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Bridal Lehenga Designers and Shops

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  • Talking Threads By Pearl Uppal

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹90,000
  • Attraqtive By Divya Bansal

    1 promotion -15% Discount
    From ₹20,000
  • Aggarwal Sarees Palace

    From ₹2,000
  • Biba, Chattarpur

    From ₹1,000
  • Brocade Designer Boutique

    From ₹20,000
  • Chhabra 555

    From ₹2,500
  • Esha Boutique

    From ₹15,000
  • Excelsior Creations

    From ₹10,000
  • Buy Indian Wear

    From ₹6,500
  • Heer Fashions

    From ₹10,000
  • K Mystery

    From ₹10,000
  • Kalakruti

    From ₹2,000
  • Prani Design Studio

    From ₹15,000
  • Rajsons The Boutique

    From ₹5,000
  • Saboo Collections

    From ₹5,000
  • Sangini

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹10,000
  • Shakuntlam

    From ₹30,000
  • Shraddha Sarees

    From ₹8,000
  • Wedding Sarees India Pvt, Ltd.

    From ₹5,000
  • Hera By AJ

    From ₹50,000
  • The Marwari's

    From ₹70,000
  • Vikram Phadnis

    From ₹20,000
  • Charas By Ankur & Sonia

    From ₹45,000
  • JJ Valaya

    From ₹10,000

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Wedding Bridal Lehenga For Girls


A bridal lehenga is the much looked- for after traditional outfit that is worn by girls on the day of their D-day. Modern-day designers have left no stone unturned to weave magic in new wedding lehenga designs. With attention to every intricate detail that makes the best bridal lehenga unique - like the fabric used, the embroidery, the color of the lehenga, and exceptional craftsmanship, bridal lehengas in India are made to perfection for your dream wedding day. 

The advent of the lehenga is traced back to the time of the Mughals in India. The dulhan lehenga was first reinvented by top couturiers in India, drawing inspiration from the photos of Mughal women who were seen wearing three pieces - patka, peshwaj, and pajama. Post the decline of the Mughal era in the 20th century, women in Northern India continued to wear lehenga choli made of different fabrics and colors. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the wedding bridal lehenga choli became an everyday outfit in a woman’s wardrobe. Some local tailors added their regional elements to the designs to make them unique, like mirror works, gota patti, or kundan work in the body of the lehenga. While the trend was lost in time post-independence, Bollywood brought the trend of bridal lehengas back to the surface in 1990, and there was no looking back since! 


In a few parts of India, primarily southern and eastern India, brides-to-be choose opulent bridal lehenga saree for the wedding day to follow the customs of their regional weddings. However, most North India chooses a wedding lehenga to add a unique edge to their wedding trousseau. Bridal lehengas have also become a fashion statement now that has been embraced by many millennial brides. The red bridal lehenga continues to be the first traditional wear choice for new-age brides. Designers have also added pink bridal lehenga designs, elegant blue bridal lehengas, and many more new pastel lehenga shades to the ever-growing list of choices for brides-to-be. With fancy and flair at the heart of the wedding bridal lehenga designs, young brides-to-be have plenty of options to choose designer bridal lehengas from bridal lehenga stores, bridal lehenga designer boutiques, online websites, and e-commerce sites dedicated to bridal/ ethnic wear, and more.


If you are currently searching for a trusted bridal designer store that offers affordable or premium wedding bridal lehenga new designs, WeddingWire India can help to make your journey easier. 


How to find the Top Wedding Bridal Lehenga stores near you? 


Download the WeddingWire India app, which is free for brides and grooms searching for wedding vendors to plan their D-Day. Once you are on the app or website, select the main category ‘brides’ from the homepage and click on the subcategory ‘bridal lehenga.’ The website and app open a varied list of designer profiles/storefronts for your selection. With 3400 bridal lehenga stores and designers enlisted on the platform, WeddingWire India covers the bridalwear industry winners from the nook and cranny of the country. Select your city and specific region from the filters section to find your town’s top and trusted bridal wear designers. E.g., If you wish to find a bridal lehenga store in Delhi, you can choose Delhi as your filter, and you can further select the areas within the city that you would want to explore like - South Delhi, North Delhi, etc. 

