Sunny Dhiman Photography
Sunny Dhiman Photography

Getting a beautiful mehndi design etched on your hands and feet is so much more than just a normal Indian custom. Back in the day, when we were school girls, we would patiently wait for the festive season to run to a mehndi artist sitting with his book full of mehandi in a nearby market, or call mom's trusted mehndi artist home to drench our tiny hands in the beauty of henna. We would watch the beautiful hands and legs of our mother and other aunts at home in awe on occasions like Karwa Chauth and sometimes also look at Bollywood beauty and imagine our 'young and beautiful' days. 

In every step of the journey from adolescence to adulthood, mehndi designs have played a huge role to mark every milestone. In Indian families, we celebrate every occasion, every wedding and every festive ritual or offering with the touch of henna in our hands. In time, wearing mehndi has been categorised as a symbol of 'Solah Shringar' in Indian women and has always been crowned as the 'auspicious mark' to celebrate traditions or a new beginning. 

Image Credits: Pinterest 

The ever evolving role of Mehndi reached new heights, when it became more than just a tradition to be followed. With the skilled hands of creative mehndi artists at work, women can now get beautiful stories documenting the journey of their love, etched in their hands for their wedding day. Bridal mehndi has also witnessed the trend of elegant Arabic mehndi design patterns evolving, while traditional full hand mehndi with portraits of the bride and groom continue to stay evergreen. Amidst every growing demand of different henna designs to now fit the bills of fashion, one might often find it hard to narrow down on one mehndi design that's meant for their personality.

Fear not! We have put together an extensive edit of Mehndi Designs to help you choose a design that compliments your style. Choose from personalised full hand mehndi designs, to Arabic mehndi designs with ethereal dark accents, trendy leg mehndi designs and more. 

In this article:

1. Bridal Mehndi Designs 

2. Simple Mehndi Designs

3. Mehndi Designs for Full hand

4. Mehndi Designs in Front hand

5. Mehndi Designs for Back hand

6. Mehndi Designs for Legs 

Bid goodbye to long hours of research in different platforms, and choose your dream mehndi pattern with our edit.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Image Credits: Video Tailor

Your bridal lehenga does not have to be the only 'royal' element of your wedding look. An extravagant and OTT mehndi design can be as much royal as your wedding outfit and jewellery and plays a huge role in amplifying your wedding fashion. From intricate designs that cover your hands, patterns that swirl around your wrists and are stretch till your elbow, to customised wedding stories written with patterns all around your hands on your wedding day, there are tons of modern bridal mehndi inspirations that can leave you awe-struck and confused about your choice of mehndi for the D-day. Here's your ultimate guide to new latest bridal mehndi designs

Walk Down the Aisle Mehndi Design 

Image Credits: Sara S Henna

With neat and absolutely stunning strokes and negative spaces as its USP, this new bridal mehndi design is a one of a kind beauty. Wrap your hands with elegance with this stunning 'walk down the aisle' inspired design that is married with the most beautiful elements from the wedding decor.

A Game of Cards Bridal Mehndi 

Hari Om Mehandi Artist
Hari Om Mehandi Artist

Beauty is in the details! A skilled mehendi artist can draw inspiration from anything and everything beautiful and funky under the sun. This bridal mehndi inspired by a card deck, especially by the royalty of our card games is an epitome of elegance. 

The Sindoor & Kanyadaan Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Aditi Rajde 

Inspired by the two most important ceremonies of the wedding day, that mark a new beginning in the bride's life - this bridal mehndi design showcases sindoor daan in one hand, and vidaai ceremony in another. if you want a full hand mehndi customised with your wedding details, this heartfelt depiction of wedding ceremonies can be a true inspiration for the brides.

The Varmala Ceremony Inspired Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Aditi Rajde 

Run beyond the limits of your imagination and get the most iconic mehndi design done on your hands by creating the varmala ceremony on your beautiful palms. Opt for this statement mehndi design for your bridal hands and awe-inspire your bridesmaids.

Bridal Mehndi with Lotus in Full Bloom 

Image Courtesy - Hiral Henna

Here's a full hand beauty for every bride who loves everything ornate! Let your mehndi artist draw your favourite floral designs to your palm and let the fresh bloom of flowers add the breath of fresh air to your wedding look. 

