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The 1-2 Step Guide On How To Apply For Marriage Certificate Online in India

Think your grand Indian wedding is enough to tie the two of you together? You also need an official seal on it. We explore the ways in which you can speed your solemn vows with this guide on how to apply for a marriage certificate online. Take notes.

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A wedding becomes a wedding when it's sanctified - in the eyes of the bride and groom, their loved ones, the society at large and even the rules of the land. In this piece, we explore how you can close the last aspect to solemnising your vows together by answering 'How to apply for a marriage certificate online'.

The need for a marriage certificate

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By law, all couples in India have to register their marriage and obtain a marriage certificate to mark their union as legally valid. This documentation makes it easier to hold it against the test of time, gain legal status (and ensure the rights of the bride) and even obtain spouse-based privileges. Since 2014, registering your marriage is mandatory under both the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. This has also led to many wondering about how to apply for a marriage certificate online.

Since all of us are looking for a convenient way to get our paperwork done, we do come across several agents (both offline and online) who promise to get this done within the same day or at the most, two. These agents often file applications for Tatkal marriage registration - something that you can also achieve on your own.

The normal process for marriage registration in India does take patience and time - complete only after a physical visit to the registrar's office.

How to apply for a marriage certificate online

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Marriage in India falls under the domain of both the central Indian government and individual state governments. That's because it's a matter of personal law (which is governed by the same set of rules all across India) and maintaining records (which is done on an individual state level). The current process across all states involves the following steps -

  1. Apply for a marriage certificate (online or in person)
  2. Take an appointment with the magistrate or sub-divisional magistrate
  3. Appear for the interview, get your documents verified
  4. Get your marriage certificate

Let's explore the steps involved in the first step for this process.

Most states and union territories now allow for couples to apply for marriage certificate online, on their municipal corporation level or local body level web portals. These government portals request for an applicant to register themselves and then fill in the requisite marriage certificate application form.

Wondering how to apply for marriage certificate online? Follow these steps:

1. Get registered on the government portal

Each of these government websites has a clear link for 'Registration of Marriage'. As you click on this link, you would be asked for an identification proof (either Aadhar Card or Voter ID to quantify your credentials. Choose the one that applies for you and fill in your number for it and add a password to log in.

Congratulations! You're now logged in and registered with the portal in question.

2. Fill the application form

Select the 'Certificate of Marriage' from the list of dropdown options you may find after you've logged into your chosen government website. Fill the requisite details - name, contact information, addresses, Aadhar card, Voter  ID for the applying couple and their witnesses. Add your images as well as wedding photos and snaps of the wedding card.

Choose your appointment date and submit this form by clicking on the submit application tab. Keep a copy of the acknowledgement slip that you would receive after this step.

Next, you would need to visit the SDM or Magistrate's office with your requisite proofs, witnesses and details to close the process.

List of government website to apply for a marriage certificate online -

Here are the websites which allow you to apply for a marriage certificate online -

Marriage registration in Jammu and Kashmir

Marriage registration in Himachal Pradesh

Marriage registration in Punjab

Marriage registration in Delhi

Marriage registration in Haryana

Marriage registration in Rajasthan

Marriage registration in Uttarakhand

Marriage registration in Uttar Pradesh

Marriage registration in Bihar

Marriage registration in Jharkhand - Downloadable forms are available

Marriage registration in Gujarat (Application forms available in different municipalities like the Gandhinagar municipality and Rajkot municipality)

Marriage registration in West Bengal

Marriage registration in Chattisgarh

Marriage registration in Madhya Pradesh

Marriage registration in Sikkim

Marriage registration in Assam

Marriage registration in Arunachal Pradesh (not available online)

Marriage registration in Manipur (not available online)

Marriage registration in Mizoram (not available online)

Marriage registration in Tripura

Marriage registration in Nagaland

Marriage registration in Orissa

Marriage registration in Maharashtra

Marriage registration in Karnataka

Marriage registration in Telangana

Marriage registration in Andhra Pradesh

Marriage registration in Tamil Nadu

Marriage registration in Kerala (Downloadable forms are available)

In case you wish to apply for a special marriage certificate or a Tatkal marriage certificate, apply for it accordingly.

We hope we've helped you understand how to apply for marriage certificate online. Keep in mind that this is just the first step of your process and would vary based on the kind of registration you would opt for.

If you have any doubts, drop them in the comments section below.