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29+ Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids that Melt Hearts

Applying mehndi on hands & feet are a part of every traditional Indian wedding, so why leave the kids out? Check out these easy mehndi designs for kids for your little one.

Image Courtesy: Henna by Heather (L), Toko Mehndi (R)

No Indian wedding is complete without getting some beautiful mehndi designs tattooed on your palms and feet, right? Being a very integral part of the Indian culture, mehndi is gaining popularity worldwide as well, with many people opting for henna art on their hands, feet and body. While the elders in the house are busy getting their hands and feet painted in alluring mehndi designs done by talented mehndi artists, why leave the kids out of it?

If you have a wedding coming up soon, make sure to include your little ones in the fun to give them the taste of our grand culture through these easy mehndi designs for kids and of course make the celebrations more fun and special. If you’re confused about getting your little girl’s hands covered with the mehndi paste or mehndi cones, then don’t worry because we’ve got a few tips too along with some easy mehndi designs for kids that you could take inspiration from this festive season.

Read on to know in details.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids

Image Courtesy: Amrita Henna

It is always recommended that you pick some simple mehndi designs for your children. Mehndi design is an art on the skin that takes hours to dry and leave the rich taint that we all crave. But that is just about the adults because the general nature of children will not allow them to sit through hours of slow and steady mehndi art on their palms. 

While you let them partake in the beauty of culture and traditions and introduce them to the magical mehndi ceremony, you must allow them to run around free-spirited and dig their hands into some sweet savouries. Simple mehndi designs for kids are your saviour - balancing culture and fun just in the right proportions.

Scroll on to find some simple and easy mehndi designs for kids that you can pick from.

The Minimal Mandala Mehndi 

Image Courtesy: Lubna Mehndi Artist

A simple mandala shaped mehndi art on your infant's backhand can be just the easy mehndi design for your kids that you want. It reduces the amount of mehndi cone used on the child's skin while keeping the design chic for the babe!

The Dotted Mehndi Cone Design

Image Courtesy: Mom of 2

Are we all not aware of how small the hands of your baby are? Of course! The tiny space can accommodate only so many designs and dots and geometric shapes like circles and squares can make for a go-to easy mehndi design for kids. 

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The Cartoon Mehndi for Kids

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Kids love cartoons and there is no other way of putting it. Show the mehndi artist what your child's favourite cartoon character is and let them recreate it on their hands as an easy henna design for kids. 

Storyteller's Mehndi Design for Kids

Image Courtesy: Priyanka Singh Shikarwar

Elements from your kid's favourite story like a teddy bear, a mother and child, maybe Aladin's lamp and so on could make a beautiful and easy mehndi design for kids. The mehndi artist is sure to find a link to draw it all in an alluring yet easy mehndi design for kids.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Kids

Image Courtesy: Henna Reena

While Arabic mehndi designs look very intricate, there are some designs that simply throw in the beauty by adding up the elements together. This jaali pattern Arabic mehndi design with flowers and domes makes for a gorgeous yet easy mehndi design for kids to flaunt. Your little one will definitely smile and show off her mehndi styles throughout the function. Another great design is going for the chain-like designs as well on the bracelet and rings to make it stand out even more.

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Floral Mehndi Designs for Kids

Image Courtesy: Henna by Norina

It is no surprise that flowers form an integral part of any and every mehndi design. Be it rose mehndi designs, lotus ones or simple swirls and small floral details in a mehndi - flowers always make the mehndi design dainty and attractive. Flowers are also some of the easiest mehndi design elements that add up to a breathtaking design. 

Not to forget, most kids love flowers too - the one in nature as well as in drawings. Remember how we tried to draw a four or five-petal flower and fill the lines with colour later in our art class? Floral mehndi for kids is one of the most popular mehndi designs.

We have cherry-picked some of the best and easy mehndi designs for your kid with floral motifs for inspo. 

Simple Floral Mehndi Designs for Kids

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Media

Just a cluster of simple floral mehndi design combined with swirls and dots and some hearts make for this amazing easy mehndi design for kids. Give the fingertips some nice detailing to add to the charm. Opting for a combination of cute little designs are another way to go about when doing easy mehndi designs for kids. Create a pretty trail of butterflies or hearts or go for a more playful effect by adding a mix of hearts and butterflies along with flowers all over those little hands. This is one of the easiest designs you could go in for to create lovely child-like mehndi designs whenever your small one wants a mehndi design too!

Single Flower Mehndi for Kids

Image Courtesy: Mehndi By Fariyal

Another tiny simple floral mehndi design for your kid is here to melt hearts! The single flower placed centrally on the backhand is a beaut.

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Floral Mehndi for Kids - Front Hand

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This half-hand floral mehndi design with bold strokes is another one of the easiest mehndi designs for kids that you can pick.

Kids Mehndi Designs for Backhand

Image Courtesy: Henna by Dahsha

Backhand mehndi designs have become very trendy compared to yesteryears when only the bride would get a backhand mehndi as a part of her full-hand mehndi design. Backhand mehndi designs look lovely in photographs and add to the appeal of the whole mehndi design. Going in for bows, butterflies, flowers, hearts is one of the best designs you could choose for your kid. 

Take a look at some of our favourite backhand easy mehndi designs for kids listed below.

Floral Backhand Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Moona

Floral chains are one of those easy mehndi designs for kids that will always be in vogue, even for the elders actually. You and your little one can match your mehndi designs, but your little one is definitely going to blush away knowing that she’s matching up with her mom! 

Butterfly Mehndi Design for Kids Hand

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Another much-awed element in a child's life is a butterfly. Add in a few cute little stars along with a big and some small butterflies for an enchanting backhand easy mehndi design for kids. Choose cute butterfly mehndi designs just like these to make their hands look all pretty. Use the one-finger mehndi technique, making a trail like design following it up with a cute little butterfly. Your child wouldn’t be happier seeing this butterfly mehndi design on her hands!

Arabic Mehndi Design for Kids - Backhand

Image Courtesy: Red Dan

Arabic mehndi design elements like domes make for great backhand mehndi designs especially if you are looking for simple and easy mehndi designs for kids. Make two totally different patterns altogether creating a lot of excitement for your little one. You could even try out a nice simple ring design on one finger as well.

Lotus Backhand Mehndi Design for Kids

Image Courtesy: Henna Lounge

Adding a few circles to a lotus in the centre, this is a beautiful backhand mehndi design for kids to flaunt at weddings.

Half-hand Mehndi Design for Kids

Image Courtesy: Honolulu Henna

Half-hand mehndi for your kid's backhand can be an easy backhand mehndi design yet an adorable one. Flowers and leave with swirls make this easy mehndi design for kids a hoot.

Haathphool Backhand Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Kaatil Eyez

Jewellery shaped mehndi designs are always going to be an eternal south Asian love story. This hath phool design avoids any intricate shapes and thus makes for an easy mehndi design for a kid's backhand. If it’s a family wedding or a traditional affair where you want something more elaborate for your little one, then trying the cuff-like pattern is a great idea. At first glance, it may look too complicated and difficult to do, but when you look at it closely you will notice that it’s not really tough at all. If this still seems a bit difficult, you could still use the same design, but tweak it a bit to suit your style and preference.

Mandala Backhand Mehndi for Kids

Image Courtesy: Little Things

Mandalas and mehndi designs are a match made in heaven. This backhand mehndi design for kids is easy and simple but eye-grabbing.

Simple Backhand Mehndi Design for Kids 

Image Courtesy: Mehak

Some bold lines and some swirls with leafy structures are going to make your kid's hands look delightful. 

Floral Mehndi Design for Backhand

Image Courtesy: Mehndi By AK

Floral mehndi is a universal designing element in every style of henna art and this easy mehndi design for kids with flowers are going to make those tiny hands look even cuter.

Simple Rose Mehndi Design for Backhand

Image Courtesy: Nyza Mehandi

Rose mehndi designs are always enticing. The royalty of rose petals drawn on the skin in rich colours are sure to make this easy mehndi design for kids a fascinating one.

Foot Mehndi Designs for Kids

Image Courtesy: Ayisha's Mehandi

Why should elders have all the fun with foot mehndi designs when your toddler can also flaunt a twirl with beautifully painted feet in the rich colours of a mehndi cone. 

Check out these easy mehndi designs for kids' feet and pick your favourite.

Lattice Feet Mehndi Design for Girls

Image Courtesy: Beauty Bar by Ash

Making this tiny foot look dainty as ever, this simple leafy line design is a graceful easy mehndi design for kids.

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Simple Foot Mehndi for Kids

Image Courtesy: Haizel

This is another very simple foot mehndi design for kids that will need probably a handful of mehndi cone strokes. It is surely a charming and easy mehndi design for kids to flaunt this season.

Leafy Mehndi Designs for Feet

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Art

Making these tiddly feet look so photogenic, this easy mehndi design for kids is sure to win hearts.

Minimal Feet Mehndi Desings

Image Courtesy: Mehndi by Anjum

This minimal easy mehndi design for kids' feet looks like a minuscule bridal mehndi for feet and we cannot stop falling in love. 

Leg Mehndi Design for Kids

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Media

Paisley cannot be left out when we talk mehndi designs and this easy mehndi design for kids with the tiny paisley designs are here to melt hearts.

Intricate Foot Mehndi for Children

Image Courtesy: Red Dan

Small spaces make art difficult but this beautiful foot mehndi design is here to remind us how gorgeous this easy mehndi art looks on the kid's foot. 


Bright Photography and Cinematographers

Do the Patch Test

Whether it is applying hair colour, bleach or even a facial mask, it’s always recommended to do a patch test first no matter what. This is done to see if there’s an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients or chemicals. Children have very sensitive skin, so it’s very important to do a patch test before you begin. You can apply a small amount of mehndi on the forearm or feet to see if your kid is allergic to mehndi or not. Leave it on and let it dry, wait for a day to see if there’s redness or any kind of itchiness. If everything seems fine, then you could go ahead with the complete design.

Go for Organic Mehndi

When it comes to kids, it’s always better to go in for organic mehndi rather than the chemical ones. Organic mehndi is a much safer option, so you do not have to worry much.

Simple Designs

Children are innocent, so let the innocence show through their mehndi designs too. Do not choose designs and patterns that are very elaborate and complicated – leave these for the women! Simple designs like paisley motifs, flowers, hearts or even their favourite cartoon character is a great way to go when applying mehndi for little girls. Also, remember kids cannot sit for very long hours at a stretch, so mehndi designs that take too much time isn’t a great idea at all. Kids are young and playful, so smudging could be a problem too. Keep it simple and elegant!

Gautam Khullar Photography

If your kid is very small, then go in for single mehndi designs like a heart, flower or a butterfly just like this to keep the innocence and take care of their skin. A simple design like this could keep your little one really excited and happy or probably get you more excited for them and melt your heart.

These were some of the best easy mehndi designs for kids that we handpicked for you. Make sure to choose a pattern that’s simple yet elegant and fits your baby's palm/feet right. Do not opt for mehndi designs that are more suited for grown women – these include elaborate full hand mehndi patterns that are complicated. Also, be creative and innovative and choose designs that would suit your young ones or fulfil their desires and expectations and pick designs that your little one likes. This could be her favourite cartoon character or flower etcetera.

Did you find the perfect and easy mehndi design for your kids yet? Let us know your favourites from the list in the comments below.


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