Bridal Mehndi Inspired by Your Wedding Look 

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

If your personal style is more timeless, traditional mehndi designs with intricate patterns and a personalised bride and groom art in the centre is for you. Let your wedding look be the reference for your mehandi artist and allow her to draw her magic on your hands. 

Narrate your Love Story with a Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna 

From the proposal date to the magnificent skyline of Indonesia and the portrait of their four pawed kid, this bride's mehndi design narrated their whole journey through her beautifully designed hands. No full hand mehndi design could be as perfectly personalised as this!  

Half and Half Bridal Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Devaky S Dharan

Have your artist paint a pretty picture of a blooming garden with majestic peacocks. Let the dainty design wrap your hands in the beauty of nature, that's all that it takes to achieve a beautiful bridal mehndi design inspired by a royal garden.

Sindoor Daan inspired Bridal Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Divya Henna by Prashanta

If you want the best of the traditional world, opt for a beautiful bridal mehndi design for hands that documents your wedding saga with the most beautiful elements of an Indian wedding including a palki for the bride, a groom's grand elephant entry and every traditional artists favourite - peacocks.

Peacock in a Garden Bridal Mehndi 

Image Courtesy - Devaky S Dharan

When it comes to traditional mehndi designs, be it a bridal mehndi or a bridesmaid's full hand mehndi design, peacocks never fade out of the trend! This beautiful peacock mehndi design with a mirror reflection on both the hands is a perfect choice for wedding ceremonies. 

Patterns & Proposals in a Bridal Mehndi 

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna 

The reference point for this mehandi artist must have been a close up shot of the bride and the groom! The centre of your world deserves to be at the centre of your mehndi design, if that's how you want your henna design to stand out for your D-day. Personalised and close to the heart, this new bridal mehndi design depicts the couples proposal story on one hand and is designed with traditional mehndi elements on the other.

Wedding Customs Special Bridal Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Aditi Rajde 

Lord Ganesha, the bride and groom draped in their wedding look, lotus flowers blooming in all directions to adorn the bride's hands, and magnificent elephants are some meticulous patterns that go into the making of this full hand bridal mehndi design

Narrate your Love Story with your Bridal Mehndi

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya 

If your four pawed kid will always be your first kid, there's no better way of saying it on your wedding than this. Tell your mehndi artist to dedicate one hand's design to your adorable bud and the other to your love story. Let the skylines of the cities where your romance brew inspire  the edge of your mehndi design. 

The Floral Bloom in a Bridal Mehendi

Image Courtesy - Devaky S Dharan

Geometric shapes romance with floral elements and artistic leaves to add the freshness of nature's beauty to your palms. Opt for this latest bridal mehndi design for your wedding day if you want to keep it contemporary. 

Personalised Dance Inspired Bridal Mehndi

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya 

Opt this unique bridal gujarati mehndi design with the dancing figures of guests rejoicing at your celebrations at the centre of your palm and stunning flowers and leaves adoring the palm of your hands. 

 The Bride & Groom Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Aditi Rajde 

Twirling around in her bridal avatar, the bride rejoices the company of her groom in this customised dulhan mehndi design. With dhols and palkis playing testimony to their wedding ceremony, this bridal rajasthani mehndi design narrated their wedding celebration story like no other!

The Bride & Groom's Meet-Cute in a Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Sara S Henna 

Document your meet-cute journey in your bridal mehndi and personalise it to perfection. If you are someone who veers towards the classic, wrap one of your hands in your bride & groom avatar with traditional elements and flowers and let your other hand do the talking about your unique love story.

Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design 


Every mehndi artist's favourite traditional element - the peacock comes back to play. If traditional is your type, let the peacock rule your bridal mehndi by flaunting its beautiful feathers on the centre of your palm. 

Simple Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy - Six Studio Canada

If you like to keep it simple and minimal, we have put together an edit of 12 Mehendi Designs that can add simple and elegant work of art to your palms and legs. Scroll through these images of simple mehndi designs and choose your absolute favourites! 

Mehendi Design Inspired by A Minimalist's Garden 

Image Courtesy - Samira's Henna Design

With enough negative space for your skin to peek a boo in between your mehendi design, this mehndi inspired by a minimalist's garden adds elegance to your bridal look with simple leaves and motifs. This half and half mehndi design for the back of your hands is setting major 'keep it simple and elegant' goals! 

