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7 Awesome DIY Haldi Decoration Ideas That Are Easy on the Pocket and Eco-Friendly

Are you planning to try your hands in decorating your Haldi event all by yourself? We have some super swanky Haldi decoration ideas for you that are simple, economical and would totally up your decor game!


In almost every Indian wedding tradition, Haldi is a common pre-wedding event that everyone simply adores. The playfulness of the custom, the bright yellow colour, the super happy candid photographs-every little bit of this function brims with cheerfulness. And that's exactly how the Haldi decoration should be too! So, how about some decor ideas that are unique and creative? Now, if you're thinking, creativity costs a lot of money, you couldn't be more wrong! Let us show you some smart ways to decorate your venue on Haldi in easy, fun and yet aesthetically stunning ways. Read on and try them yourselves!

1. The Kite Tales

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Using colourful kites for your Haldi decoration will only dial up the vibrancy of the whole place. Take inspiration from a Gujarati wedding where kites are an essential part of the decor. Hang up kites in different colours on the Haldi venue. Food tables and stalls, bar, bride's chair or the entrance alley. The sheer vividness of kites is all you'd need to ace your Haldi decor.

Approximate price: Kite price starts from ₹10-20.

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

2. The Merry Umbrellas

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Taking forward the colourfulness of the Gujarati kites, how about some Rajasthani umbrellas as a part of your Haldi decoration? From huge standing umbrellas fixed on the ground to smaller ones inversely hung up from the ceiling- you can stylise the umbrellas in a variety of ways. Take printed multi-coloured umbrellas or single coloured ones and mix them all up. For example, you can use solid yellow umbrellas matching with your yellow lehenga to decorate the Haldi function area and go for Jaipuri printed ones for the food or bar area.

Approximate price: Rajasthani umbrella price starts from ₹300. Normal colourful umbrella price costs ₹299.

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3. Colourful Paper lights


Another chic yet very simple Haldi decoration idea is using colourful paper lights. Choose pop colours for the lights and you can simply keep them hanging throughout the day. And just when the sun goes down, light them up to add a little magic to the whole area!  Paper lights are inexpensive and environment-friendly but add oodles of fun character to your venue.

Approximate price: Paper lights price starts from ₹120.

4. Drapes & Dupattas

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Using dupattas for wedding decoration is possibly the simplest of all and is always in style. In fact, you can also use old sarees, cotton drapes, stoles and scarves for your Haldi decoration. All you have to do is just coordinate the colours. If you want, you can accessorise your dupatta with tiny bells, bangles or mirrors for some special effects! And if you're feeling a little more enthusiastic, how about getting paper flowers pasted on your drapes?

Approximate price: Dupatta price starts from ₹250.

5. Dangle the Bangle

Indian Wedding Planners, Jaipur

You've read about different ways to use your old bangles in your wedding decoration. So you already know how to use them for your Haldi decoration. However here are a few exclusive tips:

  • Choose Yellow colour bangles for the Haldi event area. Or you can go for contrasting red, green and orange. Or maybe just go multi-colour!
  • Avoid glass bangles and opt for the plastic ones. Still, if you go for glass bangles, wrap them up with threads or fabrics.
  • Attach tiny bells, shells and chimes to the bangles for the melodious symphony.

Approximate price: Bangles set price starts from ₹80-100.

6. Homemade Rangoli

The Hue Story

Instead of hiring Rangoli artists, try making your own Rangoli at home. Whether it's a floral Rangoli or a Rangoli made of colours, make Rangoli making a part of your whole Haldi decoration event! Involve your family members and friends to participate to make it more fun. In fact, how about organising a "Rangoli making competition" for your Haldi games. That way you can have a two-way fun!

Approximate price: Rangoli colour price starts from ₹80-100.

7. Bottles up!


Here's a genius decoration idea that also involves recycling stuff! Don't throw away the empty beer bottles from your Cocktail or Bachelor party night. Hang them up as a part of your Haldi decoration for some Bohemian vibes. Use ribbons, colourful threads and fern streamers to tie them up and you don't even have to hire a decorator for that!

Approximate price: Beer pint bottle price starts from ₹100. But since you'll be recycling used bottles, the cost might just end up being zero!


Other than the above mentioned Haldi decoration ideas, you can also try decorating with hand painted earthen pots, fern streamers, colourful paper origami or setting up a floor seating with bright coloured cushions and bolsters. Put up black slate-boards with quirky messages like "aao peeyo khelo" or "Let's get Yellowed" written in chalk. The sky is your limit if you want to decorate your own Haldi function all  by yourself. Just get the creative juices flowing and get going with whatever bizarre decor concept comes in mind!

If you have more such quirky and unique decoration ideas, please do share them with us in the comment section below!