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The epitome of romance and an epic symbol of love, donning the hands of bride and groom before their wedding ceremony is an Indian wedding tradition we all are familiar with. Wedding season is upon us and we know you must be swamped with endless last minute shopping sprees and trips to the beauty salon or your wedding venue. Well, thanks to us you will now have one less thing to worry about, your bridal mehndi designs. Read this handy piece of information and know all about the different mehndi designs that are hot this wedding season that you can flaunt.

Mehndi Designs and Weddings

Indian weddings in all their grace and beauty are a fruitful concoction of some fun pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding festivities. Mehndi ceremony is one such pre-wedding function which promises endless fun and frolic. But, ensuring that your decoration and food prep stands apart should not be your only concern. It can be a bit overwhelming to choose a mehndi design from an endless pool of designs. Which is why to make your life a tad bit easier we have curated for you a galore of some trending mehndi designs which will spoil you for choices. 

We all went gaga over the snippets from #Virushka #Deepveer#PriyankaChopraMarriage Mehndi ceremony. We couldn't help ourselves from gawking at their stunning henna designs nor their mushy love affair. Have a look at this galore of mehndi designs and bookmark the ones you want to try your hands on!

Heavy Full Hand Mehndi Designs 

We cannot get over the charm of these old school quintessential bridal mehndi designs which add beauty to the hands and feet of a bride-to-be. A heavy full hand mehndi design is elaborate and condensed at the same time. With every detailing coming close to a perfect trace of technique, brides across the globe trust this Indian art form to beautify and perfect their bridal avatar. From curling, mango leaves to a minimalistic mandala design gorge your eyes on these oh, so stunning bridal mehndi designs!

1. The Beauty of Swirls & Twirls

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

A swirly design that marks the traces of her palms and polka dots edging its boundaries, this mehndi design is brilliant, beautiful and absolutely one of a kind.

2. The Beautiful Reverse Lotus


We are absolutely in awe of this reverse mehndi masterpiece. The lotus flower motif sits beautifully on this bride's arms and what piques our curiosity is the encircling peacock that marks the centre of her palm. 

In fact, the reverse lotus motif has become a hot favourite in all mehndi designs ever since it was spotted as part of Sonam Kapoor's bridal mehndi. Square segments in palm designs, fillers in back hand designs and bands on the arm - it's a design pattern that we continue to spot everywhere.

3. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? Definitely, this bespoke bridal mehndi design!

A mirrored finish can start from a basic palm-level mandala design to arm patterns, the fingers to elaborate wrist bands. Some brides also opt for Mehndi designs where a phrase begins on one front hand palm and completes on the other.

4. Chadar Heart Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

Mirror effect! Chadar design! Floral motif! Jaal effect! This mehndi design legit has everything! If you need one thing too many, then this design is the one for you!

You may also cross-combine styles if that's your thing! Add parrots and jaals, patterned into nifty Arabic mehndi designs across your palms.

6. Intricate Chadar Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

This design is hands down bridal mehndi goals and we cannot get enough of it! What about you?

The Chadar unfolds on her pretty palms, carries through to her forearms, with a frilly segment flowing over to her index fingers.

7. Paisley Peacocks

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

A soulful mix of minimalism and traditionalism, perfect for a bride who is a go-getter.

Paisleys as peacocks are next level goals  - beyond simple paisleys and preening peacocks on the wrists.

8. The Detailed Magnificence 


Donning the hands of a bride-to-be with henna, has been a long living Indian tradition and this henna design proves why!

In fact, this mehndi design from Alankritaa has all the bridal favourites - the reverse lotus, a long-tailed peacock, bubbles and darts and dabbed fingertips. The Dulhan mehndi motif acts as the cherry on top!

9. The Bride & Groom Style

CoolBluez Photography

Dulhan Dulha motif? Check! 

Radha Krishna designs that work to call out the beautiful love segment? Double check!

10. Hide n Seek

CoolBluez Photography

#Groomgoalsalert and so is his stellar mehndi design! We would love to have a groom as cool as him! How about you?

Let your personality show through your choice in Mehndi designs. Henna knows no gender and if you love it on her hands, go ahead and give them some competition.

11. Detailed Artwork

Image Courtesy: Wedding Documentary

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna...Doli Saja Ke Rakhna...Lene Tujhe O Gori...Ayenge Tere Sajna!

Get some architectural inspiration for your Sajna to navigate through - opt for wheels, arches and domes while you sneak in his name into the intricate design.