Fancy & Minimal Leaves & Lines Mehendi Design

Image Courtesy - Minal 

Opt for minimalist motifs with intricate floral and leaf designs on your hands. This mehndi design fills your palm beautifully with simple lines and dots without adding too much extravaganza and noise to your palms. 

Half Hand Mandala Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Henna Art by Aroosa 

Go for the less is more approach with an evergreen favourite design of mehendi artists - mandala design. This simple and easy mehndi design for your back hand spells simplistic elegance like no other! 

Mehndi Design with Unique Swirls and Patterns

Rathor Mehandi Artist
Rathor Mehandi Artist

What gets your mehndi design all the eye balls? Dark accents and neat intricate details. This simple mehndi design has both married together with a fine balance of negative space to keep the look minimal and clean. If you are looking for a trendy mehndi pattern that is all kinds of simple, you have arrived! 

Symmetrical Simple Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

Here's a minimalist's favourite mehandi, designed with small flowers, elegant strokes with dots, paisleys, swirls and small lotus flowers. The designs are scattered around the palms in symmetrical design. 

Mehndi Design with Traditional Swirls 

Image Courtesy - Stuti Mehandi 

Let this creatively drawn swirls win your look. This simple mehndi design picture is everything a minimalist millennial could ask for and more! With just the right amount of negative space in the palm, the mehndi design flaunts different patterns, swirls, leafs and patterns in one palm. 

3D Flower Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya 

Slay the idea of simplicity with an elegant floral art designed on the centre of your palm. This floral mehndi design with jaali work all around it, is nonchalance and beautiful in every way and sets perfect inspiration if you are looking for a half hand mehndi design

Half and Half Simple Mehndi Design For Front Hand 

Image Courtesy - Sonias_Henna_Art

Traditional mehndi designs will always be incomplete with swirling leaves and patterns that adorn your hand like a lush of greenery adorns a garden. Add this leaf mehndi design to your shortlisted gallery today. 

Blooming Flower Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Devaky S Dharan 

Let the beauty of the garden bloom on your palms with this elegant blooming floral mehndi design. Add this to your mood board if you are looking for something traditional and creative at the same time. 

Simple Mandala Front Hand Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Neeta Desai Sharma 

An absolute favourite of brides as well as bridesmaids, the mandala mehndi design is a traditional round mehndi design that has often been the first choice of brides who want a simple and minimal design in their hands. However, the design is not limited to brides only and can be opted for in any festive occasion and also by the guests at a wedding. 

Peacock's Feather Mehndi Design 

Hari Om Mehandi Artist
Hari Om Mehandi Artist

Nothing spells the grandeur of India's heritage and beauty, quite like our National bird - Peacock. Adorn the feathers of this majestic bird on your palms to add royal elegance with a Peacock Mehndi Design on your palm. 

Peacock Inspired Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Devaky S Dharan 

While the grandeur of the beautiful bird takes centre-stage for this mehndi design, the palm is also beautifully adorned with leaves, geometric shapes and floral art. Here's a simple mehndi design completed with intricate details.

Mehndi Designs for Full hand

Sunny Dhiman Photography
Sunny Dhiman Photography

Whether you like a full hand traditional henna design, prefer contemporary motifs intricately designed on your palms for a festival or a wedding ceremony, or simply need inspiration to paint a client's full hands with perfection, with unique mehndi designs, we have brought together some of the most creative designs on the internet for you to try. Bookmark from our gallery of mehndi designs of full hands for your upcoming events!

Full Hand Arabic Mehndi Design 

Image Courtesy - Pinterest

There are a million reasons why we are crushing on this full hand mehndi design. We are an ardent fan of fancy floral motifs, bold strokes and negative spaces that allow your skin enough space to peek a boo and show some skin! This melange of floral designs put together in multiple bunch of fancy designs are #arabicmehndidesign goals. Your two cents please? 

Floral Extravaganza on Full Hands

Image Courtesy - Henna by Mahira Mohsin

Do you veer towards minimal arabic mehndi designs or prefer classic full hand mehndi designs with traditional dark accents? Choose your style and let that be the reference point for your mehndi artist. This traditional Indian mehandi design with different art strokes of paisleys, flowers and leaves has won us forever. What about you? 

