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The Only Guide for Passport Name Change in India You Need to See

Don't know how to get your name changed on your passport? Fret not! Follow these steps to a hassle-free passport name change procedure!


Amidst all the wedding planning and the craze with which every bride/groom awaits their big day, there are times when some crucial things tend to slip away from their mind! Confused? Well, don't be as we are talking about the passport name change procedure that all of us must get done at the earliest! 

The passport name change doesn't cross our mind for a long time and when it finally does, we start panicking and don't know where to start or what to do. Here is a quick step by step procedure of how to change your name on your Indian passport post-marriage.

Step 1: Passport Name Change & Filling The Form

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Go on the official website and go through the website once before filling the form. There are a lot of options for different causes like applying for a brand new passport, reissuing or renewing your existing passport and name change. What we need to focus on is reissuing of the passport and click on the name change option.

Why is this done? why is it important?

If a woman changes her name and surname after marriage, divorce or second marriage, this option is helpful. You can fill the form online or go get a hard copy from any of the nearby Passport Seva Kendre in your city.

Carefully fill the form so that your application doesn't get rejected because of wrongly filled information. Keep all your necessary documents while doing that.

Step 2: Passport Name Change & Important Documents Supporting your Application


Make a list of all the documents required for the passport name change application. Original papers and self-attested photocopies of your existing passport(front two pages and back two pages), marriage certificate, husband's passport or your divorce decree/ remarriage certificate.

If you have yet to receive your marriage certificate then maybe you can provide an affidavit for the same as well.

Step 3: Passport Name Change, Payment And Booking an Appointment


If you have applied for the passport name change online then you also get an option of doing the payment of the fees through net banking, credit/debit card or other online payment options like E Challan. You can also pay by cash or bank draft(DD).

Once your payment is done, you can take an appointment for your session at the nearest Passport Seva Kendre. Always reach 15-30 mins before the designated time and get your papers verified.

Step 4: Passport Name Change, Document Verification And Final Approval


It should not take more than an hour for the procedure to get over. Your documents will be verified in different windows and your signature, photograph and thumb impression will be taken respectively if the need arises.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will receive your passport with the required changes within a few days through the post.

A lot of people change their name by adding their mother's name as their middle name. It could be because of the way their mothers have impacted their life in a great way and they want to commemorate the undying love by adopting their name or it could just be because it looks cool. To each, his own. You do you but with a passport name change in order!

Some like to keep their original surname and add their new surname after their full name. Just like our very own Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Or you could change your surname like our diva Sonam who changed her surname from Kapoor to Ahuja and adopted her husband's prefix. There are others who didn't change their name like Twinkle Khanna, Kalki Kochlein or Vidya Balan. For these women, giving up their surnames was as good as giving up their identities. So they chose to keep it the way it is.

But whatever you choose, whether you want to challenge the tradition or stick with the tradition, the best thing would be to go through this article if you want to go through the whole process of the passport name change and name change post-marriage.

The idea is it be comfortable in your own skin. Name change or not, you are meant to follow your heart and your way of life. But, if you do decide to detail your spouse's surname and are headed abroad, then this passport name change step by step guide will make that job for you a cake walk. So, bookmark these steps, remember them the next time you think of your passport and make passport name change an easy breezy process! 

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