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Unique Haldi Decoration Ideas For Home And Outdoor Setups

Are you looking for Haldi decoration ideas or simple background Haldi ceremony decoration concepts for your home or outdoor venues? We've got your back with these unique ideas.

Haldi background decoration ideas

Haldi background decoration ideas

Photography: Video Tailor, Outfit: Manyavar

Contributing Writer: Jaya Ramsinghani

We are all aware of the many beautiful traditions and ceremonies of an Indian wedding celebration. While every function has its own story behind it, the Haldi ceremony is by far the most fun and playful one! With all the bright colours, a whiff of turmeric in the air and gorgeous decorations all around, it's a unique experience on its own. The function is held a few days before the wedding day to bless both the bride and groom for a happy married life with all their loved ones. Make your Haldi festivities stand out with stunning Haldi decoration ideas that never go out of style.

You can decorate your venue or home with the most colourful props, flowers and more. That being said, Haldi decoration does not necessarily have to be colourful. If you're a fan of subtle decor with elegant colours like white and blue, you also have a ton of Haldi decoration ideas to choose from. While you are busy bookmarking the perfect venue for your Haldi ceremony, or a gorgeous outfit to flaunt, don't miss out on the latest and trending Haldi ceremony decoration ideas to make your festivities the one to be remembered for life. Whether you wish to plan an intimate wedding at home with your loved ones or go all out for a grand wedding celebration, we have the perfect background Haldi Rasam decoration ideas for you!

Let's dive in and bookmark some pretty and aesthetic background haldi kunku decoration ideas that your wedding decorators will be happy to create for a gorgeous celebration. 

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Haldi Background Ceremony Decoration

Little Blue Door Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration: 25 Star Events

This is one of the most unique wedding haldi decoration ideas we've come across. This vibrant blue door serves as the perfect prop in the sea of yellow flowers and will add to the bright and happy vibe of the ceremony. The bougainvillaea on the door will also look great in pictures and will add to the aesthetics of the theme. 

Traditional Haldi Decoration With Beautiful Floral Arrangements

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

Wedding Decoration - Aash Studio

How about shifting from the traditional yellow colour palette for your Haldi ceremony? You can create your haldi function decoration as per any theme you like. Add the touch of fun and colourful elements like Rajasthani umbrellas, wooden furniture and gorgeous hanging floral arrangements for a beautiful Haldi setup.

Flower Fall Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration - Aura Affaire

The flower fall background is one of the most trending haldi mehndi decoration ideas currently. You can use any type of flower or flowers to recreate this according to your theme. These can be bright flowers for a flower wall like roses, marigolds and carnations or pastel and white flowers like jasmine, white roses, marigolds and tulips. 

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Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration with Marigold Flowers


Wedding Decoration - Dream Makers

Marigold flowers make for the best Haldi flower decoration, all thanks to their vibrant yellow colour. This Haldi decoration background idea is a great one if you like to keep things traditional and minimal and want to give your Haldi ceremony a bright and happy vibe.

Minimal Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration - Meghaa Flowerbox

If you're someone who likes to keep things simple and subtle, this simple haldi stage decoration idea is for you. This Haldi ceremony decor has the perfect combination of white and yellow which gives it a very elegant look and binds the whole theme together. We specifically love the flower decoration for the haldi on top, which is made of white and yellow roses.

Bright Yellow Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

Haldi background decoration ideas

Wedding Decoration - Marriage Colours

Yellow Haldi decor may be common but they're still the most preferred theme in most Haldi ceremonies. And rightly so - just look at this gorgeous Haldi celebration decoration! When it comes to yellow Haldi decor, you can mix and match a lot of different flowers like Marigolds, Carnations, Roses, and Sunflowers to make for the most gorgeous flower decoration for Haldi function.

Creative Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration -  Occasions Era

Looking for something different for your Haldi decoration? This unique idea is one of our favourites! The mix of bright and vibrant flowers with greens and wheat grass and the white props in the background make this decor gorgeous. This perfect mix of colours not only makes it look beautiful but also quite posh and would be perfect as mehendi and haldi decoration with subtler themes like white, pastel and yellow.

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration with Sunflowers


Wedding Decoration - Purple Grapes

If you're looking for Haldi decoration ideas that are not all yellow and white and have other vibrant colours, this is a great one to save. We love how the decorators have set this up in the outdoors under a tree giving it a very raw and natural feel. The highlight of this setup has to be the purple couch that brightens up the whole space, making the Haldi decoration images pop out and look more vibrant. 

Haldi Background Decoration with Peacock Design

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

Wedding Decoration - The Wedding Designers

Choose the traditional colour palette of Haldi ceremony in shades of yellow and orange, while adding a touch of pink and blue for contrast. Take a hint from this gorgeous background Haldi kumkum decoration with a peacock design and a simple marigold floral arrangement to steal the show!