Traditional Peacock's Pattern Henna Design

Image Courtesy - Henna by Pallavi

Ever thought of coordinating your mehndi look with your traditional attire? The weaves and embroideries in your lehenga design can very much inspire the henna design on your palms. Let the floral twists and turns in the body of your lehenga be a reference point for your mehndi artist. With roses and peacocks on the same canvas, this mehndi design for full hands is an epitome of style and grandeur. 

Majestic Mehndi Designs of Elephants and Swans 

Image Courtesy - Aditi Rajde

Who says only the bride is allowed to go OTT? Choose a one-of-a-kind mehndi design brought to perfection with traditional swirls, motifs of lotus flower, leaves and other flowers, with the majestic and royal elephants and swans taking centre stage. To go the extra mile, add elements of the beauty of our national bird in your mehandi design. 

From Students to Lovers of the Year

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

Here's another personalised full hand mehndi design photo that we just can't get enough of! From a couple's journey in college to the day he popped the question. This mehndi design narrates a love story like no other! Opt this for your roka or engagement party or your post-wedding karwa chauth mehndi look to make sure that the romance in your life is young and thriving!

Flowers on Full Bloom Mehndi 

Image Courtesy - Henna Paradise

Intersperse your traditional full hand mehndi design with a diverse range of flower mehndi designs. If experimenting with art is second nature to you, then don't fear an OTT floral fiesta on your palms. 

Cartoon Inspired Full Hand Mehndi  

Image Courtesy - Amrita Henna

The best way to choose your ideal mehndi design is to take hints from your personality. Talk to your mehndi artist about your likes and dislikes, your favourite things and elements that speak volumes about your personality. This full hand mehndi design incorporates a Mickey design effortlessly along with other traditional mehndi designs. What will your special element be? 

His Name on Your Palms Henna

Image Courtesy - Henna Paradise

This half and half mehndi design that completes a heart in two hands is filled with traditional weaves and how! With the names of the couple documented on both the hands, this is a perfect henna design for full hands for your first karwa chauth. 

Of Skylines and Rituals

Aksha Shah - Mehendi Designer
Aksha Shah - Mehendi Designer

How this for a traditional mehndi design with a modern vibe? While all things traditional wrap these maiden's palms in its eccentric beauty, the skyline narrates a different story. Add these personalisations in your mehandi design to make the nitty gritty's of your mehndi unique. 

Freestyle Full Hand Mehndi Design

Gaya's Mehendi
Gaya's Mehendi

Opt for a freestyle look and let your mehndi artist paint the magic of henna with creativity on your hands. We also suggests applying mehndi sans chemicals. This helps your skin stay rash and allergy free whilst radiating ethnic beauty at any festival or wedding occasion. 

All About the Details

Image Courtesy - Raju Mehandi Artist

From drum beats, to conventional flowers designed in unconventional patterns, this mehendi design has it all. We are in awe of the lotus motifs that have wrapped the tiny fingers in a beautiful and eclectic design. If you love unique mehndi patterns as much as we do, this henna design is an absolute must pick! 

Intricate Chaadar Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi
Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

Image Courtesy - Pinterest

Lay the chaadar of beauty down on your palms with this elegant and one of a kind henna design. We are a fan of these mehendi patterns that have balanced negative space and tricky turns and twists effortlessly to give you the perfect full hand mehndi design look.

Peacock Patterns for the Dainty Bride!

Image Courtesy - Raju Mehandi Artist

How about some dainty floral patterns with beautiful birds adorning this garden of mehendi patterns on your palm? You can let the peacock motifs dominate the designs of your palms till your elbows because no amount of peacock motifs can ever be 'too much' for traditional mehndi. 

Mehndi Designs in Front hand

Image Courtesy: The Return Ticket Studio

From OTT bridal mehndi designs to minimal and dainty Arabic mehndi designs for your front hands, we have put together an edit of a diverse variety of mehendi patterns that can suffice the needs of a mehndi artist, a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid or a maiden looking for a beautiful pattern for an upcoming festival. 

Peacock Inspired Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Mehndi by Hayat

Minimal - check. The majestic peacock - check. Attention to intricate details - check. Best use of negative spaces - check! Say no more! This arabic mehndi design for front hand has our hearts for all the right reasons!

Flair of the Peacock's Feather 

A skilled mehndi artist can amp up the beauty of your mehandi look with the most common and widely seen motifs. Take the peacock mehndi design for example, the mehndi artist makes this pattern grand with a majestic peacock spread out in the palm. This is perfect when you want the best of traditional motifs but also want to keep your look minimal!

