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8 Best Honeymoon Places from All over the World for a Dreamy Vacation

Explore the world with your spouse on your honeymoon. Pick one of the best destinations in the world and be prepared to get lost in them for your us-time.

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A honeymoon is not just your first romantic getaway from the rest of the world, but also an opportunity for intimacy and passion. Just like the perfect frames for your wedding photographs, you want to choose the perfect destinations for your honeymoon.

You want the most romantic place in the world where you can sweep your partner off the feet and fall hard for each other over and over again! Here is a list of the most romantic and therefore, best honeymoon places in the world:

1. Florence, Italy

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If you’re a true romantic at heart, Florence is heaven for you! Take pictures standing on the medieval bridge Ponte Vecchio with the gorgeous view of the city at the backdrop. You can take a trip to the Uffizi gallery to see the gems of Renaissance art. Spoil your partner with surprise gifts from the topmost fashion brands for clothes and special jewellery.

Spend an evening at the Piazza Della Signoria listening to the wonderful street musicians while treating yourselves with some of the best pizzas and gelatos on earth. Definitely worth the title to be among best honeymoon places in the world!

2. Paris, France

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Kiss your beloved in front of the Eiffel Tower and you’ll know instantly why Paris is one of the best honeymoon places in the world! Stay at a cosy apartment in the heart of the city. Take long walks along the Seine River with sparkling reflections on the water, just like your dazzling bridal lehenga.

Enjoy a romantic cruise on the Seine with exotic French food and wine. Spend an evening at the most beautiful museum in the world, Louvre and gift your partner a sketch of her portrait.

3. Bali

At Bali, one of the best honeymoon places in Asia, spend some precious moments at the hidden beaches of Uluwatu. Go horse riding in the sunset through river creeks and villages or go for snorkelling and other water sports at the Menjangan. Finally, for some long desired seclusion go to the Pasir Putih beach where you can fire up your romance in the tourist-free pristine beaches.

You can also take up fishing boat rides and enjoy some delicious local cuisines.

4. Cape Town

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Experience the best honeymoon places in Cape Town with breathtaking views from the Table Mountains National park that will surely make you forget about the rest of the world. Enjoy some exotic South African wines with the picturesque sights at the Constantia Valley and make use of some of the honeymoon tips you received. Prepare to be amazed by the magnificent views at the Cape Point.

Your honeymoon in Cape Town wouldn’t be complete unless you take a romantic walk down to the Sea Point Promenade and dine at one of the ocean-facing restaurants. Don’t miss any chance to swoon your partner by expressing your love in the most romantic ways!

5. Istanbul


“East meets the West” - The city of Istanbul promises to be one of the best honeymoon places accessorised with nature, culture and romance. Enchant your special one with a romantic cruise over the Bosphorus Strait where you can see the entire city including European and Asian countries.

Visit the Grand Bazaar and the colourful Spice market for a hint of local flavour. Share a cup of Turkish tea together at the Tea Garden while watching the ferries at the strait, accompanied by some scrumptious desserts and chocolates. Retire at a luxurious hotel giving a perfect end to a perfect honeymoon.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey

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Get a Turkish coffee and delight amid the wonders of this Mediterranean destination as one of the best honeymoon places on this side of the European continent. Somewhat dry, Cappadocia is remembered for its fairy chimneys and balloon backgrounds. A 100-m deep canyon and homes of the bronze-age settlers here are enough to highlight the age.

6. Seychelles

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Far from the maddening, milling crowds of tropical honeymooners. Seychelles is a delight that beckons people towards an experience truly worthy of one of the best honeymoon places in the world. Just off the coast of Africa, prepare for a dip on a sheer range of islands (it is an archipelago of 115 islands), coral reefs and more.

Spend some days with your partner here as you mutter sweet nothings to each other and see how the beach, wildlife and rainforests seem to bring you together more and more.

7. Mauritius

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White sands, palm fronds and awe-inspiring formations in the nearby blue waters - need we say more about why Mauritius is one of best honeymoon places in the world for you

Off the coast of Madagascar, the land is known for friendly faces (many Indians and South Asians), sugarcane-based reserves and an economy that welcomes tourists with open arms. While here, indulge in local cuisine and visit the authentic Ile aux Cerfs (the Treasure Island), the Chamarel village, Le Morne Brabant and the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. You can also redo your vows by opting for an underwater wedding experience. 

8. Tokyo

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Go east towards the land of the rising sun (preferably in the spring) and watch how the cherry blossoms prove to be a splendid background for most of your first time together. Japan is a good idea amid best honeymoon places in the world owing to the sheer range of landscapes - beaches to mountains, forests, plains and coastal regions, to urban centres and sheer countrysides.

Spread across over 6,000 islands, the land is home to 20 world heritage sites and the grand Mount Fuji.

Hum to the tunes of your wedding songs or sing them aloud at the city centre, kiss on a quiet island or scream out your love’s name from the top of a mountain or propose again with your wedding rings. Bare your heart out on your honeymoon and relish every single precious moment.

Has this collection of the best honeymoon places in the world inspired your own travel fantasies? If yes, do let us know in the comments below.