Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Encapsulate your love story to break the barriers of time by getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done. Slip into beautiful pre-wedding shoot dresses as the occasion requires you to be timeless. You will be looking at these pictures 20 years from now and will not like seeing yourself dressed up in something that is not appreciated anymore. So, choose an outfit that is classic, comfortable and makes you feel confident. Your pre-wedding photoshoot dress should complement your body and showcase you as the stunner against the background of your chosen location. Let's sort through the options to get you the right one. 

The classic pre-wedding shoot dresses:

Location? Check! Photographer? In place! Dresses? Nope! Read on to find out some outfits that are perfect for a pre-wedding shoot. 

1. A smart dress

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If you have a petite body, a knee-length will make you look smart and tall when paired with the right pair of heels. Dresses of this size accentuate a lean figure. You have a variety of choices to explore for your pre-wedding shoot dress.

2. A flowy gown

Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

We all will agree that when that flowing Dupatta shot comes on screen in any Bollywood, our 'dil goes hmm...'. Create the same effect in your pre-wedding shoot pictures with a gown that is flowy in nature. It will hide any aesthetically unpleasant body weight and make you look amazing. The confidence that this comfort will give you is sure to be reflected in your pictures.

The comfortable pre-wedding shoot dresses: 

1. A snazzy pair of shorts

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How about you be your real self? Just the everyday shorts teamed up with a pretty blouse as your pre-wedding shoot dress can be quite stunning. Your pictures will look effortlessly candid. This also feels like a relief when you're already knee-deep in the wedding planning chaos. Also, shorts suit just about anyone with good legs.

2. The sporty leather jacket with jeans  

Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Look stylish without compromising on comfort by donning a leather jacket. Pairing the jacket with your everyday rugged jeans is the perfect pre-wedding shoot dress for the adventurous couple who wants their pictures to reflect their personalities. You don't even have to worry about your body type when going for this outfit. Bring your A game by dressing like a tough nut and show him why you are the best one there is. 

Best of both worlds:

1. A gorgeous suit

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Do you want a classic look that's comfortable too? Opt for a suit, whether Anarkali, Patiala, or the regular Salwar-Kameez is completely up to you. This can be your way of adding a Desi touch to your pre-wedding shoot. And in our country, you will find a suit for every body type. And you can include that dress in your wedding trousseau without having to worry about when you will wear the dress again.

2. Traditional Saree

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Do you want a classic yet traditional look that's not just stunning but comfortable too? Opt for a saree. This can be your way of adding a modern meets Desi touch to your pre-wedding shoot. And in our country, you will find a saree in every colour and material. And you can include that saree in your wedding trousseau as well without having to worry about when you will wear the same saree again. Because one can never have too many sarees. Right? Besides, you can drape your saree in various ways. From normal draping to Ulta pallu draping to pinning it up and holding it in place with a quirky belt or Kamarbandh, you can experiment however you please. 

Do keep the location of the pre-wedding shoot in mind. You would want to stand out against the background and not blend into it. Ensure that the focus is on the two of you. Also, carry a change of 2-3 outfits so that you can bring the colour of variety to your photoshoot. And lastly, your wedding photographer is your friend, they are on your side, so listen to the advice they have for you.

The millennial couples invest ample time and money into getting a pre-wedding shoot. nowadays, there are places which solely create backdrops and backgrounds as per your whims and fancy to provide you with a magical experience. Therefore, you wanted to serenade your lady love in an alley of Paris? You can find it right at home. Get in touch with a few vendors who arrange photoshoot setups for you and get your dream pre-wedding shoot location right at home. 

Now, do you feel ready to select a pre-wedding shoot dress for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.