Flora and Fauna in Mehndi 

Image Courtesy - Mehndi by Hayat

An epitome of floral beauty, bookmark this beauty in your shortlisted gallery of mehndi designs for your front hands. An array of jaali designs around the floral motifs adds sheer perfection to this design.

Bird Song Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - 3D Henna Touch

Birds will always be a timeless element of Indian mehndi designs. But this mehandi artist adds a creative edge to the traditional mehendi pattern with contemporary strokes of birds flying around flowers in full bloom. Opt this design for your best friend's wedding, for a Raksha Bandhan celebration at home or for any other happening event of your choice.

Pretty Bridal Portrait 

Image Courtesy - 3D Henna Touch

It's not just your wedding outfit that gets to do the talking for your wedding fashion - the mehndi design you choose is as much important as any other part of your look. This absolutely pretty bridal portrait adds a dainty bridal spin to your wedding look. 

Flowers on my Mind Henna

Image Courtesy - Anjali Henna

They say 'attention to details' underpins mehndi designs in India. Traditional motifs was, is and will always be the key to stunning Indian henna designs. Whether you choose an evergreen favourite design with vines twirling around your palms and ankles or you go all minimal, flower motifs will always be a must and there are endless iterations to try. 

Intricate Swirls in your Front Hand Mehndi

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi
Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

One can never go wrong with a dash of swirls. This half and half mehndi design portrays the beauty of swirls, vines and leafs with utter elegance. Surround the centre of your palm with a beautiful arch to make it more traditional. 

Mehndi Design Inspired by your Four Pawed Kid 

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna

One of the best mehndi designs for front hand that we found on the internet has to be this - hands down. Let the portrait of your four pawed kid sit on your palms. There is no love like a pet mama's love. Memorialise it in your mehndi design for any occasion of your choice.

Minimal Flower Power

Image Courtesy - Devaky S Dharan

Is minimal your style? Eschew OTT mehndi patterns and go for the eternal favourite mehndi design type of millennials - Arabic and elegant mehndi design. 

A Tropical Garden inspired Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

A beautiful mehndi inspiration with a flower in full bloom in one palm and birds flying off their cage in another sets the tone for a free spirited mehndi. Opt for this design for your Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or any other festive party or flaunt it at your best friend's wedding. 

Simple Front Hand Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Mehndi by Hayat

Have your artist paint nice and simple front hand mehndi design-for your best friend's wedding celebrations, Raksha Bandhan celebration, Diwali party or any other occasion at home. Simple mehndi patterns are always evergreen. 

 Radha Krishna's Love Story 

Rathor Mehandi Artist
Rathor Mehandi Artist

The portrait of Radha Krishna swinging and singing love songs to one another narrates a traditional mehndi saga like no other. With mehendi patterns like a lotus flower in full bloom, peacock heads and different types of swirls and vines wrapping your palm in its eccentric beauty, this traditional mehndi is a total charm. 

 Mehndi Designs for Back hand

Image Courtesy: Ksway

From quirky and trendsetting white henna variations to portraits of Gods and Goddesses and bridal looks, there is a mehndi design option to explore for every kind of bride these days. But enough talking about the design varieties for your palm, the back of hand needs as much attention as your palm. Which is why we have put together an array of mehndi designs for back hand for brides as well as bridesmaids. 

A Bouquet of Roses

Image Courtesy - Minal Beauty

If you are looking for stylish front and back hand mehndi designs, opt for this fancy and extremely stylish mehndi design with a bouquet of roses in the centre. With a variety of floral designs touching your fingers and wrists with perfection, this rose design in mehndi is a perfect choice for every occasion.

The Beauty of Rose 

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna 

Drawing inspiration from the timeless story of the enchanting rose from Beauty and the Beast, let a rose motif take centre stage. The primary element of the mehndi design is designed with gorgeous lotus motifs and other flowers. 

Modern Minimalistic Mehndi in Back Hand 

Enlisted as one of our top favourites - this Arabic Mehndi for your back hand has magic spells of elegance and grace like no other! The minimalista girl's first choice is a beauty with an eccentric jaali work and two distinctive floral arts on both the sides. 

