The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is going to be filled with many emotions; Let us help think through the details, so that you don't have to!

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Anand Karaj 101: Sikh Wedding Ceremonies Explained

Sonam Kapoor's Anand Karaj brought the Sikh wedding ceremony back in public space, with many eager for details, so that they could work on their own authentic ceremony. That's the piece we explore here - keep scrolling for more.

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A Destination Wedding in Udaipur: This is How You Do it Right!

Dreaming of a Destination Wedding in Udaipur? Here's where you may host one and how to plan it correctly. Read about how 'The City of Lakes' promises a luxurious, pampering, mouth-watering, picturesque and a truly unforgettable experience.

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A Destination Wedding in Goa - How To Plan It And At What Cost

If you are dreaming about a destination wedding in Goa, we highly recommend you read this article. Get all the dirt on wedding budgets, venues, accommodation, travel, decor and more!

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How to Plan Each Major Indian Wedding Ceremony

Stressed over the sheer amount of planning that goes into each function for your wedding? Take a deep breath and let us help you plan each major Indian wedding ceremony.

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A Wedding in Two Locations: How To Plan An Epic Saga

Getting married in different cities or countries? You don’t need to sweat it anymore. Take help from our suggestions to ace the planning and execution of your wedding in two different locations.

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Jaimala Designs: What's on Trend And How To Pick Them

Your Jaimala will get the most attention after your wedding-day attire. We explain which Jaimala designs are trending these days and how you could go about choosing them.

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Make Your Wedding Fun – A Curated List of Unique Ideas

Who says your wedding needs to conform to norms and be the same as everyone else’s? Here’s a list of ideas to help you have a lot of fun and make your wedding a unique affair to remember!

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Bridal Entry Ideas: How to Arrive Like a Boss

Here comes the bride, walking down the aisle. Doesn’t every bride dream of a grand entrance to her wedding ceremony! Make it extremely special with these styles.

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How to Organize the Perfect Mehndi Ceremony

Your mehndi will be the most fun part of your wedding celebrations. Use our tips to plan a ceremony you and your bridal party will never forget!

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And This Is How You Keep Every Wedding Guest Engaged!

From the naughty kids to the emotional grandparents, here are the tips to make every type of wedding guest feel a part of the festivities.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Marriage Registration in India

Marriage registration should be an important task on your wedding to-do list. Here are all the things you should know about registering your marriage in India.

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10 Things I Learned While Planning My Intercultural Wedding

#BrideGuide on planning intercultural wedding - Pick your top ceremonies and learn to laugh at the glitches!

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How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

Remember that you’re going to be wearing the ring for long time. Here’s how you should look for the perfect wedding rings:

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Best Wedding Etiquette Tips

Adhering to wedding etiquette can feel especially stressful because you’re required to take so many things especially other people and their feelings into account. Here’s a useful guide:

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Most Popular Types of Wedding Venues - Pros and Cons

It can get confusing while trying to settle on a particular kind of wedding venue. Here’s looking at some of the most popular wedding venues:

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Ideas for a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is extremely romantic and fun with several possibilities. Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect wedding with a dreamy backdrop: