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Wedding traditions

There are many customs, traditions and rituals around weddings. We will explain how to follow those long-life beliefs and you will also learn the meaning of the oldest ones such as the rice throwing or kanyadaan.

Wedding traditions

Decoding Arya Samaj Marriage: the Integrity & Finesse of Their Traditions

It is rightly said that the beauty of an Arya Samaj wedding lies in its simplicity. Here is a deep-dive into the traditions & ceremonies of an Arya Samaj Marriage.

By Anwesha Das, 27/09/21

Wedding traditions

Janmashthami: History & Significance of the Festival in India

Lord Krishna is is one of the most powerful gods for Hindus. Let us delve deep into the history of Lord Krishna and the celebration of this auspicious festival.

By Meha Khera, 28/08/21

Wedding traditions

Sangeet Sandhya Introduction Scripts to Get the Ball Rolling

The Sangeet function promises an evening full of dance, music, and laughter. No matter how big or small the function is, having a Sangeet Sandhya introduction script prepared will set the mood and get everyone into the feel of the evening.

By Aastha Sirohi, 25/03/21

Wedding traditions

Planning an Epic Sangeet Night? Here's A List of Everything You Need to Look at Before Organising One

Keen on a grand Sangeet, but don't know the first thing when it comes to organising it? Here is a list of exciting sangeet ideas which will help you organise it into a memorable night!

By Surbhi Sachdeva, 23/03/21

Wedding traditions

Maharashtrian Wedding: Rituals, Traditions & Customs for Marathi Marriage

Getting married in Marathi style? All you got to do, is take a quick look at some ideas to plan a gorgeous Maharashtrian Wedding right here.

By Anwesha Das, 19/03/21

Wedding traditions

The Essence of Holi Festival in India

Let us deep dive and understand the quintessence of Holi and ethos jotted with its glory in India and the world. Read here to know more-

By Meha Khera, 12/03/21

Wedding traditions

Women’s Day Quotes 2021: 50+ Best Messages For Mother, Girlfriend and Wife

Women’s day is one of the most precious time of the year where you make the woman of your life feel special. Shower some affection on your #LadyLove with these international women’s day quotes. Read to know more!

By Surbhi Sachdeva, 28/02/21

Wedding traditions

Happy Propose Day 2021 - 10+ Romantic Quotes, Wishes & Images

Propose day quotes help you win over the hearts of your love and get over the final hurdle successfully. Up your game with these lovely quotes & get the YES

By Anwesha Das, 10/02/21

Wedding traditions

Propose Day Quotes for Boyfriend - 80+ Propose Day Messages for Him

Every year couples around the world look for the perfect words to express their love to their partners on Valentine's Day. This propose day, shower your boyfriend with happy and romantic propose day quotes that will surely sweep him off his feet!

By Meha Khera, 04/02/21

Wedding traditions

The Beauty of a Kerala Christian Wedding Decoded For You

Wondering what happens at a Kerala Christian wedding? Here’s all that you need to know about the ceremonies, rituals, traditions & more.

By Anwesha Das, 10/01/21

Wedding traditions

A Walk Through the Beautiful Bengali Wedding Rituals & Traditions

Bengali weddings all about traditions, fun & a complete visual delight. Let's have a glimpse at all the pre-wedding rituals which add to the weddings festivities, fervour & love.

By Vaishnavi Sinha, 29/12/20

Wedding traditions

Decoding a Bengali Wedding: the Beautiful Traditions of a Biye

If your knowledge of a Bengali wedding has been only through movies & photographs, here's a closer look at the exotic traditions & rituals followed in a Biye, for you.

By Alakananda Bhattacharya, 24/12/20

Wedding traditions

Haldi Ceremony - The Perfect Blend Of Tradition And Fun

The Haldi ceremony is a treasure trove of good memories and great pictures! Here's a complete guide on how to plan yours, so as to make the most of this very special occasion.

By Aanchal Tuli, 19/12/20

Wedding traditions

North-eastern Wedding Celebrations From the 7 Sister States

The 7 Sister States of India are a beautiful kaleidoscope of rich cultural heritage. Read on to know more about how the North-eastern wedding ceremonies are a beaut.

By Anwesha Das, 17/12/20

Wedding traditions

Decoding & Reveling in the Many Shades of a Sindhi Marriage

A Sindhi marriage brings with it numerous rituals and festivities. With many significant pre-wedding functions, the traditional wedding and joyous post-wedding ceremonies; it’s truly a big fat Indian wedding.

By Anwesha Das, 07/12/20

Wedding traditions

Decoding Manipuri Wedding: the Colours & Beauty of North East

Here is a detailed walk through the mesmerising traditions of a Manipuri Wedding to help you celebrate the culture in a better way. Read on to know more.

By Anwesha Das, 01/12/20