The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is going to be filled with many emotions; Let us help think through the details, so that you don't have to!

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The Complete Guide on How to Register Marriage in Mumbai

Not sure how to register marriage in Mumbai? Given below are procedures and steps followed by some places to get you started.

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How a Couple with Special Needs Can Host Their Wedding at Pataudi Palace for a Grand Affair

You are special and so your wedding should be grand and special of course. Why not arrange it in the Pataudi Palace? You will have the grand and the Bollywood touch on your wedding.

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Step by Step Guide to Fill Your Hindu Marriage Registration Form to Legalise Your Marriage

Getting married is important but getting the marriage registered is essential and it is not even a tedious task anymore. With a little understanding of the Hindu marriage registration form make yourself a legally married couple.

Places to celebrate your wedding

Host an Unforgettable Wedding at Sula Vineyards with the Right Details and Information

Host your wedding functions at one of India’s most exotic locations - the Sula Vineyards! Here are the essential details you’ve got to know about before planning your wedding here.

Places to celebrate your wedding

Have Your Very Own Royal Wedding at the Majestic Neemrana Fort

Hosting your wedding at a fort older than 534 years is certainly a great idea. The Neemrana fort is a great wedding venue - find out why!

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Kanyadaan: Everything That You Should Know About This Hindu Wedding Ritual

One of the most emotional moments in a women’s life and that of her parents is the ritual of kanyadaan in a wedding ceremony. But from where does the concept come from and what’s its validity today? Read further to know it all and more!

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8 Hilariously Naughty Pranks to Try out This Wedding Season

What’s a celebration without a few naughty pranks! Read, enjoy and get inspired by these real-life wedding pranks that stole the thunder and created some unforgettable side-splitting memories!

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Unconventional and Unique Wedding Garland Ideas That Work Wonders

The wedding garland inaugurates your wedding day if we can say that. Make sure it is as grand as the wedding itself. Let us help choose some unconventional wedding garland ideas for you that work wonders.

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9 Funky Joota Chhupai Hacks and Tricks for Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Can hardly wait for your sister/best friend’s wedding? We couldn't either! We have curated for you a guide of 'how to' and 'where to hide' the groom's shoe. Yes, the famous 'Joota Chupai' all the sisters and the girlfriends eagerly wair for!

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A Step by Step Guide to Court Marriage Procedure in India

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the court marriage procedure in India? Look no further, we present to you a step by step guide which makes sure that you get hitched with minimum fuss.

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Confused About How to Change Name in Pan Card? Follow These Steps for a Smooth Ride

Do you need to change your name in your PAN card after getting hitched but are worried about the potential hassles? Look no further, here’s a complete guide on how to change name in PAN card.

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Wedding Traditions : A Complete Guide to a Nikah in Kerala

With the wedding season taking over, every part of the world seems to be witnessing a wedding celebration on a regular basis! If you are going for a Nikah in Kerala, this is your complete guide to one. Read on!

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6 Golden Reasons Why ‘Gold Coins’ Is a Classic Wedding Gift Idea Since Forever

If you’ve been scratching your head for months over the dilemma of what gift to buy on your friend’s wedding, we have the answer with reasons. Read on to know why gold coins would be your safest bet.

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Gorgeous Garland Images to Rock Your Jaimala Ceremony

Jaimalas are a symbol of being a couple and marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment. Click on to for some stunning garland images to inspire you.

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A Complete Guide to Aadhar Card Name Change After Marriage

Concerned about the hassles of AADHAR card name change after marriage? Here’s our complete guide to solve your name change issues and lift your post-marital blues!

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These Revamped Hindu Wedding Vows Are Just What the Millennial Couples Need

Wedding vows! Saat Pheras! Put a spin on these traditional Hindu wedding vows to be pronounced as husband and wife. Take cues from some of these songs as see which one fits the bill best!