12. Notorious Guest

Nitin Arora Photography

Swag Alert! Forever single or cutie pie? We say cutie pie!

Our Bro's confidence gets a hike with a full palm mandala mehndi design. Slow clap.

13. The Storyteller Mehndi Design

Plush Affairs

This image is truly a sight for sore eyes! This go-getter bride got her love story weaved onto her bridal henna. 

Make the cut with your 'I-said-Yes' moment, the things you love to do together and how you stay connected to each other. You're only limited by your imagination!

14. Why Fear When Mandala Is Here


 A mandala design marks the centre of her palm and polka dots trace its boundaries. It is brilliant, beautiful and absolutely one of a kind.

Want an expert tip? Offset your mandala with a large-enough Haath phool or stellar set of bridal Kalire.

15. Pretty Chadar Design Carrying a Heart Within


From their stunning and magical yacht proposal to the freedom with which she got her mehndi handcrafted, each element is truly special and is what defines the couple's journey as a whole. This is as special as it gets!

16. Intricate Ganesh Mehndi Design

Through the Barrel

Jai Shri Ganesh! Have an auspicious start to your new journey with this traditional mehndi design.

If you wear your religion on your sleeve, add it to your bridal mehndi too. And if you don't, invoking Ganesh, Gauri Shankar or Radha Krishna through mehndi designs is an added blessing which also looks super cool.

17. Geometric Jaipuri Mehndi


Can you spot the groom in this real bride's mehndi? We sure did!

You can also add your own bike love - be the Bikerni for your own bridal mehndi designs.

Heavy Foot Mehndi Designs 

No bridal mehndi comes to justice without some bespoke foot mehndi designs. Women spend as much time to take care of their feet as they do to take care of their face. So let’s talk about that special occasion when you can exclusively decorate your lovely feet in the most graceful and stylish way possible. You can go for a minimalistic design for your feet or go full swing with an elaborate design, which does justice to your overall bridal avatar. Take quick inspiration from this galore of bridal mehndi designs curated especially for your feet and contact your mehndi artist right away!

1. Minimalistic Foot Mehndi Design with Statement Anklet Piece


The minimalistic way is the right way and this mehndi design proves it why! The anklet style design mimics a piece of jewellery. Ek Teer Do Nishane? Yes, something like that

2. Gorgeous Full Legs Mehndi Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

 Here’s a gorgeous design by Manu Bishnoi that showcases an astounding mirror image pattern. This design is so perfect that it looks unreal to us. How about you?

3. Elephant Motif Leg Mehndi

Mehndi Boutique - Henna Art by Aishwarya

Haathi Pe Hoke Sawaar Chali Re! Who knew an elephant motif mehndi design could look so rad? 

4. Floral Entwined Paisley

Barkha Arts

The diamond shapes on the feet look simple yet beautiful, especially with the accompanying anklet style henna bands.

5. Foot Mehndi Bands


The Chadar and Jaal style mehndi design on the feet look complicated yet beautiful, especially with the accompanying peacock style henna holding this masterpiece together. 

6. Distinctive Floral Design

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

If we didn't know any better, we'd think this was a tattoo! Who knew mehndi could leave such a bold impression!

7. Reverse Mehndi Lotus in Peacock Motif


This design by The Alankritaa just left us speechless. It is simple, yet majestic. The spaced out design is totally unforgettable.

8. Minimalism Lover's Style


We love how radiant this real bride’s feet appear with this head-turning new bridal mehndi design. A little dot here and a little stroke there!

9. Minimalistic Reverse Mehndi Design


Or, perhaps this one?

10. Chadar Design for Feet

Raju Mehendi Art

Mehndi signifies the colour of love and compassion. Paint your love all over and let the world know of how much you love your beau!

11. The Anklet Inspired Mehndi Design

Nazwas Mehndi

Who knew mehndi could give the feeling of an anklet as well? But, it sure can!

12. The Floral Motif Mehndi Design


Our trust in the mantra of 'less is more' just got reinstated. 

13. Chaadar, Peacock & Florals


Flowers and paisley go very well together. You can use both of these for better impact and more creative design.

14. The Geometric Beauty


A soulful blend of contemporary and classic using geometrical shapes. 

15. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna...Doli Saja Ke Rakhna


Beautiful ringlets and the splendour of maroon.

16. The Minimalistic Beauty


This truly is an aesthetically pleasing new bridal mehndi design which features the mastery of design.

17. Trinkets Of Happiness


Elegant extensions and a stunning overall appeal, this truly is one of our favourites from the collection of mehndi designs so far!

18. when Lotus Meets Mandala Style


Minimalistic, yet totally brilliant and awe-inspiring.

19. The Merry Making 


This real bride chose to go with the less is the better approach. Her feet look lovely and we can only imagine how beautiful this new bridal mehndi design would have looked once the true colour would have come out in its full splendour. 

20. Aren't flowers The Prettiest Of Them All?


This image gave us the chills! What about you?

21. The inception of Paisley Design


After much deliberation, we think we found the perfect mehndi design. 

22. The Magic Of Reverse String Mehndi Design


Nothing screams Dulhan better than these rad Ghungroo Jutis and her gorgeous henna coloured feet!

23. The Priceless Chaadar Mehndi Design


With the flowers, throw in some leaves too!

24. Reign With The Peacock Motif!


The golden bride with a golden mehndi design!

25. The Crowning Moment


It is all in the meticulous detailing and the eye for perfection!

26. Enticing Beauty of Rose


A soulful stroke of Haldi... A bed of flowers...the feet of the bride... studded with henna art!

27. There Is Beauty In Detailing!


Creatively curated henna - that's how we define this beautiful snapshot!

28. Payal, Florals & All Things Pretty!


Who needs a Payal when your mehndi is so on point? 

29. Design That Left Us speechless!

Image Courtesy: Ami Photo Video

We are sold on this design! Sold!

30. Jaal of Spring!

Blink Event Photographers

A string of tiny cherry blossoms! 

31. Check! Mate!

Happy Flashbacks

The symbol of love - a blooming bud of rose!

32. Peacock Love!

Cupcake Productions

A mehndi design that will give all other mehndi designs a run for their money!

33. The Graceful Payal!

Cupcake Productions

What piques your curiosity when you look at this picture? For us, it is the fact that a henna design can look so exquisite and beautiful without much effort. A scattered design and an Arabian root reaching over this bride’s beautiful legs. What binds this image for us is the Pajeb which makes her mehndi look even more stunning.

34. Checkered Beauty!

Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

A game of checkers, please!

35. Geometric Euphoria

Gautam Khullar Photography

Aren’t you amazed by these stunning Mehndi designs?

36. Pretty Toes in Henna

SZ Photo & Films

When florals meet geometrics! What a classy fusion!

37. Minimalistic Yet Magnificent

Image Courtesy: Wedding Document Art

It is all the details! Are you not stunned by how precise and neat this design is? We definitely are! 

38. Mirrored Effect

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

A quintessential mirror mehndi beauty, a treat for sore eyes!

39. The Mandala Style

Hitched & Clicked

Whether you want to go traditional or contemporary; get some heavy mehndi designs or something lesser - it is all up to you. 

40. Peacock Inspired Design

Infinite Memories

The beginning of some infinite memories.

41. The Lotus Affair

Image Courtesy: Mansi Sidhpura Photography

The darker the colour of your henna, the stronger shall be the bond of your relationship. 

42. Intricate Work of Art

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

Seal the deal with these tiny hearts - a soulful love affair.

43. Paint My Toes With Henna

Memento of Shades

Be it for the bride or her BFFs this mehndi design is perfect for all.

44. Striking Beauty

Image Courtesy: Minal Beauty

A beaded beauty tracing the length of the foot, this henna design is a package in itself.

45. Henna Design

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

What makes this image and this mehndi unforgettable, are the contrasting colours of red and silver.  

46. Reverse Beauty of Lotus & Peacock

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

We are swooning over this mehndi shot! 

47. Dainty Art Piece

Delhivelvet by Divishth Kakkar

It's all in the details! We can't stop staring at those intricate details of henna. 

48. Divine Peacock

CoolBluez Photography

How about a mehndi shot with such intricate detailings?

49. Hand Me A Few Roses

Gautam Khullar Photography

 A touch of gold, a drop of pearl, a hint of henna and a vibrant smile, these are all the accessories a bride-to-be needs.

50. Power Of Detailing

Rajesh Digital

Let your Din Shagna Di mehndi tell your romantic tale.

51. Glitz and Glamour

Shutter Stories

 The delicate detailing of this mehndi is driving us crazy! What about you? 

52. Intricate Jaipuri Mehndi Design with Shehnai

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

We can't stop swooning over this sparkler and that hue of henna! 

53. Intricate Peacock Design

The Cheesecake Project

Who else can't stop staring at this stunning mehndi shot!? 

54. Chadar Band with Elephant

Gautam Khullar Photography

How about a traditional motif in your mehndi design with intricate detailing like this one!?

55. Chadar Design with Leaves


Talk about a mehndi stunner! 

Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Who knew the back of your hand could look so pristine with soulful strokes of henna and some bespoke bridal jewellery? Add a dash of this beauty to your henna and opt for some stellar back Mehndi designs for your wedding celebration. We have curated a collection of some quirky, some classic and some completely out-of-the-box Mehndi designs for you to gorge your eyes on. After all, what better way to express love than with mehndi designs which will put a spell on you?

1. You're The Rose Of My Life


Talk about a solitaire stunner and the mehndi of course! 

2. Exquisite Floral Motif Design

Sandeep Mehendi Art

Mehndi goals squared! Hell Yeah!

3. Hand Me Those Pretty Swirls

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

Who else can't stop admiring these stunning mehndi designs!? 

4. Intricate Finger Mehndi Pattern

Samsan Hina Artist

It is all in these tiny details!

5. The Bride & The Groom


You can add a bit of fun by painting your own images in your Mehndi designs too.

6. Henna Jaal

Anupa Shah Photography

It's time to adorn your hands and feet in beautiful curls and swirls of henna designs! 

7. The Bead Effect

Gautam Khullar Photography

A dose of perfection!

8. Reverse Drive of Perfection

Gautam Khullar Photography

The right amount of sparkle and henna. 

9. Pretty Smiles & All That Henna

Girl in Pink Photography

A stunning design and a dainty smile, yep this is all there is to a great picture!

10. Jaal Mehndi

CoolBluez Photography

We can't stop staring at those intricate details of the henna with that solitaire stunner!

11. Picaresque Floral Jaal

Mahima Bhatia Photography

You can never go wrong with a classic mehndi shot 

12. Back Mandala Beauty

Image Courtesy: Mehndi By Hayat

Mandala symbolically represents the cosmos. Their symmetrical appearance makes them look enchanting and the go-to choice for minimalism lovers!

13. The Rose Inspiration

Mohit Arora Productions

Aren’t Mehndi pictures the brightest in any wedding album? 

14. The Design That Took us By The Storm


The revamped avatar of the traditional designs has paved way for more stylish Mehndi designs to be flaunted by the millennial brides.

15. Charming Krishna Mehndi Design


Stars, Galaxy, the Entire Milky Way!

Unconventional & Unique Mehndi Designs 

If you are a millennial bride of mystery, breaking the cliché norms of the society, then this inspiration is dedicated to you. Who wouldn't want to be called a trendsetter bride? We sure would love to be one of those brides! The millennials are all about experimental designs. And, brides today don't leave any stone unturned to create a fashion statement even when it comes to something as traditional as bridal mehndi. These unconventional & unique mehndi designs are a rare sight and up for grabs! Take a look and get going!

1. The Heart & String Affair

Amar Mehndi Artist

Wear your heart on your sleeves by donning this unique design!

2. Donn Me Pretty 


A finger mehndi pattern for the minimalistic lover! 

3. The Hathphool beauty

Samsan Hina Artist

Who needs jewellery when your mehndi makes up for it?

4. Hand Cuff Mehndi Style


The henna bracelet for the edgy bridesmaid!

5. The Intricate Pattern


Who would have thought that getting some dots in your bridal mehndi design would look so chic and awesome?

6. The Bindi Style Mehndi Design


We are drooling over this dotted mehndi masterpiece!

7. Birds! Butterflies! Spring!


Add some personal touch with such special elements that will make your mehndi designs extremely unique. Like for this bride, it was this rendering of a bird coming home to roost.

8. The Sakhi(Bestfriend) Style Mehndi


Just a little mehndi magic coming your way. 

9. Underneath My Toes

Art Capture Productions

Well, who would have thought? This bride sure did!

10. Mirrored Sun Effect!

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

You can never go wrong with a classic mehndi shot and an unconventional design. 

11. The Minimalistic Quotient 

Image Courtesy: Jesma Mithun

How about this awesome mehndi design with tiny leaves to raise your style quotient? 

12. Rose Me Down


We can't stop obsessing over this intricate rose pattern! And the Soni Chidiya.

13. Whirlwind Magic

Mehandi Creation by Manu Bishnoi

You know you're going to slay when your mehndi is on point!