Once you have shortlisted the location, you can add more filters like the specific region within the city where you want to shop and the pricing bracket per your wedding budget


How to Choose the Best Bridal Wedding Lehenga Designs ? 


Choosing the perfect designer bridal lehenga for your wedding day is not just a task you have to tick off from your wedding planning checklist but a part of your wedding dream. In this age of digital takeover, a bride twirling in a perfect bridal lehenga can set trends and go viral on social media for all the right reasons. If you have recently started bookmarking your dream bridal lehenga but do not know where to start, find our detailed list here - 


Decide the final budget for your bridal lehenga. When you plan this budget, discuss the entire wedding celebration events you are planning with your family. If you have multiple pre/post wedding celebrations, you will have to plan your budget accordingly.  

Once you have decided your budget, it’s now time to shortlist the bridal lehenga stores/designers you would like to visit to explore bridal lehenga collections. 

Don’t book the first bridal lehenga you like. Explore available designs on the internet/a brand’s or store’s social media page or online website.

You can take screenshots of your shortlisted bridal lehenga to the designer’s store and ask for more designs that match your personality. 

Make sure you keep the season in which your wedding is being planned in mind before you make the purchase. E.g., If you are planning a winter wedding, you can choose a velvet lehenga paired with a full sleeve blouse design


How to choose your Bridal Lehenga color and fabric?


Choosing the color and fabric of your bridal lehenga is a critical decision that is often not given the right amount of thought. Here’s a detailed guide covering factors that can help us choose the right color and fabric for our bridal lehenga. 

Each one of us has a favorite color that complements our skin tone and adds a natural blush to our cheek. Pick the color that has always brightened your day with compliments from friends and family. 

If you are a follower of trends, you can read through magazines and explore Instagram pictures to find the trending best bridal lehenga colors of the year.

The color plays a significant role when you pick a specific fabric as per the season you are getting married in. Summer brides love to pick lightweight lehengas wrapped in beautiful pastel shades or yellow. For a winter wedding, fabrics made of heavy raw silk or velvet stand out from the crowd when they are wrapped in bold and beautiful dark shades of red, green, or blue. 

Do you have heirloom bridal jewelry that you need to pair with your bridal lehenga? A traditional gold heirloom necklace complements a red or orange lehenga like no other! 



How much does a bridal lehenga cost?

The cost of your bridal lehenga depends on various factors like the brand you are buying from, embroidery done in the lehenga, the fabric used in it, and more. Depending on your choices, it can start from 25/ 30,000 and range up to three lacs or more. 


Which city is famous for buying bridal lehengas?

 A no. of cities in India are known for their bridal lehenga markets. You can explore Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore markets for your bridal lehenga shopping. 


When should I buy my bridal lehenga? 

You should finalize your bridal lehenga 5-6 months before your wedding date. You will need the extra amount to get your bridal lehenga tailored as per your measurements and customization requirements. 


Where can I buy designer bridal lehengas online? 

The WeddingWire India app and website helps you connect with the top and trusted designers from different states and cities of India. You can check their latest collection, bridal lehenga designs with an estimated price, and send a query directly to the designer from the platform. 


Which color should I choose for my wedding bridal lehenga? 

Red is the most preferred bridal lehenga color in India. You can also opt for gold or dark green shades for a traditional look. Millennial brides are also opting for pastel bridal lehenga shades these days. 


How can I reuse my wedding lehenga? 

Most wedding lehengas are timeless designs and become heirlooms that can be gifted to your siblings or children when the time is right. If you want to re-use it for other events, you can try pairing it with a lighter blouse, wearing it like a saree with a simpler pallu, or get it tailored into an Anarkali design. 

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