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Online Marriage Registration in UP! Grab Your Notebooks Because We’re Telling You All About the Process of 'how to'

Good news for newlyweds in UP - you don’t have to ponder over your marriage registration! Now that you have the option of online marriage registration in UP, here’s a guide to take you through all the processes involved.

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Weddings are full of rituals starting from Sangeet to Tilak Rasams to Mehndi and the main wedding event, but the wedding rituals do not end here. A wedding isn’t considered truly legal until registered at an authorised body.

Many people think it is a confusing as well as a hectic task to go to a particular office, fill the forms, take part in a ton of documentation and, of course, put in a lot of time so, a lot of people think of skipping this legal aspect. However, this a very important part of your post-married life.

And guess what? All of this struggle is not a part of your wedding if you are UP couple. To register your marriage in UP, all you need is a decent internet connection and your Aadhaar Cards and you’ll get your marriage certificate at the earliest! Find out everything you need to know about online marriage registration in UP!

A) The Salient Features of online marriage registration in UP

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  • You can only apply for online marriage registration in UP if your wedding place is in UP or if the bride or groom is a resident of UP.
  • To initiate the online marriage registration in UP, you must visit this website - This is where you can get all your stuff done!
  • The online marriage registration in UP is an Aadhaar-based registration of marriage. This means that all you need is your and your partner’s Aadhaar card.
  • The Aadhaar Authentication is OTP based. As soon as you enter your Aadhaar number, an OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number and that is how verification is done. So, don’t forget to link the Aadhar with your phone!
  • All the details and photographs of the bride and groom required are captured from the Aadhaar card, so you don’t need additional documents.
  • You must make a payment of ₹ 10 if you are registering within the month of solemnisation and ₹ 20 if you are registering a month after solemnisation through net banking.
  • After the verification, there is an automatic generation of marriage certificate
  • The most interesting feature is that marriage registration certificate is available in both the languages, Hindi as well as English.

B) A step-by-step guide to online marriage registration in UP on the website

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To get your marriage registered online, there is a detailed step by step procedure which you need to follow to get your online marriage certificate to the earliest as possible.

Step 1: Visit the website This is the official website of the Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRSUP) for online marriage registration in UP.

Step 2: Click on the option ‘Apply’ under the section labelled marriage registration. Once you’ll click on apply, the page will be redirected to the next page.

Step 3: Now, this redirected page will ask for the groom’s Aadhaar card number. As soon as you enter the number, an OTP will be sent on the groom’s registered mobile number for verification. After that, t verification all the details of the groom will be sourced through Aadhaar Card database, including the photo.

Step 4: After the groom’s verification, it is the bride’s turn and the same process of verification as of the groom’s, must be followed for her also.

Step 5: The next page will ask for all the other necessary details of the groom and on the page after that, the same needs to be done for the bride. Don’t forget to click the ‘Save’ button!

Step 6: Once the details of the groom and bride have been entered, the next page will ask for details like the place of marriage and the date of marriage and you must save these details too. This section is important for online marriage registration in UP.

Step 7: After entering all the details, you can preview them on your screen and if the points are correct, click on ‘Submit’.

Step 8: An application number with a password will be generated and will be displayed on your screen. Jot it down for your future reference.

Step 9: Then you need to pay fees for online marriage registration in UP through net banking.

Step 10: After this process, all you have to do is go back to the home page and select the marriage verification option. The page will redirect you to another page that will ask for your application number and marriage date.

Step 11: Click on the ‘See’ button to have a look at the details required for the marriage verification. Once, you are done with this you can download your marriage certificate by logging in through your application number and password!

It is such great news that you can get your marriage certificate for ₹ 10 in just 10 minutes! You neither have to be part of long lines nor do you have to carry a whole bunch of documents to get yourself registered as a true couple. If everything is available online, then why not take the full advantage of it?

Now that you don’t have to focus too hard on the registration, focus on the post-marriage ritual that excites you the most – the honeymoon! Get in touch with our honeymoon planners today!