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Gambhir Tent, Rohini

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Maharaja Tent House

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Mehta Tent and Furniture House

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Bhagat Tent Services

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Guptajee Tent Service

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St Mariya Tent House

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Hariom Ji Tent House

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Vaishali Tent House

From ₹8,000

India Tent House

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Sharma Tent and Caterers, Chandigarh

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Mahaluxmi Tent and Light Decorators

From ₹24,000

Fancy Tent House

From ₹24,000

Christ Raja Tent House

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Sushil Tent House, Noida

From ₹10,000

Vikram Tent House

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Goyal Tent House, Bareilly

From ₹50,000

Rupesh Tent House, Ranchi

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Devi Events, Mysore

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Royal Tent House

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Agarwal Tent House, Bareilly

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Pawan Tent House

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Bashu Tent House

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Hemanth Tent House

From ₹10,000

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Tent House Near Me

No matter what kind of wedding venue you pick for celebrating your big day, tent houses are a must to decorate your wedding venue as per your choices and ideas. Tent houses are a great way to decorate the outdoor open spaces like wedding lawns & farmhouses as well as the indoor spaces like banquet halls and hotels too. Hiring a tent house vendor takes you a step closer to transforming your wedding into a truly grand event. Tent houses are an instant mood elevator for a venue. Wedding tents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colours and prices too. When it comes to wedding decorations, tent houses allow you to explore the creative setting to create an ambience that suits your wedding best. 


In the end, it is absolutely incredible how the raw materials of a basic tent-like fabric, frames and so on can be transformed into a beautiful, vibrant and unique space for your special day.

You must download the WeddingWire India app to experience a seamless process of planning your wedding. The WeddingWire India app & website provides all relevant resources that you might require to choose the best marriage tent vendor. While you hire the best wedding photographers to capture your wedding in impressive frames or the best wedding decorators to set the venue up in a beautiful way - the wedding tent house will ensure that your wedding venue looks absolutely amazing. 


What kind of services do tent houses provide?

Tent house providers have an array of services to offer that will make your wedding planning easy. Tent houses have the capacity to be your one-stop solution for a lot of wedding planning needs. Here are some of the services that tent houses provide: 


  • Tents: If you're hosting a wedding in an outdoor space, a tent may be a necessity - both for your guests' comfort and in case of inclement weather. However, tent houses also provide drapes for indoor venue decor. You might need tents for setting up a dining area and so on. You can even add a dance floor to the tent. The size of the tent that you need can be decided based on your guest list.
  • Mattress & linen: Weddings involve a lot of people. Be it the extra mattresses to host your guests or some mattresses for floor seating ideas and so on - tent houses provide mattresses of all shapes and sizes. They will also provide you with linen. 
  • Flower decoration: Tent houses also provide packages that include floral decorations. They will offer you decorations and design services for all your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding functions. 
  • DJ & audio: There are tent house providers who will set up DJ & audio systems at your wedding along with the tents and deck the wedding venue up for you to host an unforgettable event. 
  • Lighting: Be it an outdoor event or an indoor one, tent houses have been offering lights and lighting set up at the tents to ensure that they create a beautiful and unconventional setup for your nuptials.
  • Catering: Catering is one of the most important requirements of planning a perfect wedding. Tent house providers also provide you with finger-licking good food that will make your wedding the talk of the town. 
  • Upholstery & fabric: The kind of fabric that is used to set up tents at the venue affect the entire set-up of the wedding. Satin fabrics to rugs and even upholstery - you name it and the tent house providers have it!
  • Furniture: There are times when you get furniture on rent for wedding ceremonies. The tent house vendors can provide you with furniture on rent that matches the decor or theme, they can also provide you with outdoor furniture only or indoor ones even. 
  • Table decor: Right from providing centrepieces that make the wedding venue look perfect to the table decorations and setup - tent house vendors can help you deck the venue up for the perfect wedding of your dreams. 



How to find the best tent house for your wedding in your city?

  • The WeddingWire India app and website allows you to pick the best tent houses from all over the country, instead of restricting you to one city or state. You can however pick a location under the region filter for your ease or if you have any particular place in mind. You can find a tent house in your city or near your wedding venue too. Be it a tent house in Delhi NCR, tent house in West Bengal, tent house in Maharashtra, etc. you will surely find the top wedding tent houses of the selected regions displayed on your screen as soon as you pick the filters. 
  • You will be thrilled to know that the tent houses not only offer tents for your wedding but also have a wide range of services that they can provide you with to make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one. You can pick one or more types of services from this filter as per your preferences like mattresses, linen, floral decoration, DJ, audio, lighting, catering, fabric, table decor, etc. You will get a package deal at these one-stop-shops. 


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