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Astro Raj, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹500

The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers

From ₹7,000

Pandit Rahul Sharma Ji, Delhi

From ₹1,100

Pandit Dubey Ji

From ₹3,100

Pandit Vikram Pandey

From ₹7,000

Pandit Kishan Pandey

From ₹15,000

Pandit Anil Sharma

From ₹3,000

Pandit Dhiraj Tripathi

From ₹20,000

MJ Praveen Bhatt

From ₹1,000

Deepak Joshi, Hyderabad

From ₹5,001

Kamal Maharaj

From ₹2,100

Laxmikant Panditji

From ₹2,500

Pandit Sanjay Paranjape

From ₹15,000

Pandit Vijay Acharya and Arya Samaj Ji

From ₹1,100

Kashi Vaidic Acharya Pandit Ved Vyash Pandey

From ₹15,000

Avdesh Kumar Dixit

From ₹2,000

Indian Sikh Destination Wedding

From ₹3,50,000

Pandit Raj Kumar Shukla, Darjeeling

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹5,100

Pandit Jai Prakash Sharma, Ambattur

From ₹5,000

Dr Shamik Shastri, Delhi

From ₹8,000

Jyotish Ashok Sharma, Sodala

From ₹7,000

Pawan Sharma, Gurgaon

From ₹8,001

Astrologer Samrat Pandit Prakash Joshi

From ₹2,100

Balaji Jyotish, Indore

From ₹1,100

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Online Wedding Pandit

We can all agree that the most important part of any wedding is the main ceremony – which is often performed by a wedding pandit. While browsing through directories of wedding pandits may not be the most talked about wedding checklist item, or the most glamorous decision to make, it is nonetheless important to find the right person to perform your ceremony. Selecting the best wedding pandit can be particularly challenging compared with other wedding vendors. Don’t worry – WeddingWire is here to help.

How to Find a Wedding Pandit Near Me

When you're ready to start your search, the first thing we recommend is to ask around. Friends, family, and even complete strangers are always willing to give wedding planning advice and may have an idea of the perfect pandit for you. You can also find local pandits using WeddingWire’s online resources. Be sure to read reviews from real couples who have used the individual you are considering for their own past ceremonies. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you’ll want to meet with your wedding pandit in person before booking. It's important that you and your partner feel comfortable with your pandit and for the pandit to get a sense of the two of you as a couple.

When you meet for a face-to-face interview, ask any and all questions you have concerning their part in your wedding. Here are some suggestions: Are you available for our wedding day and venue location? What is the best way to contact you and how soon can I expect a response? What do you charge and how is that price broken down? Is there any flexibility with the format of the ceremony? Can other people (family and friends) speak during the ceremony? Can you work within our wedding theme? How will you be dressed during the ceremony? Do you have a traditional template for each ceremony or can we add our own personality?

You can also see if they have any video from weddings they have performed before, and inquire about their history and experience.

Selecting the Right Wedding Pandit

Beyond the above logistics, you will also have the opportunity to assess the personality of your pandit during the interview. If you would prefer someone serious, that’s completely fine – but there’s no reason why he can’t also be funny and entertaining, along with capable and comfortable performing the traditional wedding customs you’d like to experience during your wedding. Don’t be shy about discussing your wishes for the ceremony in detail.

If you’re having trouble finding the right pandit who is available on your wedding day, explore why it might make sense to book an online pandit. Keep track of your wedding pandit and all of your wedding vendors with the help of WeddingWire’s Wedding Vendor Manager planning tool.

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