Dainty & Minimal Half Hand Flower Mehndi 

One large and beautiful flower in full bloom in the very centre of your hands elevates the dainty mehndi look of the hand. Opt this beautiful mehendi pattern for any occasion or festival party.

Eccentric Domes in Mehndi

Image Courtesy - The Henna House by Angela 

This Arabic mehndi design for your back hand has totally won our hearts and eyes! With majestic domes that remind us of historic forts and palaces, royalty is infused in this mehndi design from fingers to elbows. 

Back Hand Mehndi with Earring Designs

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna 

Take a piece of jewellery from your bridal ensemble as inspiration and decorate your palms with it. Your mehndi artist can cover your back hand with vines, jaalis, and leaves in different shapes and sizes, while the design of your earring is the showstopper of this creative show.

Traditional Mehndi Vibes

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna 

The allure of mehandi can evade no one - foreigners included. Choose a full hand mehndi design that has top picks of traditional swirls and jaalis to enhance the beauty in your palms. 

 The Beauty of Florals

Image Courtesy - Henna Paradise

Small and fancy floral elements come to play in this beautiful Arabic mehndi design for back hands. Owing to the versatility of use, the floral art pattern is evergreen and relatable for many. While it's an absolute favourite pattern for traditional mehndi styles, it's also every millennial girl's favourite element for minimalistic and Arabic mehndi looks. 

Floral Full Hand Design on your Back Hand

Image Courtesy - Raju Mehandiwala

Find a floral fiesta in your back hands with this beautiful mehndi art that speaks volumes about floral fantasies, eccentric patterns, and leaves. Narrate the untouched beauty story of a tropical garden on your wedding day. 

Mandala Design for Food-a-holics! 

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

Isn't this the ultimate kind of quirky? Let your favourite food choices inspire your back hand mehndi design with scrumptious pizza slices and exotic coffee treats. All things aside, your mehandi design will be an irresistible sight for many. 

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

Women these days believe in the 'less is more' philosophy and that's how Arabic Mehndi designs have become a raging trend. Strike a perfect balance between negative spaces and elegant vines and twirls gracing the back of your hand. 

Floral Mandala for your Back Hand

Image Courtesy - Mehndi by Hayat

A floral mandala in the centre of your hand and a bangle mehndi design drawn around your wrist like a wristband or a bracelet - there are plenty of inspirations to draw from to make your modern mehndi perfect in every way.

Peacock in the Garden 

Floral jaalis and petals of flowers wrap this back hand in its elegant beauty. Peacocks also remain an eternal favourite for mehndi designs for every occasion. Be it a bridal mehndi or a mehndi design for a festival or any other occasion. 

Jaw Dropping Floral Back Hand Mehndi

Image Courtesy - Sara's Henna 

Jaali designs and floral bracelets beautify this mehndi design for back hands. Let beautiful floral mehendi patterns do the talking by opting for the evergreen floral trend. 

Simple Mehndi Design for Back Hands

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

If you are of the belief that simple is the new sexy, go for a short mehndi design that covers your back hand and palm till your wrist and accessorise it with beautiful flower hand accessories. The dark accents complemented with graceful hand accessories will do the talking for you! 

Of Vines & Flower Trails 

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya

Nothing surpasses the beauty of floral art and lines in mehndi designs. Let the beauty of your back hands accentuate with dark accents of these floral mehndi pattern gracefully intertwining in your fingers and back hands.

Say 'Yes' to Floral Jaalis

Image Courtesy - Mehndi by Hayat

We are awestruck by the beauty of this floral jaali design that can cover every inch of your fingers. Find the top mehndi artist around you and get this eccentric design done on your back hands for any occasion of your choice. 

Mehndi Designs for Legs 

Paran Singh Photography
Paran Singh Photography

We are awestruck by the charm of these old school quintessential mehndi designs for legs that add beauty to your beautiful feet. You could opt for a heavy full leg mehndi design with elaborate mehendi patterns or go minimalist all the way with elegant swirls dancing around the edges of your feet. Every detail brings your one step close to a perfect traditional look for your wedding day or festival. 

Free Spirited Bird Mehndi Design


We call this mehndi on fleek! All credits to the fine art and neat detailing with free spirited birds flying around your feet with grace. You do not need to go OTT with florals and there couldn't be a better inspiration for minimal floral patterns than this! 

