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The Punjabi Kalire Ceremony: What & Why Details For All Indian Brides

Want to know some fun facts regarding Punjabi Kalire? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read till the end and discover some of the surprise ideas we have for you!

If you ever talk about Indian weddings, you will involuntarily add the word 'fun' next to them. It’s not just simply an event in the lives of the bride and the groom but a festival for the entire family. Especially Punjabi weddings, which are among the craziest and most fun-filled weddings.

From truly breaking the dance floor, unlimited sumptuous snacks and long cocktail and drink sessions to poignant moments like the ladies Sangeet, Haldi or Kalire ceremony, you don’t see a single, dull moment.

What is the ritual about?

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Punjabi Kalire are cultural variants of the traditional bridal Kalire, often worn by North Indian brides. These are dangling ornaments, usually made from metallic foil and coloured golden, which are attached to the bridal Chura.

With designs for bridal jewellery becoming curiouser and curiouser by the day, these now also include tiny buds made out of organza, pearl-beaded chains, whimsical charms and magnificent sized single thread Kalire.

A few brides also choose to wear unconventional varients, like bejewelled Punjabi Kalire, floral Kalire or even thread-based Kalire.

The Story behind Punjabi Kalire

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According to the traditions, the umbrella-style danglers are hopes for prosperity for the bride's new home. Tied to the bride by her siblings, Mamas and loved ones these are tokens of good luck and blessings as well. In the old days, they were generally made up of either gold or silver or with strings of dry fruits like coconuts, foxnuts and more. 

After the wedding, the bride does two things. She leaves one of the two Kalire sets at the temple as an offering, to get the blessings from the Almighty. The other, she takes on to her new home as a souvenir from the wedding and as a happy memory of her family. In fact, there are many creative ways in which you can repurpose or store your Kalire after marriage.

A Desi Bridal Bouquet?

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People who've attended a Christian wedding may see a Kalire moment and have a deja vu. They would definitely associate the scene with the tradition of tossing the bridal bouquet among the bridesmaids (and siblings) and bless them with luck for matrimony. Here, the bride turns around and tosses her bouquet at the designated eager junta. The lucky individual who catches the bouquet is believed to get some of the bride’s good luck and is believed to be the next in line to get married.

Sounds familiar?

You get the same vibe from the jangling Bridal Kalire. The bridesmaids and siblings get into a line as the bride shakes her Kalire over their bowed head. The lucky person is the one who gets a strand of the mighty ornament drop on their heads. Then, they're considered next in the marriage queue.

Fun-filled Kalire Instances From Real Life

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The rituals associated with the Punjabi Kalire ceremony ensure a poignant moment for everyone involved, be it when they're being tied to the bride or shook on top of her siblings and friends. These are the memories that we often retain after the festivities are done. Here are some of these memories, from both brides and their siblings.

1. The boy who wanted Kalire blessings

Usually, the Punjabi Kalire is shaken over the heads of unmarried girls. However, we were told by a bride that one of her friends came to her pleadingly, asking her to deliberately make the Kalire fall on him. While his request itself was very funny, the Kalire actually hitting his head had everyone in the room laugh their hearts out.

2. Too young for marriage

One time, the Punjabi Kalire ceremony ended up ensnaring a young girl, instead of the girls deliberately put in the front. They ended up falling on the head of the youngest girl in the family, nowhere close to the age of marriage. While everybody kept teasing her, she had a good laugh with the rest of them.

3. Requesting to get hitched

We are well aware of the fact that falling off of the Punjabi Kalire on somebody’s head signifies that they would be the next one in line to get marries. A lot of families deliberately put the couple they want to get married, in the front. 

4. Bollywood vs marriage?

This occurred during the grand Sonam Kapoor wedding this year, when Sonam's Kalire fell on the head of her younger cousin Jhanvi Kapoor, just ahead of her big, Bollywood debut. Few quipped whether she would find a partner and get hitched instead of walking into the spotlight, though all in good humour.

5. Blessed by the Kalire

Real bride Anita recalls how her Punjabi Kalire blessed a BFF and her significant other, right before they were mustering the courage to meet the parents and announce their love and desire to get married. It added as the much-needed booster shot for them, with the two confessing their love at the same venue to her parents.

6. The toddlers who wanted shiny toys

Now, here's the tale of an adamant bridesmaid who wanted a part of the shiny, Punjabi Kalire for her own. This was the 3-year-old neice for Mehar, who had come along for Maasi's marriage ceremony and wanted the fancy piece for herself.

Punjabi Kalire Giveaway ideas

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To keep up with the changing times, a more modern aspect should be attached to this beautiful tradition. One might not get married out of Kalire predictions, but one can always feel like a winner with these giveaway ideas that we present to you for the bride squad. Here’s a list:

  • Pendants
  • Muffin boxes
  • Cookie Jars
  • Bottles of Champagne
  • Clutches or Purses
  • Lip Shades

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. You can add a lot many other things to this list. A DIY wouldn’t be a bad option too.

Tell us about your Punjabi Kalire moments and give us giveaway ideas in the comments section below.