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Le Crescent, Indirapuram

From ₹900
25 to 300

Iris Park Hotel, Safdarjung

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹1,250
35 to 70

Crystal Palace Hotel and Banquets

From ₹650
25 to 1000

Bikanervala Banquet, Tonk Road

From ₹590
40 to 150

Hotel Surya Grand

From ₹1,400
50 to 550

Chandan Banquets

1 promotion -3% Discount
From ₹675
100 to 1200

Grand Sapphire, Dwarka

From ₹800
50 to 100

Hotel Sunshine Inn by Golden Plate

From ₹1,000
50 to 150

Hotel Swess Grand, Agra

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹750
50 to 300

Lee Diamond Party Hall

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹800
20 to 150

The Royal Imperial Feast

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹1,400
100 to 400

The Grand Lavanya

From ₹1,200
100 to 2000

Milan Vatika, Faridabad

From ₹1,800
100 to 1000

Kohinoor Continental

2 promotions -10% Discount
From ₹1,500
100 to 800

Grand Tamanna Hotel

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹699
20 to 1150

Sandoz B2 Banquets

From ₹1,450
150 to 650

The Grand Parisian

1 promotion -15% Discount
From ₹1,450
50 to 600

The Palace House, Chennai

From ₹1,500
50 to 700

Status Hotel, Kanpur Cantt

1 promotion -3% Discount
From ₹1,750
50 to 1500

The WhiteHall

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹450
100 to 2500

Shree Jee, Murthal

From ₹2,200
100 to 700

GKS Convention Centre

From ₹500
100 to 1500

The Trade International Hotel

1 promotion -15% Discount
From ₹850
50 to 750

Gangamma Thimmaiah Inn & Convention Centre

From ₹700
200 to 2500

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Top Banquet Halls Near Me

Find some of the best banquet halls to host your pre & post wedding ceremonies or your wedding. Check their prices, capacity, location, services and so much more. Compare the prices and availability on your required dates to reserve the ideal wedding venue from the list of top banquet halls.


Banquet halls are one of the most popular and convenient options when it comes to picking the type of wedding venue for any kind of ceremony or event. The indoor space available in the banquet halls ensures that your wedding is not affected by whatever the weather report says. Be it rain or shine, your guests and your wedding celebrations will always be safe in a marriage hall. Especially if you plan on hosting your wedding in the city, banquet halls come as a blessing in disguise offering just the right space and ambience for you to celebrate your big day. 


Finding a wedding venue can be a really difficult task. However, this herculean task is made easy with the WeddingWire India app and website where numerous top banquet halls in India are enlisted for you to pick the best wedding venue for your wedding celebrations. To find the best marriage hall for your wedding, the chronological order is to first decide whether you want to host an indoor wedding ceremony or an outdoor one. The moment you pick an indoor wedding, you are ready to scroll through the numerous banquet halls to find your ideal wedding venue. Party halls are majorly indoor venues and you can find both an AC banquet hall as well a non-AC banquet hall on the WeddingWire India app and website. 


Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhopal, Guwahati, or any other city you have in mind - you will find a plethora of options to choose from. Picking the venue is of utmost importance while planning your wedding and therefore a major chunk of your wedding budget is allotted to the venue. You can not only find the best banquet halls in your city, but you can also find the top banquet halls as per your wedding budget. To find wedding banquet halls on a budget, you can use the filters that the WeddingWire app and website provide you with for an easy and smooth wedding planning experience. 


What to consider before finalizing a banquet hall for marriage?

There are various factors that you need to consider before booking a banquet hall for marriage. Some of the primary factors have been listed below for reference:

  • Prices/Packages: You must look at the opening prices that are listed next to the banquet halls or on their storefronts. However, you must keep in mind that the mentioned packages are not accurate and may vary based on the type of food menu, the number of people and so on that can add to the per head costs. However, the Request Pricing tab will help you get more accurate quotes or tailor made packages. You must consider the prices and packages in order to avoid any kind of budget spillover. 
  • Capacity: The capacity of the venue is also of utmost importance. You must have a guest list already prepared or a rough estimate of how many people might be attending your wedding ceremonies. Keeping that list and estimate in mind, you should check if the banquet hall that you are considering has the capacity to host your guests comfortably. Only if the capacity matches your requirements, you can go ahead and book the banquet hall for your wedding. 
  • Location: There are numerous banquet halls located all over the country. From major metropolitan cities to the not so popular destinations - you will find the top banquet halls from all corners listed on the WeddingWire India app and website. Depending on which location suits you and your partner best, you can go ahead and check out the banquet halls of that area. The deciding factor could be the distance of the banquet hall from the airport, bus stands or railway stations or it could be the central location of the banquet hall in the city you reside in or one that is on the outskirts. Based on your preferences you can find a banquet hall with the best location. 
  • Services: Most banquet halls provide an array of services and many others will provide you with just the event space. The banquet halls with services might provide you with in-house services like catering, valet parking, attendants for help, in-house DJ and so on. If you are looking forward to availing of all such services under one roof, these banquet halls with various services included in their package might be a good deal. However, if you want to hire a certain external wedding caterer or wedding  DJ or wedding photographer at the venue for your wedding, you might want to check out options where the banquet halls only provide event space. 
  • AC/non-AC: You might want to consider the weather of the destination where you are hosting your wedding to figure out whether or not you will need an AC banquet hall or a non-AC one will do too. In the case of banquet halls in Mumbai, banquet halls in Delhi or ones in arid climates like Rajasthan - you should definitely consider an AC banquet hall to keep the weather at bay. 
  • Reviews: Reviews are like word of mouth. Try and take a look at the reviews that have been provided by the couples who have availed of these services before you to get an idea about what kind of services and quality of work you should expect from the banquet halls you have in mind.


