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Bridal Makeup Artists

8,306 results

  • Shree's Makeover, Bhubaneswar

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹9,000
  • Style N Fix by Pranali

    1 promotion -3% Discount
    From ₹10,000
  • Makeup Artistry by Surbhi

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹12,000
  • Nupur Makeup Artistry

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹20,000
  • Fashion Shadz

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹23,000
  • Makeup by Reema Dhall

    From ₹25,000
  • Saakshi Rawal, Pune

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹14,999
  • Dimple Dave Patel Makeup Artist

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹10,000
  • Makeovers by Isha Dhall

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹15,000
  • Make me Bride by PJ

    4 promotions -10% Discount
    From ₹10,000
  • Vasantha Makeup Artist

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹12,000
  • Facets By Flo

    From ₹10,000
  • Harita Singh Makeup Artistry

    From ₹20,000
  • Kanak's Makeup Studio

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹12,000
  • Glossy Beauty Salon

    1 promotion -30% Discount
    From ₹12,000
  • Makeup By Nitika

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹28,000
  • Makeover The Beauty Lounge

    From ₹15,000
  • Da Makeup Room

    1 promotion -20% Discount
    From ₹15,000
  • Makeup By Varsha, Secunderabad

    From ₹7,000
  • Parul Pathak Makeover

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹10,000
  • BLUSH Hair-Beauty-Makeup

    From ₹8,000
  • The Brown Glam

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹10,000
  • Makeup by Megha

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹22,000
  • Makeup Marvels by Mamatha Reddy

    2 promotions -10% Discount
    From ₹12,000

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Wedding Bridal Makeup For Brides

Bridal Makeup is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a bride’s wedding look. Choosing the bridal lehenga and finding one of the best bridal makeup artists in India are two crucial decisions for the wedding day. Getting clicked by your wedding photographer on your wedding day and capturing the happiest memories from your wedding celebrations in photo albums and videos is a part of the couple’s wedding dream.  A bridal makeup artist ensures that you look your best on your wedding day and your wedding photos continue to be a testament to how you aced your bridal look for generations to come. 

Finding the perfect bridal makeovers can often be a challenge for brides-to-be. No matter how popular some of these names are, your bridal makeup preferences might differ majorly because of your personality. Other factors that will help shape your wedding look includes the color and style of your wedding wear, your wedding theme, the time of your wedding (if you are planning a day wedding, you might wish to opt for a more minimal bridal makeup look), and your wedding season (bridal makeup trends differ during summer, monsoon & winter season). 

While Instagram has made the search for inspiration easier for the millennials with tons of video content coming from beauty experts, makeup brands, and bloggers, bridal makeup continues to be an extravagant niche that needs the hands of an expert and professional bridal makeup artist only. If you have loads of inspirations bookmarked for your wedding day, you can now take the leap of faith and visit the WeddingWire India app/website to find the top and trusted bridal makeup artists in India. 

How to find Top Bridal Makeup Artists on WeddingWire India? 

WeddingWire India can help you connect with more than 4900 Bridal Makeup Artists from different parts of the country. The platform has dedicated profiles or storefronts for each artist with information about their operating cities, prices, packages, types of services they offer, and other answers to your frequently asked questions. The platform also allows you to message the bridal makeup artists you shortlist for your wedding celebration directly. 

Follow these steps to find the perfect Bridal Makeup Artist for your wedding celebrations - 

  • Visit the WeddingWire India app or website. 
  • Click on the category ‘Brides’ and select the subcategory ‘Bridal Makeup Artists.’
  • Choose the city where you are planning to hire a bridal makeup artist for your celebrations. WeddingWire India enlists over 5000 top bridal makeup artists in Delhi, more than 8500 Indian bridal makeup artists in Mumbai, 5900+ top bridal makeup artists in Bangalore, 2000+ best bridal makeup artists in Pune, 1000+ bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad. The platform also enlists Indian bridal makeup artists in various other metropolitans and smaller cities in the country. 
  • The platform offers you filters to choose from central states in India - specific cities and specific popular localities within a city. For eg - If you are looking for a Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, you can also specifically choose popular localities in Delhi to find the famous makeup artists near you like, Bridal Makeup Artists in Connaught Place, Bridal Makeup Artists in Chandi Chowk, Bridal Makeup Artists in Rohini and more.  
  • An essential filter to make your search appropriate is the Price filter available on the WeddingWire India app and website. If you are trying to book a service for bridal makeup or for party makeup, you can choose your budget from the price ranges available in the filters. Upon choosing your budget, the app carefully shortlists the bridal makeup artists available within your budget. This feature saves you the extra time, effort, and sometimes disappointment of calling too many makeup artists of your choice and realizing that they might not fit into your wedding budget
  • To make your search journey extra-easy, the filter options on the platform also allow you to select the exact services you are expecting to book. This will further shorten your search list with suitable bridal makeup artists who provide the same services you are looking for. 
  • Questions You Should Ask a Bridal Makeup Artist Before You Finalise

    Booking your bridal makeup artist for the D-day is a critical decision and should not be taken lightly! If you have already shortlisted a few wedding bridal makeup artists as per your requirements, do not hesitate to ask them the most important and relevant questions before booking them for the event. Find all the questions you should ask a bridal makeup artist before you book them for your wedding here - 

