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Rajasthani Umbrellas: The Versatile Wedding Prop You Must Check Out

Be it your Mehndi, Haldi function or even wedding, one could always do with a splash of colour and unique props. What if we tell you just one item could bring all of that and more to your decor? The handcrafted Rajasthani umbrellas are the answer.

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Rajasthani umbrellas – an Indian twist on your conventional umbrellas, these embroidered and colourful cotton umbrellas are more functional than just to protect you from the sun. Inspired by the wedding season, we came up with this list of some small and big ways to incorporate this little traditional piece into your special day. From multi-coloured canopies to elegant wedding favours, read on to find your unique style.

1. Brightening up the corners

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Apart from the main stage, grand entrance and food counters, decorations are needed in every nook and corner to bring the entire venue together. What better and easier than a few quirky umbrellas just hanging out with some flowers? These umbrellas will not only make a great background for pictures but also give the much-needed relief from conventional décor props. Adding a touch of traditional Rajasthani embroidery to your colourful Mehndi function will make it a memorable one!

2. Hanging by the branches

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If your Mehndi, Haldi or any other function is being held outdoors, you could let these colourful umbrellas hang by the branches of trees along with contrasting flowers and even lanterns. These props can literally be placed anywhere around at a function to give it a pop of colour. These easily-found and cheap umbrellas make the best props for even a DIY décor if you are hosting a function at home!

3. Let’s get clicking!

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Photobooths – the new addition to the modern-day weddings that is now expected at them all. But you need not break your bank to implement some special idea for your photobooth. These Rajasthani umbrellas come to the rescue yet again! Inspired by this set you could always decorate a rickshaw and auto with flowers and use a few umbrellas to amp it up. Alternatively, you can always leave a couple of these Rajasthani umbrellas around the booth as props.  

4. United they make for an elegant canopy


Move past the canopy of flowers or even dangling lights, imagine a canopy of beautiful Rajasthani umbrellas. As the rays of sun fall through these bright props, it makes the venue come alive with colours. Attach a few tassels or maybe even a few strands of flowers to pull the entire look together and Ta-da! There you have it, an Instagram spot right in the middle of your function. Pleasing to look at, this canopy is the way to go!

5. Umbrella as wedding favours

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One of the most confusing tasks of a wedding is deciding the perfect wedding favours. With the array of options available in the market, it becomes quite a daunting task. But yet again, our Rajasthani umbrellas are here to the rescue. Who knew they don’t come handy only in rain? These trendy pieces make for an amazing gift as they not only can be used as decorative items at one’s home but also make for perfect props for pictures right at the event. That way they will be taking home a great memory from your special day!

6. Combine to create a backdrop for bridal seat

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We saved our favourite idea for the very end. For a bright colourful function like your Mehndi, there is nothing more appropriate and alluring than Rajasthani umbrellas. They not only make for excellent canopies hanging from the ceiling but could also be used to highlight the bridal seat. These reasonable and light-weight umbrellas can easily be aligned with the design of your choice and they merge very well with other props including flowers, dreamcatchers and even birdcages. You could always ditch the conventional traditional designs and opt for custom-made colour-specific umbrellas to match your theme perfectly. You can also get your wedding hashtag etched on them.

So what do these versatile Rajasthani umbrellas cost?

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Online on e-shopping sites, these quirky yet elegant umbrellas cost anywhere between ₹125 to ₹500 a piece, all varying in sizes. Given that they are made of cotton and are hand-embroidered, that’s quite a good deal and especially if you are planning a DIY décor project as they are hassle-free and easy to incorporate. But you could always contact the retails for a wholesale price and specific requests. If you do end up in Rajasthan for your bridal shopping, you could get in touch directly with the manufacturers and local businesses for the best rate and top-notch quality.

Rajasthani umbrellas are probably one of the most versatile props we have come across being incorporated in the most unique styles. These umbrellas make for reasonable and unique items to incorporate into your wedding for a touch of colour, tradition and fun.  These were just some of the ideas to sprinkle a touch of colour but there are some more interesting ways to use this quirky item at your wedding. From being a prop at your pre-wedding shoot, a centrepiece at the tables to even using it for the bride’s entry at her morning wedding ceremony.

If inspired by these ideas, you do bring the umbrellas out at your wedding, please do share the pictures with us!