Arabic Mehndi for your Feet


If you are an ardent fan of Arabic mehndi designs, this leg mehndi design is meant for your pretty feet. Add to the ethereal beauty of your traditional wear and festive look with this simple yet extremely elegant mehndi design. 

Mandala Mehndi Design for your Legs


The traditional mandala witnessed a beautiful handwork here as lotus designs compliment the look around the ankle in the shape of a jewellery. With a balanced amount of henna on both sides of mandala, this mehndi design is giving us major traditional vibes! 

Asymmetric Mehndi Design for Legs 

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya 

This asymmetric mehndi design is a treat to the eyes for your beautiful feet. Add eclectic leaves and floral motifs with enough negative spaces in the feet to add sheer perfection to the feet. 

Floral and Starry Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy - Henna by Divya 

From starts to different types of floral motifs, this mehndi design gives attention to every graceful detail with perfection. Brides across the globe rely on the Indian mehndi design techniques to beautify their hands and feet with henna designs. Let this beautiful floral motifs gorge your eyes with these stunning mehndi. 

Elephant Motif Leg Mehndi

Mehndi Boutique - Henna Art by Aishwarya
Mehndi Boutique - Henna Art by Aishwarya

An adorable elephant adds a regal touch to this bridal mehndi. Floral patterns drape the bride's leg in intricate detailing and beautiful mehndi patterns ans this mirror image mehndi design adds to the beauty of her feet. 

Jaali Mehndi and Elephant Designs

Image Courtesy - Raju Mehandiwala

We can never get enough of jaali designs, can you? With intricately designed jaali all over your feet, lotus flowers in the full bloom and beautiful elephant patterns as the key focus of the mehndi, this henna design is all things perfect for your bridal mehndi. 

Dainty Art Peacock Mehndi 

Delhivelvet by Divishth Kakkar
Delhivelvet by Divishth Kakkar

There's no mehndi design prettier than the enigma and beauty of peacocks flowing across your feet and spreading it's alluring feathers on both sides. Opt for this elegant and one of a kind mehndi design for your legs to level up your avatar. 

Leg Mehndi Design for a Wanderlust at Heart

The Wedding Salad
The Wedding Salad

You know you have arrived, if you are a wanderlust at heart! There is no mehndi design that can express the desires of a wanderlust heart as beautifully as this perfect and creative representation on this maiden's feet. Keep it minimal but keep it meaningful!

Half and Half Heart Leg Design

The half and half mehndi design finds it way to your feet as well with it's ethnic charm. Wrap your feet in a heart with beautiful flowers as borders to this attractive shape and small artistic dots filling it with perfection.

Intricate Designs for the Sides of your Feet

While millennials have re-instated the beauty of 'less is more' time and again, this foot mehndi design drives the point home with beautiful mehndi art on the edge of the feet. Keep it simple and pretty with these soft and delicate swirls. 

Flora and Foliage Design 


Image Courtesy - Raju Mehandiwala

From beautiful bells to the nitty gritty details that make a garden green with the beauties of the nature, this mehndi design for legs has it all enclosed in the feet. Wrap you feet in the mysticism of the henna garden. 

Semi-Jaali & Semi-Floral Mehndi

Aksha Shah - Mehendi Designer
Aksha Shah - Mehendi Designer

Balance out the feet with deep dark accents filling the surface of your feet on one side with lotus motifs and negative spaces thriving in the beauty of leaf designs on the other. This mirror design is an epic choice of any festival or ceremony. 

Distinctive Traditional Leg Mehndi

Image Courtesy - Raju Mehandi Artist

Leaves and floral patterns will never go out of style in mehndi designs. If you are exploring mehndi patterns for your hand, back hand or legs, leaf lines with dots and different floral works can do wonders for your feet. 

Full Leg Elephant and Swan Mehndi Design

Reshma Jhaveri Mehndi Art
Reshma Jhaveri Mehndi Art

Nothing speaks traditional and big fat wedding, quite like beautiful elephant mehndi patterns. Ace the design with a swan on a lotus laden lake to add the much needed grace and oomph to your wedding mehndi. 

From elaborate bridal mehndi designs, to modern or simplistic Arabic mehndi designs, tradition mandala designs, peacock inspired designs and elaborate or minimal designs for your feet, there's an array of designs for everyone here. 

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