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All Set for Your Second Wedding? Keep These 6 Things in Mind to Host a Memorable Wedding

Getting married for the second time? Ignore the gossips, lead with confidence and really enjoy your Big day (once more), by taking care of these basics in wedding planning for second weddings.

There you are, getting ready for your bridal lehenga for the second time. And as you look in the mirror, you remember the giggly bride looking back. Wait – she’s a little different now. She’s resilient, carrying the pain of the first time, alongside a nervous joy. This is your second wedding.

It’s your day, again. Shut out the naysayers and don’t let them get to you, ignore the gossip gang of nagging aunties, put on your brightest and bravest face for your loved ones and go ahead with this second wedding…for yourself. Hosting your second wedding could be a bit overwhelming given to the overriding emotions. So, in lieu of that, we have curated for you a listicle of these six steps that will smooth out the process of planning and executing your second wedding that will be just as memorable as you would want it to be. 

As for the rest? Here are some expert tips to help you with the planning process and the execution of your second wedding:

1. Be Selective with the Guest List

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This is Important! Be sure to invite only the loved ones that are important to you and your partner. Children and kiddy guests, former spouses, in-laws and friends are some of the typical elements of second marriage - so be sure to include them, not just at the event, but also INVOLVED in its different aspects. There’s no need to have a huge guest list; only invite those who are supportive and positive. So, take help of your guest list tool and narrow down the guest list to the closest of family and friends who have been there for you through thick and thin of life and celebrate this joyous occasion with a bunch of people who make you happy. 

2. Create memories

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Not everything is going to happen in the same way as it happened with your first wedding. Learn to create new memories and be open to fun pre-wedding photography ideas.

Make an effort on your end too. Remarriage need not be too simple. It is definitely an important time in your life. Get it captured by the best photographers in town. Photographs are the easiest way of chronicling the best of our lives and make it everlasting forever. So, ensure you invest in a photographer who does absolute justice to your special day and capture every romantic nuance on the reel. Visit a handful of photographers a few months prior to your wedding day, look at their work and only then pick one of your likings. You don't have to rush into making a decision, so plan ahead of time and make a thoughtful choice. 

3. Plan your honeymoon

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Second time down the aisle? Most people tend to mark it as a formal occasion and avoid taking time off for themselves, especially for a honeymoon. That would be a mistake - having a honeymoon is very important, especially if you're remarrying. You need some time to know your new partner and enjoy those cosy moments with each other. So go on and plan that awesome honeymoon of yours, you deserve every bit of it and more.

4. Wear what you want

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Do not have second thoughts and that constant fear of being judged. Dress lavishly for your wedding as you did in your first. It is your day and you have every right to look fabulous. Follow wedding fashion tips and choose an outfit that's comfortable, spot on and affordable. Dress the way your heart desires, it is your big day and nothing can stop you from looking the part! So, follow your instincts and wear something that you are most comfortable in. 

5. Redesign your jewellery

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It’s pretty obvious that you would get the wedding jewellery designed as per your new wedding dress, but there's always scope for innovation. Take out your previous jewellery and consult your jeweller on repurposing it, exchanging it or redesigning it for the occasion. Choose different designs, so that you can still use it, without going down the memory road. Make your bridal jewellery an heirloom that you keep as a treasure trove of a life well lived. 

6. Opt for a Destination Wedding


Those getting married for the second time generally prefer a unique and intimate wedding. For this, having a destination wedding in a far off place is a really good idea. Planning a destination wedding can help take you far from your past, both literally and ideologically. Also, the exquisite wedding location will help to add the fire of love in your new relationship. Make your second wedding as dreamy as you possibly can because you truly deserve every bit of this rollercoaster life of fun and happiness. 

Be proud of yourself for taking this courageous step after that painful experience. As this will be your second time around, make sure you have double the fun than you had at the first one. Embrace this new phase and keep these tips in mind to sail through it smoothly. We know getting married a second time around could be overwhelming, with having to plan everything alone, but believe in yourself and trust that this new journey will end up being the best decision of your life. Give yourself the chance to fly again and trust that new beginning are meant to result in a happy ending. Take baby steps and cut yourself some slack as you plan your second wedding. And, make the most of your second wedding and chronicle your new journey full of love, laughter and happy memories. You deserve all the good that life has to offer to you and much more!

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