Traditional Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration -  Shubh Beginnings

Simple Haldi decorations like this one are always a good idea. If you're someone who likes to keep it simple and elegant and want the traditional kind of Haldi kunku decoration ideas, this is a great one to save and show to your decorator later. Use lots of yellow and orange marigold flowers and other props like bells, golden pots, etc to make this happen.

Colourful Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration - Tssifra Weddings

There are various ways to integrate colours into your Haldi decoration. One great way is to use colourful backgrounds like this one. As haldi decoration for groom, you can choose such quirky designs, motifs, faces, etc as your Haldi background and get the most bright and colourful pictures on the day! 

Simple Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration


Wedding Decoration - Yesha Modi Thakkar

This beautiful yet simple haldi decoration has our hearts. The monochromatic look of the densely tied yellow marigold flowers gives this haldi background decoration such a bright and happy feel. This gorgeous Haldi stage decoration will guarantee the most colourful and happy pictures of you as you play around with flowers and Haldi with your whole family around.

Fuchsia Haldi Decoration Idea

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

Wedding Decoration - The Wedding Designers

Amp up your Haldi decorations by adding floral strings and hanging arrangements against a vibrant setup. You can add contrasting colours for a gorgeous Haldi ceremony decoration background, that can also work as a perfect backdrop for your festive photos.

Ideas for Haldi Decoration at Home

Are you hosting your Haldi ceremony at home? If yes, you'd surely be wondering how you could arrange haldi function decoration at home and make it look bright and happy for the big ceremony! To help you figure out how to do that, we've curated some amazing ideas that will help you transform your house into the perfect venue for Haldi ceremony that has picture-perfect corners everywhere! From the entrance decor, the Haldi background set up to the seating area and hanging props- you'll find inspiration for it all right here.

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

Wedding Decoration - The Wedding Design Company

A full-frame mesh floral decor can give your Haldi decorations an elegant twist. You can choose the traditional marigold arrangement with mango leaves or go for artificial floral decor to go easy on your pocket while planning an intimate wedding. This simple indoor haldi decoration will look gorgeous against the bright yellow seats for the couple to enjoy each moment of their fun-filled ceremony.

Falling Marigold Haldi Decoration At Home


Wedding Decoration - Experiential Weddings by Mapsor

The flower fall background is surely a huge hit right now and is trending all over social media. And rightly so- this low cost simple haldi decoration at home idea can be done in no time. The only Haldi decoration items for this concept that you'll need are marigold flowers and thread to hang at the back of the Haldi setup. To add to this, you can also add yellow, white and orange carnations on the edges and you'll have the perfect easy haldi decoration at home ready.

Simple Backyard Haldi Decoration At Home


Wedding Decoration - Rani Pink

This beautiful Haldi setup from Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul wedding is our absolute favourite! If you're looking for simple haldi decoration ideas at home, this is a great idea to save. To recreate this haldi decoration at home, consider having the ceremony on the roof or in your backyard. Make use of the already existing elements like a tree, and pots and add decor like hanging white flowers, and baskets full of flower petals, and add some earthy elements like a jute Dari, wooden baskets and a pastel couch for the couple to sit on. As we always say, nothing beats natural light when it comes to pictures, and this is the perfect setup for beautiful and happy pictures of your Haldi ceremony.  

Haldi Decoration At Home with Colourful Flowers


Wedding Decoration - F5 Weddings

Are you looking for Haldi decoration in home ideas that are super easy to do and look gorgeous? If yes, this is a great idea to save right away! To pull this off, all you'll need to do is do a beautiful floral arrangement around a couch or a swing at your home. The result will be this beautiful Haldi decoration setup perfect for all the bright and happy pictures of the bride and groom!

Indoor Haldi Decoration At Home


Wedding Decoration - Shaddi Ka Ladoo

This classic Ghar ka Aangan for a Haldi Mandap decoration has our hearts. The minimal decor also ensures that the essence of home is not lost and that it feels cosy and homely. If you're loving this decoration for Haldi idea as much as we do, then don't forget to save this! For amazing haldi decoration photos, think of earthy elements like baskets, floral arrangements around the seating, decorated staircases, and hanging decoration props. 

Colourful Haldi Decoration At Home Garden


Wedding Decoration - Shiv Shakti Entertainment

Your backyard garden can make for an amazing venue for an intimate Haldi ceremony decoration at home. And if you're already planning to do that, here's an amazing decoration for haldi ceremony idea for you. This simple and fun Haldi decoration for a backyard garden is not only colourful but also super easy to do. The hanging props, dreamcatchers, colourful sofas and seating and vintage lights make this a gorgeous Haldi ka decoration that will give you the best pictures and will feel like a dream!

Pastel Haldi Decoration At Home


Wedding Decoration - Show Mania

This pastel floral arrangement is beautiful for a Haldi decoration at home setup. You can choose to carry your home swing to the terrace for a gorgeous Haldi ceremony setup or decorate around a sofa indoors. Either way, you'll have a beautiful Haldi decoration for bride with pastel flowers around the seat and you're sure to get the most beautiful pictures of the couple. 

