list intimate with people you’re close to. Here is a useful guide telling you how to proceed:

Wedding photography

Wedding Photo Checklist

Be sure your photographer doesn’t miss out on these important moments and details during your wedding:

Wedding decoration

Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

If you’re looking for ideas for lighting options for your big day, here’s a useful guide for you to follow:

Wedding music

How to Incorporate Live Music into your Wedding

If you’re trying to make live music a big part of your wedding celebartion, here are a few useful tips:

Wedding photography

Tips for Beautiful Engagement Photos

If you’re wondering how to get the dreamiest and gorgeous set of engagement pictures, here’s a useful guide: