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A religious wedding

A religious wedding is a unique experience in which you combine the company of your loved ones with your deepest beliefs. We will explain how to manage it in order to make everything run smoothly.

A religious wedding

Inside Anand Tiwari's Wedding with Angira Dhar

Famous director Anand Tiwari tied knot with actress Angira Dhar on April 30th 2021. The duo celebrated this precious occasion in an intimate setting. Scroll to know about their special memories.

By Meha Khera, 06/07/21

A religious wedding

Choosing a Perfect Venue for Haldi Ceremony

The type of venue matters a lot for this generation. So here we bring some spectacular venues for the haldi ceremony. Be it a venue near a pool or a venue near a beach. Here we will help you to choose a perfect haldi venue.

By Meha Khera, 27/06/21

A religious wedding

Shubh Muhurat Dates as per Tamil Wedding Calendar 2021

Time to be positive whilst you plan your 2021 wedding! Here are Shubh Mahurat dates for Tamil Wedding Calendar 2021.

By Meha Khera, 01/04/21

A religious wedding

Kanyadaan: Meaning of an Emotional Journey & Importance of Kanyadaan

Every Indian wedding features many ceremonies and rituals but the Kanyadaan is considered to be the most highly valued and the most emotional. We explore the Kanyadaan meaning and how it binds two souls into one.

By Vandini Nirwan, 07/03/21

A religious wedding

The Hindu Marriage Act 1995: Wedding Ceremony Traditions You Need to Know

Amidst the sacredness of Hindu marriage norms, the Indian bride and the groom take seven vows, abide by Hindu rituals, and adhere to the rules.. Read on to learn the ethos of Hindu Marriage-

By Meha Khera, 23/02/21

A religious wedding

Decoding Odia Marriage: the Beauty of Their Traditions & Rituals

Odia marriage functions are not only colourful and fun but also speak of a rich cultural heritage. Here is a detailed piece that will help you decode Odia weddings!

By Anwesha Das, 16/11/20

A religious wedding

Decoding Indian Muslim Weddings: the Royalty of a Nikah Ceremony

From understanding the ethereal wedding attire to unveiling the reason behind the symbolic rituals, here’s a rundown of an Indian Muslim wedding ceremony, the Nikah.

By Anwesha Das, 30/08/20

A religious wedding

Decoding Anand Karaj: a Silk Route of the Sikh Wedding Ceremonies

Sikh wedding ceremonies are full of life & fervour. Here is a walk through the Anand Karaj ceremony for a better look into the serene customs.

By Anwesha Das, 28/08/20

A religious wedding

6 Indian Wedding Game Ideas to Add Fun on Your Wedding Day

Make your wedding experience fun for everyone by including a few wedding games. Here is a handy guide to the most popular Indian wedding games:

By Swateja Joshi, 04/03/20

A religious wedding

Saat Phere, Their Meaning and the Significance They Hold for Millennial Couples

In a Hindu marriage ceremony, the Pheras are the seven sacred rounds that the bride and groom take around the holy fire. Each round stands for a vow and we are here to tell you the meaning and significance of Saat Phere for a millennial couple.

By Manvi Malhotra, 23/04/19

A religious wedding

The Indian Christian Wedding Guide: The Beauty and Simplicity of Traditions

There is really something very beautiful and captivating about Christian weddings. Let’s take a detailed look at its customs and traditions and how are they different from those of the west.

By Anchal Bhatia, 08/04/19

A religious wedding

Indian Wedding Games List That Will Add a Shade of Custom and Fun to Your Function

Indian weddings are not complete without those traditional games list which has been part of ceremonial wedding functions since ages. Here we check out the list.

By Sanjana Guha, 23/03/19

A religious wedding

What Sets Apart a Hindu Brahmin Wedding? All the Traditions and Pujas Explained

Dispel all notions of Bollywood dancing from your mind! Here’s what to expect from a Hindu Brahmin wedding!

By Kajoli Anand, 18/03/19

A religious wedding

Why The Kashi Yatra ceremony Still Makes Sense For Millennial Grooms In India

Imagine grooms having a chance to escape matrimony a day before the marriage ceremony? Here's exploring an odd, yet fun pre-wedding ceremony that's part of a South Indian wedding - the Kashi Yatra.

By Vidhi Maingi Gaur, 10/03/19

A religious wedding

Kanyadaan: Everything That You Should Know About This Hindu Wedding Ritual

One of the most emotional moments in a women’s life and that of her parents is the ritual of kanyadaan in a wedding ceremony. But from where does the concept come from and what’s its validity today? Read further to know it all and more!

By Sabina Yeasmin, 20/01/19

A religious wedding

8 Wow Wedding Garland Ideas Which Work For A Traditional Ceremony

The wedding garland marks your wedding day like no other. Make sure it is as grand as the wedding itself. Let us help choose some unconventional wedding garland ideas for you.

By Sabina Yeasmin, 08/01/19