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The perfect venue, food, jewellery, fashion, ceremonies, the paperwork, etc... It's a long list, but don't worry! With our advice and fun tips and ideas, you'll have it all under control. Everything will turn out as expected!

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5 Fool-proof Ways to Not Let the Flu Ruin Your D-day

The flu season can turn your wedding day into a nightmare if you don’t take proper care of yourself. We can help you with a few ways to keep the flu from ruining your D-day. Read on to know.

By Bhavika Vallecha, 05/10/21

Planning your wedding

Create Your Unique Wedding Hashtag With WeddingWire India

Looking for a wedding hashtag for your precious day? The WeddingWire India community is here to help you with a bunch of quirky wedding hashtag ideas. Scroll up for some eccentric and resourceful information!

By Surbhi Sachdeva, 01/10/21

Planning your wedding

Take a Note of the Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022

Planning to host a big fat Bengali wedding in 2022? We have curated a list of the top auspicious Bengali marriage dates in 2022 for you to pick from. Read on to know more.

By Anwesha Das, 28/09/21

Wedding traditions

Decoding Arya Samaj Marriage: the Integrity & Finesse of Their Traditions

It is rightly said that the beauty of an Arya Samaj wedding lies in its simplicity. Here is a deep-dive into the traditions & ceremonies of an Arya Samaj Marriage.

By Anwesha Das, 27/09/21

Before the wedding

Interesting Wedding Shows To Soothe Your Nerves

Amidst everything that we are dealing with during this global pandemic, wedding season withdrawals is making it all seem a lot worse. So here are some interesting wedding shows to soothe your nerves.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 14/09/21

Before the wedding

8+ Easy Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas for Your Abode

If you are wondering how to decorate your home to welcome Ganesha – then here are some worthy decoration ideas for you.

By Meha Khera, 09/09/21

Wedding traditions

Janmashthami: History & Significance of the Festival in India

Lord Krishna is is one of the most powerful gods for Hindus. Let us delve deep into the history of Lord Krishna and the celebration of this auspicious festival.

By Meha Khera, 28/08/21

Before the wedding

Proposal Signs That Will Give You the Butterflies

Are you questioning sudden signs that are hinting at an impending proposal sign? These clues will help you put two and two together when it comes to your relationship!

By Meha Khera, 23/07/21

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How to Find Marriage Date From Your Kundli By Date of Birth, Name, Time & Place

Many people use birth charts to find the right marriage date. If you’re wondering how to find a marriage date from your Kundli, read on!

By Meha Khera, 10/07/21

Planning your wedding

All You Need to Know About Wedding Venue Costs

Here's a complete guide on Wedding Venue costs that can help you plan your wedding venue budget better.

By Rumela Sen, 30/06/21

Before the wedding

Self Love Quotes: 20+ Inspiring Self Love Captions & Poems

Self Love quotes and poems from the most inspiring modern day poets to encourage you to check in with yourself regularly and give your body and mind, enough attention and time.

By Rumela Sen, 28/06/21

Planning your wedding

The Stories of 'Not Love at First Sight' Shared By Real Couples

It does not always have to be in slow motion or one where the whole world stands still. Here are stories of couples who found the love of their lives - but did not know fall head over heels at first sight!

By Anwesha Das, 19/06/21

Planning your wedding

Questions Every Wedding Expert Must Address Post the Second Wave of COVID-19

In a conversation with India's trusted wedding specialists, we find out the top questions of soon to be married couples and the responses and contingency plans made by wedding experts to help all couples plan with ease.

By Rumela Sen, 17/06/21

Planning your wedding

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

How to find the ‘perfect’ Venue for your wedding? We have a detailed answer with step by step tips with inputs from Venue experts. Read to find your guide before you choose a wedding venue.

By Rumela Sen, 11/06/21

Planning your wedding

Our Exclusive Take On How To Plan An Eco-friendly Wedding

Celebrate a sustainable yet fun & unique D-day. Appreciate Mother Nature & shower your love through this sustainable wedding. Use these tips to plan your eco-friendly wedding now!

By Vandini Nirwan, 02/06/21

Planning your wedding

An Easy Guide to Organising a Green Wedding

Wondering if an eco-friendly green wedding is too much work? Think again because Banana Leaf's CEO & Co-Founder Sid Naidu is here to break the myths! Read to know.

By Anwesha Das, 31/05/21