  • Are you available on the day of my wedding/party?
  • Will you be available before my wedding day for my pre-wedding makeup? (if required)
  • Can you travel to my wedding destination or do I have to come to your salon?
  • If I need to travel to your salon, where is it located? (Check the distance from the wedding venue)
  • Are you available to travel outstation? Are you open to travel out of India? Do you have a passport in place? (Check if you are planning a Destination wedding)
  • Do you want us to arrange for your travel and stay separately, or will that cost be covered in your total package? (Check if you are planning a  Destination wedding)
  • Do you have expertise in a specific kind of makeup, or are you good to offer your services for any type of bridal makeup I choose? 
  • Which brands do you use for bridal makeup?
  • Which looks and application technique do you suggest for my skin type?
  • Do you offer a makeup trial session before the booking? 
  • Do you allow more than one makeup looks for the trial?
  • Will your team be available for my family/friends’ makeup at the wedding party?
  • Please share the revised package if we include family/friends for your service booking?
  • What is your cancellation policy? 
  • Do you have any bridal skin treatments? 
  • Things You Should Consider While Booking Your Bridal Makeup Artist

    While you are asking all the right questions to determine the makeup artist’s availability for your wedding day or party, you should consider some other aspects before you shortlist your bridal makeup artist. 

  • Explore the makeup artist’s portfolio to ensure that they have experience in bridal makeup. If you plan to opt for airbrush makeup, the bridal makeup artist should have sufficient experience and knowledge of this technique. 
  • The no. of years of experience also adds an edge to a bridal makeup artist’s overall portfolio. 
  • Make sure you confirm the brands that the makeup artist carries in her bridal makeup kit. You can also discuss your skin type and choose brands/products from the diverse collection they are carrying. 
  • Check their rating and the reviews written for them by real couples on the WeddingWire India app/website. Reviews are equivalent to testimonials written by real brides or guests who have recently hired a bridal makeup artist. Learning about their experience can help you to make an important decision. 
  • Check out the types of packages they offer and the possibility of customizing them as per your requirements. You can then compare the prices and reviews of different makeup artists near you and choose the more suitable one for your marrigae party makeup look. 
  • Don’t forget to discuss the cancellation policy or event postponement policy with the bridal makeup artist before you decide. It is essential to clear all your doubts before you pay the booking amount. 
  • Types of Advanced Bridal Makeup You Can Choose From

    With expertise also comes variety! The top bridal makeup artists enlisted on WeddingWire India’s platform can provide various makeup services like HD makeup, Airbrush makeup, Traditional Bridal makeup, and more. 

    Wondering what the significant difference between these makeup trends is? Find out here - 

    HD Makeup - This form of makeup tries to conceal your uneven skin tone, dark spots, and dark circles but looks natural on your skin. It is a popular form of bridal makeup these days because HD makeup doesn’t cake or leave lines on your makeup. HD makeup became a foolproof solution for Dulhan Makeup and Party Makeup Artists after the advent of HD TV screens. Watching your skin on a high-resolution screen isn’t all that scary anymore, thanks to the HD makeup form. It is done using traditional makeup techniques, but the products are specifically formulated for an HD makeup finish! 

    Airbrush Makeup - We are talking about refined bridal makeup that is done with the help of an air gun machine. Put your makeup brushes, sponges, and fingers away because this form of makeup uses an air gun that has compressed air to spray an excellent foundation layer on your skin. The air gun used to apply makeup on your face allows the wedding bridal makeup artists to choose from different intensities and set the air pressure. After the advent of HD makeup products, the experts discovered Airbrush makeup to provide a very natural finish for the naked eye or digital screens. This form of makeup is more expensive in comparison to traditional makeup techniques. 

    Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin - A perfect makeup choice for brides with sensitive skin, mineral makeup products are composed of iron oxides, zinc oxide, and talc. These makeup products do not contain any waxes, preservative ingredients, dyes, synthetic substances, or fragrances, thus making the product safe and natural for sensitive skin. 



    How much do makeup artists charge for bridal makeup? 

    The cost of bridal makeup packages can range from 5000k to 40,000k. Some factors that affect the price of bridal makeup packages are - The type of makeup you choose between HD makeup, Airbrush makeup, Traditional makeup, Mineral makeup, or more, the total no. of wedding events, additional services required for your wedding day. 


    Which services can bridal makeup artists provide? 

    Besides bridal makeup, makeup artists also provide additional services like hairstyling with hair extensions, bridal garment draping, and nail extensions/styling for your wedding day. 


    Do bridal makeup artists offer trials before booking? 

    Top Celebrity bridal makeup artists might not be available for trials, but most other bridal makeup artists offer a free trial for your reference. 


    Do bridal makeup artists travel outstation for a wedding? 

    This entirely depends on the bridal makeup artist’s availability. Many bridal makeup artists have a team of professionals, and they are willing to travel for destination weddings. However, you need to crosscheck their availability and the cost of traveling + accommodation of the bridal makeup artist and their helping team if required. 


    Will a bridal makeup artist also provide bridal hairstyling services? 

    Most professional bridal makeup artists offer hair styling services as a part of the package. You can customize the package as per your requirement. 


    How can I find the best Bridal Makeup Artist in my city?

    Visit the WeddingWire India app/website and choose ‘bridal makeup artist’ and the city/location of your choice in the filters section. The platform enlists the top and trusted bridal makeup artists in your city.

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