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Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations in India for the Daredevil Lovers

From Gulmarg to Lakshadweep, here's a list of Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations in India that offer the best adventure experiences for couples.

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Dear Couples, if you wish to feed your adventure seeking soul with an adrenaline rush, come and ride on the adventure coaster with us. We bring to you, a list of places around India that can breathe life to your adventurous honeymoon plans.  

Aqua Adventure in Lakshadweep

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Dive into the marine world that rests in Lakshadweep’s archipelago of 36 Arabian Islands. Spend your honeymoon in the silken beaches, outlined with lush rainforests. Head to Bangaram Islands in Lakshadweep and choose from the countless options they offer – Shipwreck Snorkeling, Shore Snorkeling, WindSurfing, Banana Boat Ride, Day Turtle Watch and Day Lagoon Fishing Boat.

  • Head to the Agatti Islands to savour the taste of zero gravity experience or hop on the High Speed Catamaran cruise that sets sail from Agatti to Kadmat Beach Resort. The journey offers breathtaking sites of coral reefs, sandbanks and  marine animals.
  • You could also explore the Scuba Diving program that is known in our country for the variety they offer to divers of all levels till 35m.
  • You could also opt for Yachting, Kayaking, Glass-Bottom Boat Tours, and Water Skiing to add more adventure to your adventurous honeymoon plan.

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An Underwater Walk in Goa

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If you are not an expert swimmer but desire to take a deep plunge inside the marine world, worry not!  The Underwater Walk adventure is the answer to your dreams of exploring the aquatic thrill. We recommend The Baina beach in Mormugao, Goa. Your adventure of walking on the sea floor will be assisted by trained and certified underwater walkers. A lead waist belt is tied to your waist that weighs almost four kilogram. This is to balance your body and keep it straight underwater. You will also be provided with a fiber glass helmet with a tube attached to it that takes care of the flow of air to your head. Right before the adventure begins, a certified walker will train you with an easy sign language guide. The same will be used to communicate with you once you have reached the depths of the sea. The experience of Underwater Walk allows you to feel weightless in the ocean. Float in the depths of the sea like a mermaid with your beau.

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Skiing in the Snow cladded Gulmarg

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If the idea of dancing with your partner in a snow cladded land excites you,  the ‘Paradise on Earth’ – Kashmir’s popular skiing destination Gulmarg is your ultimate adventure honeymoon destination in India. If you and your partner are  intermediate, advanced or expert skiers, choose Gulmarg to quench your desire of gliding on the powdery slopes of the Himalayas.

  • You can choose from two adventure laded itineraries. You can either explore the out of bound terrains like the Looker’s Left (Southeast part of Gulmarg ridge), Looker’s Right, The Back (starts at the summit of Mt. Apharwat Ridge), Lienmarg, Monkey Hill, Babarishi trees, Tangmarg, and Drang Village.
  • You can also ski tour and snow camp in the Sunshine Peak. The Gondola Bowls in the inbound terrains is the place to be for beginners in skiing.
  • You can also opt for a Heliskiing experience in the renowned Himalayan range.

Kayaking in Kerala

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The Venice of the East - Kerala is widely known as the state of scenic beauty in India. God's own country is an abode to scenic lake views, mesmerising hill stations, emerald green tea plantations and more. Amidst the beauty of slow living, the state is also a perfect adventurous honeymoon destination in India. While the experience of exploring Kerala backwaters from the deck of a houseboat is much acclaimed, for adventurous couples - the state also offers different Kayaking options. 

  • For couples who plan to opt for kayaking for the first time, you can choose to kayak in the backwaters of Kerala instead of opting for a house boat experience. House boats come equipped with facilities and you can stay the night right in the middle of an open lake but where is the sense of adventure in it? Kayak your way through quaint canals, narrow canal routes that open at the heart of small villages of Kerala, kayak under small bridges and explore the backwaters without limitations. This form of Recreational Kayaking is very popular in Kerala and is available for anyone who wants to try!
  • If you wish to explore the open waters of bays and the sea, you can also opt for Sea Kayaking. You can take a sea kayak at the coastal city Kannur in Kerala to explore the open waters of the Arabian Sea. 
  • If you have a large appetite for adventures, feed it with a Whitewater kayaking experience on the Chaliyar, also known as the Chalipuzha river. Paddle a kayak on a flowing body of water and enjoy the most mesmerising and green views of Kerala alongside your partner. 

Parasail at Payyambalam 

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Situated 3 km from Kannur; Payyambalam Beach, offers you the experience of flying without wings and floating in mid air. The adventure is famously known as parasailing and also identified as parascending or parakiting. A necessary gear, a parasailing wing and a motor vehicle are the must equipment for Parasailing. The joy ride in mid air only lasts for 5 minutes but the experience of flying with a birds eye view atop the crystal water body, admiring the sight of the Payyambalam coastline and the turquoise Arabian Sea is pristine. Your beau and you will be required to wear a harness that is attached to a parachute and a strong rope at both the ends. One end of the rope is tied to a motor vehicle. The rope is usually 300 feet in length. When the motor vehicle catches speed, the rope propels the adventurer to 300 feet in the air. Payyambalam also offers other water sport activities like jet skiing and snorkeling.

Cross Desert Safari

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Once an arm of the Arabian Sea, The Rann of Kutch now stands separated from the Arabian embrace. If the wildlife intrigues you, a cross desert safari drive here is the answer to your gripping dream of adventure honeymoon amidst wildlife. Nestled in the Rann of Kutch, is the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India – The Wild Ass Sanctuary which sprawls across 4954 sq. km, and is home to a multitude of rare species including the khur sub species of the wild ass. The Little Rann of Kutch has been declared a Ramsar site. According to an estimate by UNESCO, 70-73000 bird homes are nestled here. Head to the marshlands or the Nava Talav Lake to enjoy the rare sight of migratory birds like the ceraneous vulture from Egypt, the blue tailed bee eater from Europe, the houbara bustard of Iran and more. Opt to spend the night in one of the safari camps or resorts situated at the border lines or edge of the Rann of Kutch. 

Let your honeymoon be a celebration of the thrill of unifying with the love of your life. Cherish your honeymoon wrapped in the foamed sheets of an everlasting ocean or feeling the chills of the sliding snowflake? Plan your adventuremoon today, for that adrenaline ride!

Tell us what you think about these amazing adventure experiences in India in the comments section below.