Before the wedding

The perfect venue, food, jewellery, fashion, ceremonies, the paperwork, etc... It's a long list, but don't worry! With our advice and fun tips and ideas, you'll have it all under control. Everything will turn out as expected!

Wedding formalities

9 Happy Wedding Anniversary Cake Images in White for Pure Elegance

Wedding anniversary cakes on your mind? Check out these fabulous happy wedding anniversary cake images for some inspiration!

By Giselle DCosta, 14/10/19

Wedding formalities

Use These Car Decor Ideas to Make Your Bride's Ride Home Special

Want your first ride with your wife to be special? Then make an effort and look for some mind-blowing car decoration ideas and surprise her.

By Chinar Ghorawat, 11/10/19

Keeping up-to-date and wedding fairs

The Best Resorts in Hyderabad Bachelor's Party Deals Online

Looking for resorts in Hyderabad to host a bachelorette party? Check out these 6 websites to book a venue, arrange surprise setups and much more!

By Apurva Saxena, 10/10/19

Planning your wedding

8 Quirky Mocktail Names That Will Make All Your Guests Laugh!

Celebrities, Stereotypes or situations, they are always inspirational enough for mocktail names!

By Nischal Jain, 05/10/19

Planning your wedding

9 Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas That Align With Her Personality!

Looking for creative bachelorette party cake ideas to spice up the party? Here are 9 unique cake designs that you can take inspiration from.

By Siddharth Madan, 04/10/19

Planning your wedding

The Only Wedding Expenses Checklist You Need To Plan Your BFIW!

Planning for your big fat Indian wedding? Here is a wedding expenses checklist that you must definitely have with you to track down the costs and plan a wedding!

By Ashwin Nair, 04/10/19

Wedding formalities

Engagement Congratulation Messages to Double the Couple's Happiness

Getting engaged is not only about exchanging rings, it is the promise of a beautiful life. If you are looking for an engagement congratulations message for the happy couple, click here!

By Nikhil Aggarwal, 04/10/19

Planning your wedding

Need Funny Ways To Enter A Wedding Reception? Some Cues For A Laugh Riot

Who doesn’t like a touch of humour at their wedding? End your wedding shenanigans on a humorous note with these funny ways to enter a wedding reception!

By Ashwin Nair, 04/10/19

Wedding formalities

8 Gifts for Bridesmaids Your Girl Gang Will Go Ga-ga Over!

Wondering how to shower love over your girl gang? Try these 8 bachelorette gifts for bridesmaids & double their happiness!

By Nischal Jain, 03/10/19

Planning your wedding

Want a Perfectly Executed Wedding Event? Check These Planners Now!

A Big Fat Indian wedding requires a lot of intensive planning to make it a true success. The following is a list of 8 of the best wedding planners in India to make your dream come true!

By Siddharth Madan, 02/10/19

Wedding formalities

20 Lol-worthy Couple Games Questions That Leave the Couple Blushing

How about taking the fun quotient at your wedding to the next level? Incorporate these couple games questions to make your wedding memorable.

By Nikhil Aggarwal, 02/10/19

Wedding formalities

7 Heart Warming Proposal Pictures to Help Pop the Question!

We have curated a list of proposal pictures of some real-life couples that tell the story of their romance and are pure wedding goals!

By Siddharth Madan, 02/10/19

Wedding formalities

Bridal Bouquets to Stride Down the Aisle Looking Gorgeous as Ever

Bridal bouquets need to look fresh and gorgeous for the wedding photos. Choose the one that has your favourite flowers in it and any florist will make it beautiful!

By Nikhil Aggarwal, 29/09/19

Wedding formalities

Marriage Registration In Mumbai: Here's All You Need To Know

If you are getting married in Mumbai, do not forget that you have to get it stamped and approved by the government of Maharashtra. Know everything about marriage registration Mumbai!

By Kajoli Anand, 27/09/19

Wedding traditions

Engagement Plate Decoration Inspiration For Your Roka

Make your engagement plate quirky and cool! If you are looking for the best engagement plate decoration ideas, this is the right article for you.

By Kajoli Anand, 26/09/19

Wedding traditions

Bridal Games for Girls to Make the Night an Unforgettable One

Looking to have a fun night in with your girls before the big day? These bridal games for girls can guarantee a night of laughter and love!

By Divya Premkumar, 23/09/19