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7 Aadhar Name Change FAQs Most Brides Have Before Applying For A Change In This Document

With marriage, come legalities and the changes required to them. Here, we explore the change that would be required to one of them, your Aadhar card. Here's how you go through the process of an Aadhar name change.

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With marriage, come legalities. These legalities include paperwork to ensure that you're linked together in the eyes of the law as man and wife. Though changing your name may be a choice that you've decided to make, it makes sense to do it on the record with one of the most important documents that you possess as an Indian citizen - your Aadhar card. In this piece, we explore the common FAQs people have when they explore an Aadhar name change.

Opting for an Aadhar name change

While we have explored how to opt for an Aadhar card name change earlier, we have put together the most common queries that couples have, when they go about with the process.

1. Who all can apply for an Aadhar name change?

All Indian citizens who already have an Aadhar card issued against their name (original please!) are eligible to update their demographic details online. These details also include your name.

2. What documents do you need for this process?

For a name change owing to marriage, you would require the following documents:

  • A marriage certificate issued by a government office
  • The passport of your husband/wife

In case these documents are not available, please go through the list of complete documents as part of our Aadhar card name change piece.

3. Are there any other things that you require to initiate your Aadhar name change process?

Yes. Your mobile phone should be registered with UIDAI and verified to request for a name change. That's because you would receive a PIN to verify your request on the phone.

In case your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI, you would need to visit a Permanent Enrollment centre and get it listed next to your profile.

4. How do I get a physical card after the Aadhar name change?

You can download your updated Aadhar card after the change in name details from the UIDAI website, print it and keep a laminated version of it. You may also request for a physical copy online.

5. Do you get a new Aadhar card after a name change?

No, you don't. Matrimony does not mean that you have become an absolutely new person in the eyes of the law (though it may very well feel like it for an Indian bride). Your current Aadhar card would be updated after your Aadhar name change.

6. How many times can I change my name on the Aadhar card?

An applicant can request for a maximum of four name change requests for their Aadhar card. These include a complete name change, surname change, name correction and updation.

As Aadhar cards are now linked to your bank accounts and PAN cards, be prudent about these requests and go for them only if you're absolutely sure about them.

7. Is it mandatory to change my name on the Aadhar card?

If you have decided to change your name legally (either by adding your husband's surname to your own, taking his surname as your own), then it is preferable to put it on this foundational document.

Why? If you're using your changed name for your new office, for large-scale purchases or any other documents, then not having it on your Aadhar card may create problems. Most organisations now hold the UIDAI document as a legit proof, especially if you're applying for a passport or a joint account at a bank with your new name.

Getting your Aadhar name change before these other documents would make it far easier for you.

We hope that this ready reckoner for an Aadhar name change has helped ease your queries for the document. Once you're done with this legal document, you can rest at ease and really look forward to enjoying your new life together as a couple without this headache.

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