How to find the ideal banquet hall for marriage?

  • The WeddingWire India app and website can be of great help when it comes to finding the best banquet halls in your city or anywhere in India. You can start with the region filter that will help you pick the location where you want your banquet hall to be. Be it a destination wedding or a wedding in your own city - pick a location that is convenient for you and your family.
  • Next, depending on whether you are having a luxury wedding or a budget-conscious wedding, choose a banquet hall with the appropriate price per plate from the given options. Of course, don't forget the event that you need the venue for. For instance, a banquet hall for your mehendi ceremony might have separate requirements rather than a banquet hall for marriage reception. The veg per plate starts at under INR 500 and can go up to INR 3000 and more.
  • Capacity also plays a crucial role in helping you decide whether this particular banquet hall for marriage is suitable for you or not. Some of the top banquet halls in your city are capable of hosting a guest list of 1000+ people while some other top banquet halls for marriage only have the capacity to host around 100 people. Depending on whether you want an intimate wedding or a bigger one - pick a banquet hall based on capacity.
  • The type of wedding venue that you need for your wedding can also be selected. Wedding venues like marriage gardens, hotels, palaces or forts, mandapams and so on. These venues provide beautiful banquet halls for marriage and you can pick from the options as per your choices. 


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  • What is the price of banquet halls?
  • A- Banquet halls have a variety of prices that they offer. The price per plate varies somewhere under INR 500 to INR 3000 and more. Apart from the prices per plate, some of these banquet halls also have a separate per day venue rental price.

    1. When should I book a Marriage hall for marriage?

    A- You must book your banquet hall for marriage at least a year before the wedding dates to make the wedding planning process smooth. If not a year ahead, the latest by 6 months before the wedding is the ideal time. Also, the sooner you make your bookings the more options you have. 

    1. Do banquet halls have AC?

    A- Yes, various banquet halls in India have AC. However, there are numerous options that you will find that are non-AC banquet halls too. Pick one as per your convenience and as per the weather.

    1. Will the banquet/marriage halls provide furniture?

    A- Many banquet halls provide couples with furniture that can be used to set up the wedding venue for various ceremonies. In case you need to get furniture on rent, the wedding decorators and tent house providers can help you out.  

    1. Can we host more than one ceremony at a banquet hall for marriage?

    A- Yes, you can book the banquet hall for various ceremonies and on various dates as per their availability and event space. 

    1. Where to find the best banquet/marriage halls in India?

    A- The top banquet halls from all over the country are listed on WeddingWire India. You can check their storefronts for details. 

    1. How to find banquet/ function halls on a budget?

    A- You can use the price per plate filter on the WeddingWire India app or website to find banquet halls within budget. 

    1. Is there a parking space in Banquet halls?

    A- Most banquet halls have a parking space available, you can either send a query to confirm or plan a visit once shortlisted. 

    1. Can we accommodate guests in banquet halls?

    A- Banquet halls usually have a bridal room where the bride and groom can change, do touch ups and store things. However, if you are planning to find accommodation for your guests to stay you can check banquet halls in a hotel with rooms for them. 

    1. Is there in-house catering in banquet halls?

    A- There are various banquet halls for marriage that provide in-house catering. You can check out other catering services in case the banquet hall you have shortlisted does not offer in-house catering.

    1. What is the cancellation policy of banquet halls?

    A- Each banquet hall has a separate cancellation policy. 

    1. When do banquet halls close at night?

    A- The closing time of banquet halls differs from one to another. You can check with the banquet hall in particular for details.

    1. Is there an outdoor space in these banquet halls?

    A- If you are looking for a lawn or a terrace set up along with the indoor space in your banquet halls, you can try picking out lawns, marriage gardens or farmhouses in the Type of venue filter specifically. Or you can check with the banquet halls if they offer any lawns or similar facilities.

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