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The perfect venue, food, jewellery, fashion, ceremonies, the paperwork, etc... It's a long list, but don't worry! With our advice and fun tips and ideas, you'll have it all under control. Everything will turn out as expected!

Planning your wedding

Why The Game Of Thrones Finale Captures Every Bride's Wedding Planning Feels

Winter is here & so is your wedding. Fandom enthusiasts, the time has come for you to plan your Game of Thrones-inspired wedding without giving in to the whirlwind of emotions after the series finale. So keep calm, plan on & DO NOT burn down a city!

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Arya Samaj Marriage: Everything You Need to Know & How It Is Different & Unique

The Arya Samaj marriage is applicable amongst all Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. They can convert themselves into Hindus at the Arya Samaj Mandir if they wish to and marry each other.

Wedding traditions

The Beauty of a Telugu Marriage: Know All the Traditions and Rituals!

The Telugu marriage takes place on the foundation of the Telugu Hindu wedding ceremony, is an age-old tradition made for the Telugu people of India. Read on to know more about the traditions and customs of a Telugu wedding

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Listen Up, Christian Bride! Keep These Things in Mind While Planning Your Wedding!

A Christian bride's wedding is just as unique as her look, and almost every woman has dreamt of a white wedding at some point in her life! Find out how you can plan one!

Wedding formalities

Register Marriage Procedure: A Step by Step Guide on Getting Your Marriage Acknowledge by Law!

The register marriage procedure is one that leaves many people scratching their heads! What documents do you need? What day do you get the certificate? How do you even register your marriage? We’ll tell you all that and more!

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The Ins and Outs of a Gujarati Shaadi: Clothing, Ceremonies, Culture, and More!

A Gujarati Shaadi is a highly auspicious occasion where the whole family gets together and celebrates this sacred lifelong commitment between two families. Let’s know more about its culture and traditions.

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These Indian Marriage Games for Girls Are Sure to Be the Highlight of Your Sangeet Function

Sangeet nights are a lot of fun. Of course, the music and the dancing make it super entertaining. But there’s one factor that adds to the fun and that is some fun games. Here are some Indian marriage games for girls, you can play on your Sangeet.

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Super Naughty & Fun Indian Wedding Honeymoon Games for Couples to Break the Ice

Want to overcome that stilted and awkward small talks with your husband or wife when you two finally get away on your honeymoon? Well, there is no better way to do that than your Indian wedding honeymoon games.

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Let's Play! Know About the Fun Shaadi Games in Indian Weddings Across the Country!

Weddings are cheerful events especially because of the fun games! There are some common and unique Shaadi games played at every Indian wedding across the country. Keep reading to know about all those hilarious wedding special games!

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Punjabi Traditions That Make the Big Fat Indian Wedding Full of Fun, Love and Warmth

There are so many small and big Punjabi traditions that make weddings unique. The elements go beyond the wedding and Cocktail, as these traditions make the wedding Punjabi by nature. So let's check them out.

Wedding traditions

The Mangal Kalash! Lets Take a Deeper Look into This Important Wedding Item

Known to be a symbol of abundance, peace and immortality, the Mangal Kalash owns a powerful place in wedding and religious ceremonies. Read on to know more about it.

Wedding traditions

Bodhu Alert! Quick Tips for a Bengali Dulhan Before She Enters Her New Family!

Getting married in a Bengali family? There is a whole new world waiting for you to discover. So here are some quick tips on traditions & rituals for a Bengali Dulhan that might be helpful before entering a new family. Read on and take notes!

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#Trendalert: Butterfly Designs Are the Latest Fad and You Need to Hop Aboard This Trend Wagon!

The butterfly design has recently become a trend in weddings and is being included in every aspect of the auspicious ceremony. We are here to tell you how to add this latest fad in your wedding!

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Funny and Filmy: 4 Naughty Pranks That Worked Wonderfully Well At Real Indian Weddings

What are weddings, if not for some laughs, fun and love? Couples tell us all about the naughty pranks they experienced at their weddings. So read on to be prepared or maybe even to prepare...

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Khaleesis, Here Are 12 Game of Thrones Wedding Ideas To Declare Your Bid Across The Seven Kingdoms

"Mother. Lover. Father. Friend. Protector. Healer. I am yours, you are mine, from this day until the end of our days." Fandom enthusiasts, the time has come for you to plan a Game of Thrones-inspired wedding. Read on to find out just how.

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From Adan Pradan to Pola: The Bengali Wedding Rituals and Traditions That Make the Wedding Memorable

Bengali weddings rituals are the perfect amalgamation of tradition, fun and a complete visual delight. Let's have a glimpse at all the pre-wedding rituals which add to the weddings festivities, fervour and love.