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7 Types of Wedding Shopping Companions To Avoid

There will always be volunteers who will be happy to assist you with your wedding shopping but some of them may turn out to be a nuisance rather than a helping hand. These are the ones you should avoid.

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One of the most difficult and stressful parts of wedding planning is shopping for the bridal attire. With all the whirlwind preparations, a bride needs someone to assist her with the wedding shopping. Many friends and family members will offer their precious time and energy to help you find that perfect wedding dress. This parade of volunteers can get overwhelming, and a bride needs to make a smart decision maker who would be her wedding shopping buddy! Here are 7 types of people you should avoid picking as your wedding shopping companions:

1. Frenemies

There are people who will pretend to be pally with you, either on the groom's side or yours, but they might not have your best interests at heart. Going wedding shopping with them will simply ruin your mood and not get the work done as they will keep disapproving your choices or pass snarky & passive-aggressive comments. 

Beginnings For You

2. Attention Seekers

The spotlight has to be on the bride but there are those who might seek too much of attention. These “know-it-alls” will put on a show of their supposed expertise and may try to cancel out others opinions — even the bride’s.

3. People Pleasers

A wedding companion must help the bride choose the best look. Some people want to please others too much and may end up approving all the options and won’t provide honest comments to avoid hurting the feelings of the bride.

4. The Excessive Critic

This is opposite to the “people pleaser.” An excessive critic may also tend to disapprove almost any choice without offering a solution. You could go all day and any dress would still not satisfy this person’s standards.

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5. Your Future Mother-in-Law

Every bride has to face the challenge of establishing a good relationship with her mother-in-law but taking her along to the wedding shopping may not be the best step. Tensions could rise if you can’t get along. She may also try to influence your decision as the mother who thinks she knows best for her children. If you have a very close relationship with your mother-in-law, you can bring her, but we recommend thinking twice about this decision.

6. Youngsters

Young people tend to have very short attention spans. Shopping could turn out to be boring for them and they may become annoying or unhelpful when they start demanding to go home early. Better to let them stay at home.

7. The Groom

To make the wedding day special, surprise your groom by keeping him out of your preparations. Although his opinion matters to you, it is best to keep the element of magic when he finally sees you walking down that aisle in your very elegant dress.

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So now that you know who all not to pick as your wedding shopping companion, you will make an informed decision. Go find that perfect bridal lehenga and your gorgeous jewellery with your trusted shopping partner.

Don't miss telling us whom did you take along for your wedding shopping in the comments below.