Minimal Haldi Decoration At Home


Wedding Decoration - The Wedding House

If you're someone who loves simple decor ideas, this simple haldi decoration at home is perfect for you! This Haldi decor idea at home uses the elements around the room perfectly to create a minimal yet gorgeous setup for the ceremony. To ace this haldi mehendi decoration, make sure you're using simple props in the background and ensure that nothing hinders natural light in the room. Add carpets, metal vases and sunflowers for the perfect earthy look.

Traditional Haldi Decoration At Home with Marigold Flowers


Wedding Decoration - Urose Entertainment

Marigold flowers are always a hit at Haldi. And when it comes to simple Haldi decoration ideas at home, Marigold flowers are a fool-proof way of making sure your house is ready for the ceremony. This one is a brilliant idea for your house entrance during the Haldi ceremony. Mix and match white and yellow Marigold flowers to cover the main entrance gate with strings of flowers, add some more near the curtains and hang them from the ceiling for a bright and colourful look for the perfect Haldi stage decoration at home!

Haldi Decoration At Home Entrance


Wedding Decoration - Wedding-e-Khas

This is another great idea for Haldi simple decoration at home. If you want to brighten up your home entrance for the ceremony, add a few vases full of bright yellow flowers like these. And we're sure these will also make for fun photobooth or backgrounds for your guests. You can use the classic Marigold flower, or mix it up with some Sunflowers, yellow roses or Carnations for the perfect and fresh Haldi look.

Haldi Decoration At Home with Props


Wedding Decoration - Weddings By Neeraj Kamra

If you're hosting a Haldi ceremony on your front lawn or backyard garden, you'll love this handmade simple haldi decoration at home idea. Convert your garden into the most beautiful Haldi setup for your guests with this colourful seating idea and the simple hanging props from the trees. Add some flower vases filled with yellow Marigolds to brighten up the space and little corners of your garden and you'll have a picture-perfect Haldi decoration simple setup right at home.

Simple Marigold Home Decoration

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

Image courtesy - Pinterest 

Sometimes the simplest creative simple haldi decoration at home ideas turn out to be a raging success! For a beautiful haldi program decoration for your intimate wedding, you can choose a floral curtain as a backdrop. This simple yet creative idea will look spectacular for your Haldi celebrations. Add a touch of colour against the yellow to increase its beauty further.

​​Haldi Plate Decoration Ideas

The third most photographed element of any Haldi ceremony, other than the couple and the Haldi decoration, is the Haldi Thali. It is on that Thali that Haldi paste for the ceremony is placed and passed on among married women for the application. So it is of utmost importance that along with haldi ceremony decoration ideas, you also consider browsing through haldi plate decoration ideas as well. Here are the latest Haldi plate decoration concepts that we have come across on lately. Make sure that you finalize a Haldi plate that matches the theme and Haldi decoration in harmony.

Quilling Art Haldi Plate Decoration

​​Haldi Plate Decoration Ideas

Wedding Gifts: House Of Craft

If you are looking for unique Haldi thali decoration, then quilling art Haldi tray decoration is your go-to. If you love crafts, then you can try your hands on the quilling technique and make your own homemade haldi thali decoration with this art, or you can check out quilling artists to do it for you.

Haldi Bowl For The Ceremony

​​Haldi Plate Decoration Ideas

Wedding Gifts: Kamala's Kraft Korner

To add to your Haldi decoration, it is not necessary that a Haldi Plate needs to be used to store Haldi paste for the ceremony. Beautifully decorated bowls are also opted for a more handy and lighter haldi paste holder. You can either check haldi decoration items online to find beautifully decorated bowls, or you can do a DIY haldi decor on a bowl at home as well.

Faux Floral Pre-Fixed Haldi Plate

Faux Floral Pre-Fixed Haldi Plate

Wedding Gifts: Patwa Handicrafts

Keeping the search for the right Haldi Thali effortless, you can also opt for pre-made and pre-fixed Haldi plates which are available in various designs. Bookmark the Haldi Thali decoration ideas online and once your Haldi event decoration has been finalized, go for the thali design that best matches the overall look of the setup.

Aari Work Embellished Haldi Plate

Aari Work Embellished Haldi Plate

Wedding Gifts: Mi by Miloni

Keeping up with the traditional handicrafts of India, you can select a simple yet blingy Haldi plate consisting of Aari work embroidered cloth glued Thali with matching bowls and application wands.


Haldi functions are all about fun and festive vibes. You can play around with different ideas and themes offered by expert florists and professional wedding decorators for your different ceremonies and be assured that your Haldi ceremony decoration will stand out from the rest. 

While there are so many beautiful background haldi ceremony decoration ideas that you can explore, choose the one that is in sync with your style and personality. Make most of your Haldi ceremony by enjoying each moment to the fullest with your loved ones and getting amazing photographs clicks against these quirky backdrops.