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Step by Step Guide to Fill Your Hindu Marriage Registration Form to Legalise Your Marriage

Getting married is important but getting the marriage registered is essential and it is not even a tedious task anymore. With a little understanding of the Hindu marriage registration form make yourself a legally married couple.

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Be it a big fat Indian wedding or a simple temple wedding, just ensure to legalise your marriage as per Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Getting the marriage registered is important to ensure a smooth sail to obtain any future legal documents like Aadhar Card, passport etc. Be it a honeymoon trip, property deals, bank accounts, filing Income Tax or any other legal formality- would require you to present the Marriage registration document to prove the marital status.

1. Under Which Act To Register

First of all, let us understand the difference between the two acts. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 is applicable where both the parties belong to Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Sikh community, or where they have converted into any of these religions. To be valid under this law either of the party to the marriage is a Muslim or a Christian, then the marriage will not be a valid Hindu marriage. Moreover, it is a legal document in cases for marriage has already been solemnised in a temple or otherwise and does not require the approval of a marriage registrar.

2. The Special Marriage Act 1954

This act is applicable to all citizens of India irrespective of their religion. According to this act, no religious ceremonies are a prerequisite for a marriage to be complete and this law approves solemnisation of a marriage as well as registration by a Marriage Officer.

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3. How to apply for registration under The Hindu Marriage Act 1955

To start with the process of registration the foremost thing is to understand the nitty-gritty of the Hindu marriage registration form. Like documents required, place of registration, the fee of registration, etc.

4. The necessary documents required are-

There is a lot of documentation needed for the registration of a marriage. These documents are mentioned below and have to be submitted by both the parties -

  •    Religion proof of the parties involved
  •    Address proof
  •    Identification proof (like Adhaar, passport copy etc)
  •    Birth certificate proof
  •    An affidavit stating the date and place of the marriage
  •    Photographs
  •    The wedding invitation
  •    A signed certificate of the priest conducting the celebration
  •    Two witnesses, who were present at the time of the marriage
  •    If required as per the marriage, a certificate of conversion, divorce, or death

All these formalities can even be done physically or through an online available form. The date of appointment will be allotted according to the availability and all you have to do is be there with a filled up form along with the above-mentioned documents on the date.

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5. Online Applying of Hindu Marriage form

Although every state has its own Hindu marriage registration form, the basic format of the Hindu marriage registration form is the same. Let us understand the process by going through the Delhi jurisdiction procedure. Applying through online registration saves a lot of time and trouble of going through middlemen.

Here is a link of online registration Hindu Marriage Form as issued by Delhi Government -

Here is a simple step-wise guide on how to of applying for Appointment Online under Delhi Jurisdiction -

  •    Go to
  •    Online click ‘Make Appointment with DM’ and register
  •    Select your district and continue
  •    Fill in the husband’s details and select ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’
  •    Fill in Marriage Certificate form and select date of appointment.
  •    Click on ‘Submit Application’
  •    You would then obtain an acknowledgement page with the details of your appointment and instructions
  •    There will be a link to a fully filled form on that web page
  •    Take a printout of the Acknowledgement

6. Fee for Marriage Registration Certificate

The fee for a Hindu marriage registration form and marriage registration certificate in Delhi are as follows:

  •    Rs. 100 in the event of Hindu Marriage Act
  •    Rs.150 in the event of the Special Marriage Act

The fees are to be deposited with the cashier of District and the receipt must be attached with the application form.

On the date of appointment, be sure to reach the registrar office on time with a hardcopy of all the documents mentioned above. The documents are duly checked by the officer and after validation, the Marriage certificate is issued.

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7. Marriage under the Special Marriage Act 1954

In case of a registration under this act both the parties – Groom & Bride need to be present after submission of documents for the issuance of public notice (through established newspaper) thereby inviting objections. Also, one copy of wedding notice is displayed on the notice board of the registrar office and a copy of the notice is sent by registered post to both parties i.e. the Groom & Bride, to the address given by them in the documents presented.

In the case there are no objections within 30 days of issuance of a public notice, registration is conducted the notice date. Both parties and three witnesses are required to be present on the registration date. After validating all the documents and witnesses present the certificate is issued. this is how you can fill up your Hindu marriage registration form and get your marriage registered. 

So, enjoy your wedding to your heart’s content but make sure to make it full-proof- legally too. For any further know-how do follow the above-mentioned link.