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Civil weddings

In a civil wedding you enjoy absolute freedom; you can celebrate it your way wherever you want. Personalise your ceremony with thousands of original and fun ideas to create a unique occasion to remember forever.

Civil weddings

Name Change After Marriage Sorted in Simple Steps for the Bride

Sometimes getting married to your loved one is not enough; take a step further by adding his name to yours for perfect harmony.

By Shrennya Kalyani, 30/03/21

Civil weddings

Aadhar Card Name Change After Marriage Guide

Concerned about the hassles of AADHAR card name change after marriage? Hereโ€™s our complete guide to solve your name change issues and lift your post-marital blues!

By Sailen Katel, 21/02/21

Civil weddings

Here's the Transgender Couple Who Had a Bengali 'rainbow' Wedding

The world's changing and it's becoming more open to calls for love is love. And this Bengali wedding is enough proof why!

By Vidhi Maingi Gaur, 16/08/19

Civil weddings

How to Register Marriage Certificate in a Fuss-Free Way for the Bride and Groom

A marriage certificate is a legal document that recognises two people are officially married. Register marriage certificate is issued by the government official, during or after the marriage ritual.

By Sanjana Guha, 16/03/19

Civil weddings

The Complete Court Marriage Documents List You Should Bookmark

If you're going in for a court marriage, you will need to get a list of documents ready before you apply. Here's a list of court marriage documents that you will require.

By Shrennya Kalyani, 07/03/19

Civil weddings

The Complete Guide on How to Register Marriage in Mumbai

Not sure how to register marriage in Mumbai? Given below are procedures and steps followed by some places to get you started.

By Anchal Bhatia, 02/02/19

Civil weddings

Step by Step Guide to Fill Your Hindu Marriage Registration Form to Legalise Your Marriage

Getting married is important but getting the marriage registered is essential and it is not even a tedious task anymore. With a little understanding of the Hindu marriage registration form make yourself a legally married couple.

By Bani Kaur Sawhney, 01/02/19

Civil weddings

Thinking of a Court Marriage Instead of the Conventional Traditional D-day? Here's a Step by Step Guide to Assist You

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the court marriage procedure in India? Look no further, we present to you a step by step guide which makes sure that you get hitched with minimum fuss.

By Sailen Katel, 29/12/18

Civil weddings

Worried About How to Change Name in Pan Card? Keep the Stress at Bay on Your D-day With This Easy-to-follow Guide

Do you need to change your name in your PAN card after getting hitched but are worried about the potential hassles? Look no further, hereโ€™s a complete guide on how to change name in PAN card.

By Sailen Katel, 29/12/18

Civil weddings

Love Prevails Amidst Chaos: Gay Weddings Now a Celebration for All ๐Ÿณโ€๐ŸŒˆ

And as the Supreme court raises a flag for humanity and equal rights, we share with you all the reasons to celebrate gay weddings.

By Vandini Nirwan, 06/09/18

Civil weddings

The Marriage Registration in India Guide You Need to Bookmark

Marriage registration should be an important task on your wedding to-do list. Here are all the things you should know about registering your marriage in India.

By Sukhmani Waraich, 24/01/18