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How to Register Marriage Certificate in a Fuss-Free Way for the Bride and Groom

A marriage certificate is a legal document that recognises two people are officially married. Register marriage certificate is issued by the government official, during or after the marriage ritual.

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A marriage certificate is of great importance in modern times. With the number of facilities raising the country, a marriage certificate is a proof that reaps a certain amount of benefits. If one wishes to change names after marriage, the marriage certificate is enough to act as proof. Also, marriage certificate helps you to give your foreign spouse the immigration visa easily, and in some cases, you are even recognised as a citizen of a foreign country.  In case of buying a house and getting a loan passed, the loan lenders will check your marriage certificate to understand the credit history of both.

Why should you have one?

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Register Marriage Certificate is a must, as it is a proof of the marital status of a person, and it is required everywhere; to apply for an insurance claim, inheritance, passport etc. Just to keep the marriage legally strong it is advised to get a register marriage certificate. One should get this legal document as without this your marriage is just a ritual and one can easily dissolve the marriage.  But this certificate acts as a protection for both the bride and the groom from getting fooled into a marriage. This also helps to file a divorce. Also in 2006 a case of Smt. Seema vs. Ashwani Kumar, the Supreme Court has made it compulsory to have the register marriage certificate.

The application process

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Applying for a Marriage Certificate is fairly easy in today’s day and age.  All one needs to do is apply to a Marriage Registrar and bring the following documents:

  1. The bride and groom both must sign the application form
  2. Identity Proof of both of the bride and groom (example: Voters ID Card, Passport, etc)
  3. A copy of the Divorce decree
  4. Proof of Residence of the couple
  5. Proof of Date of Birth, of both the bride and groom
  6. Photos of the marriage ceremony are a must
  7. One family photo is required (it acts as a proof)
  8. Two witnesses from both the side of the bride and groom (one from each side)
  9. Passport size photos of both the witnesses are a must
  10. Photo ID proof of both the witnesses
  11. The receipt of the marriage hall, or the place where the marriage took place
  12. Seven joint photo of the couple
  13. Affidavits of both bride and groom
  14. Group photos of all the people present, with the bride and groom at the registrar

Contact a marriage registrar or your family lawyer for further details of what is needed and what to do.

The two acts and their respective processes

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In India a register marriage certificate is possible to be registered under one of the two marriage act:

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1995

The Special Marriage Act, 1954

Now take your vows—legally

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To apply for a Marriage Registration under the Hindu Marriage Act one can apply at the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of the area where the bride and groom reside in. Then fill up the application form which is signed by the couple. After the verification of all the documents, the date of the appointment is given. On that day the couple must report to the office with the Gazette Officer who attended their marriage, all need to be there before the ADM, the certificate will be issued in a day.

To register marriage certificate online, go to the official site. There fill in the district, give the husband’s details and choose “Registration of Marriage Certificate”. Then fill in the form and choose a date of appointment, and click submit. A temporary number will be given on the acknowledgement slip. Print out the acknowledgement slip for the day of appointment given to you.

If it is under the Hindu Marriage act it will take about 15 days to get an appointment, and in case of, Special Marriage Act it will take 60 days.

Witnesses can be anyone who attended the marriage, and they must keep their PAN Card and Proof of Residence (compulsory).

Also one can avail the benefit of Tatkal Marriage Certificate. It began to get to work on April 22, 2014, and it helped the citizens to register the marriage in 24 hours.


Hindu Marriage Act - ₹100/-

Special Marriage Act - ₹150/-

Tatkal Marriage Certificate - ₹10,000

Register Marriage Certificate is really necessary; one cannot take advantage of another in a marriage then. Also, it helps to legalise the marriage which is not possible by traditional marriages. In the case of travelling, many countries do not recognise the traditional marriage so marriage certificate acts as proof of marriage. Get your marriage certified for an easier married life.

So, when you are registering your marriage? After all, it’s the best wedding gift that your spouse can have from you, apart from all the other wedding gifts.