14. Tiny Buds & Budding Dreams

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

That pose and this intricate henna have stolen our heart!

15. Pristine Beauty


Just a little mehndi magic coming through.

16. Dainty Swirls


This palm mehndi = major goals!

17. Single Band Mehndi Design For Hands and Feet


It is edgy, sharp and creative to say the least. What we love most about it is how this Arabian pattern traces the ankle of the bride and the cross-bow design which traces the length and breadth of the bride’s foot without making it look too much.

18. Dulhan with Diya Design


We love this picture and definitely her! You too can sport a similar henna look as it is minimal, new, chic and perfect for a millennial bride who wants to have it all.  

19. Raja-Rani Mehndi Design with Mantra

The Lightsmiths

Ravishing. Isn't it? 

20. Alta-style Floral Mehndi

The Lightsmiths

Such intricacy, much wow! 

21. Dulha-Dulhan Reverse Mehndi Motif

Vows & Tales

Embracing the new life, one mehndi design at a time.

22. Varmala and Sindoor Design

Wedding Twinkles

When your mehndi represents your wedding traditions! The Jaimala Mehndi!

23. Radha-Krishna Mehndi design

WhatKnot Wedding Photographers

Doorway to the heart! The colour of your henna!

24. World Map Mehndi Design

The Wedding Salad

Saat Samundar Paar Main Tere 

Peechhe Peechhe Aa Gai

25. Rose, Lotus & Daisies - Bridal Mehndi That Screams Spring

Image Courtesy: Deep_Joshi_Gallery

This mehndi design tops our chart in the list of our mehndi designs. It is bespoke, it is absolutely stunning and it definitely made our jaws drop. Also, we cannot get enough of this bride's silver anklet - so chic! 

26. Dearest Dulhaniya - Bridal Mehndi That Traces the Shlokas

Image Courtesy: Deep_Joshi_Gallery

If you were always fascinated with Indian Shlokas and the Vedas, then using the same to curate your very own bridal mehndi design is totally worth a try. A little bit of the reverse mehndi element in the centre and a detailed fingertip design, we love everything about this mehndi design as it not only captures our traditional roots but this photograph in itself in perfection in a single word.

27. The Mandala Design with a Floral Wow Factor

Image Courtesy: Tamanna Takes 

The delicate flower seated in the centre of this bride's palm and her minimalistic fingertip mehndi - she is a treat for sore eyes! Her pastel mauve lehenga matches to the pinkness of her palms and gives us jitters. It is trendy, it is chic and it is everything that perfection means. 

28. Gulabo - The Mehndi Design Which Left Us Speechless

Gautam Khullar Photography

For real brides who are all game for challenging the myth of 'less is more' this Jaal design is yours for the taking! This mehndi design has a checkered pattern which sits beautifully on her palms. And what catches our attention most in that blingybaublee on her ring finger. 

29. The Mango Leaf - Details That Left Us Spellbound

Image Courtesy: Kashees Official

Can you imagine the moment of euphoria you will be encircled with if your mehndi pattern was as intense and detailed as your bridal lehenga? This mehndi design is so intricate that it looks unreal and almost like a tattoo. This is what symmetry means and we cannot get enough of its sheer beauty and elegance. 

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs have always been a rage among the ladies. The thick design patterns covering a major portion of palms look contemporary. The Arabic mehndi incorporates designs like flowers, dots, paisley, leaves, and filled patters. We have curated a wide range of new bridal mehndi designs which are perfect for an edgy bride. They are a soulful mix of minimalism and traditionalism, perfect for a bride who is a go-getter.

1. The Intricate Arabic Fusion

Harshita Mehendi Artist, Hyderabad City

The Arabian nights and the Arabian tales! Much wow!

2. Swirls & Twirls The Arabian Vibes

Samsan Hina Artist

Are you feeling the jitters after looking at this stunning design? We sure are!

3. The Soulful Arabian Vibes


With such a humongous gallery of gorgeous bridal mehndi designs, we’re sure some of them must have got you hooked. You can mix and match these designs, pick an element from one picture and another from a different picture and create a soulful fusion of your own. A comparatively new trend of minimalistic designs also has a plethora of options to choose from already as you just witnessed. Our favourite is the caricature design that reflects the light-hearted spirit of the millennial couples perfectly. You can even go for tattoo-like designs, most popular among which are the dreamcatchers. And don’t you forget coloured mehndi and rhinestone mehndi designs. 

So which one, in this boundless world of mehndi designs, stole your heart?