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Here's How to Change Name After Marriage in Aadhar Card

Are you struggling with how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card? Here are the answers to all your questions about it, written in an easy-peasy, detailed way.

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Has 'How to Change Name After Marriage in Aadhar Card' been the only question running in your mind post your marriage? I have collected a bunch of most asked questions when it comes to the larger query of how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card. All the questions have been listed below with the most detailed answers which are absolutely readable and easy to understand.

Just follow the steps and they will lead you out of the struggles for a name change after marriage.

Are you ready to see how easy the process of name changing on Aadhar card is? Let’s begin.

What is the Aadhar Card?

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The Aadhar Card is a legal and a highly significant document issued by the UIDAI (basically Government) with a unique identification number printed on it which is 12-digits long. It can be issued to any resident of India after set processes of demographic and biometric verification.

Is there any cost to be paid for issue or edit of Aadhar card?

No, the entire process is free of cost. Only a re-issuance of a lost Aadhar card might come with a minimal fee. Rest everything is absolutely free.

What all comes under the required information of Aadhar Card? Will you have to undergo the same process again?

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The biometric info includes the fingerprints, a photograph and an iris scan of both the eyes. The demographic details include the verification documents for age, birth, address, name of the head of the family, your relationship with him or her and even your e-mail id and mobile number.

Fortunately, you do not have to undergo these processes again for the changing of the surname. The ones looking for how to how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card are totally sorted as the process is not at all tedious as compared to the issuance of the card for the first time.

If you have got married recently then can your surname be changed in your Aadhar card? If yes, then how?

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Even though it is not at all mandatory to change your surname after marriage, even then if you wish to change it and you are looking for how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card then there are 2 very simple ways to get it done, as laid down by the government itself.

The two modes are:

Offline mode: It can be re-issued from the nearest Aadhar card enrollment centre.

Online mode: It can be easily re-issued using the government website for Aadhar card related services.

Below is an in-depth insight into both the fairly easy processes answering all your queries regarding how to how to change name after marriage in Aaadhar card.

How to change name after marriage in Aadhar card?

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1. Aadhar name change through the Aadhar centre:

You must find and reach out to the nearest Adhar card centre with your request.

Take your Identity proof document or documents along. Take the original for the safe side and a self-attested copy of each as well. Take multiple copies, again, to be on the safe side. Do not forget to write down your Aadhar number on each copy along with your sign and phone number.

Submit it at the counter and wait for the official response on your registered mobile number.

2. Aadhar surname change online

The government under the new digital trend has set up a separate online portal for all the Aadhar card related services like applying for it online, recovering a lost one or requesting a surname change or name correction.

Your surname can be easily edited or changed on your unique identification Aadhar card online. Thanks to the new digital era, most of the government-related processes have come straight to your cellphones so you don’t have to worry about those long waiting ques at government offices anymore.

Since you are looking for how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card, you must be aware of the following things which are needed before applying for the surname change online:

Your registered phone number is required in order to receive an OTP (One Time Password) for login and future updates.

Your 12-digit unique identification number printed on both the sides of your Aadhar card.

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A self-attested copy of any document proving your identity. It can be a soft copy of a passport, driving license, marriage certificate, PAN card and much more, the list of which you may find below. You can check the required documents under the next heading.

If you are looking for how to how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card then below is the combination of four crucial steps that you need to follow for requesting a surname change in your Aadhar card:

All you need to do is copy your unique identification number on your Aadhar card and log in using the Online Self Service Update Portal for Aadhar card.

Once you log in, you will have to look for the tab for requesting a surname change or name correction in the main menu of the website.

Once you find the option for surname change, fill in your details in both the English language and the local language.

You will have to upload the soft copy of your identity proof in one of the blanks of the digital form. Submit it and you shall be redirected to a finishing page.

What all documents are necessary before applying for surname change post marriage in Aadhar Card?

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First of all, because you are looking for how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card you might need further changes too, so you must know that there are three categories in which the requirement for editing Aadhar card is divided. The document requirement for changing name is an Identity proof, unlike an address proof for change in address and birth proof for change in the birth date.

The Identity proofs which can work as far as the question of how to change name after marriage in Aaadhar card is concerned, are:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport
  • Voter Id
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Photo Id from an education institution
  • ATM card with a photo
  • Credit card with a photo

The above are the general documents which everyone has, there are several other very specific listed documents which can be used. Only one of these documents need to be submitted along. The only condition to be remembered is that the document must have your name and photo.

Do take the originals along as well and take the printed copies of the same which are self-attested. Clearly write your unique Adhar identification number on each of the self-attested copy of the chosen identity proof.

Pro Advice: Because of the fact that you are newly married (and obviously looking for answers to how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card as quickly as possible), the most readily available document which you will have is the Marriage Certificate (no wonder I kept it at the first point). Without thinking much, just go for the marriage certificate as your identity proof and not delay the process further by finding other proofs.

How many name or surname or spelling corrections are allowed in every Aadhar card?


A maximum of 4 name corrections is allowed per Adhar card. The corrections include the change in the spelling of the name, change on the surname or change in the entire name as well.

How will you know of the process post all the necessary submission of details from your end? Once all the required submissions have been made which are mandatory for the request approval, you shall be given an Update Request Number for your Aadhar card. The official representative of the UIDIA verifies all your given information and documents. If everything goes as planned and he or she is satisfied then you will get your updated Adhar card in the committed time.

If you are still wondering how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card, you should better leave the rest of the job to the officials at work. Once you have made the final submissions of the document, whether online or offline, all you have to do is book your honeymoon tickets and relax.

Can the status of your request be tracked? If yes, then how?

Once you have figured out how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card, you must track its following progress. To answer your question, yes, the status of your update request can be very well tracked. Once you submit your phone number, the automated text sent to you will have all the required details like the Update Request Number and tracking link.

How long does the process usually take to get the surname edited?

We understand your eagerness to leave for your honeymoon or get your own home registered on your name but it takes about 90 days to process your request.

How will I get updates about my Aadhar Card?

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When you are so concerned about how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card then you must be about the process which follows. You can either download the soft copy which you can either download from the website or it will be e-mailed to you depending on the prevalent mode used by the official Aadhar department. If you requested for it from the nearest Adhar enrollment centre then you may collect your updated card from there itself.

I really hope that all your doubts and queries regarding how to change name after marriage in Aadhar card are well resolved now. However, changing your surname post marriage is not mandatory to post the new passport rule. You may consider the rule for sticking to your maiden name. It is totally okay to not change your surname post marriage. Now that you are sorted, go enjoy that honeymoon and the newlywed life. Best wishes to both of you.

Do tell us if you face any particular problems during the entire process, in the comments below.