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Even if you yourself are paying for your wedding, you’ll need to think about the feelings of other people as well in order to avoid friction with both your family and your future in-laws. You need to pay attention to their wishes to invite guests but in the end, the decision is yours. Use your own analysis and judgement and prepare an exclusive wedding guest list.

Here are the tips to help you make the best decision while creating your wedding guest list:

1. Be realistic about the number of guests

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This is the very first aspect you need to decide upon before you prepare a wedding guest list. Your budget and the venue size are the main factors that should play into this decision. Every guest adds to the number of plates to be prepared by your caterer and the chairs you will be required to rent. Prepare an all-inclusive list and start slashing until you reach your magic number.

The easiest way to cut the list is to come up with rules and actually stick to them.

2. Prepare two different lists

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This is a great method by which you can invite the most people without increasing your budget or having to find a larger venue.  Make the first list (the “a list”) of the invitees who must be invited, without whom you can’t even imagine your wedding. This would mainly consist of your parents, siblings, first cousins, close friends, etc.

In order of importance, make the second list (the “b list”) of those whom you want to attend your wedding but you have to put them on this second list because of your constraints. This will help you in sending invitations as per your convenience and constraints.

3. Get organised using a system that's collaborative

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Make a comprehensive list of guests and share with your family. Anyone who wishes to invite a particular guest can make an edit in real time and see the most up-to-date version. If you do not wish or cannot invite any guest, do not delete his name from the list. Rather use the colour-coding or the strikethrough feature to cut those names.

This is because if you delete the names completely, you'll have no idea who you might want to invite. Make a separate document for names you're unsure about on your guest list as you are the best person to decide upon your space and budget capabilities.

4. Avoid last-minute add-ons

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Be very specific with the rules you decided while filtering the names of the guests to be invited. Don’t get carried away with the statements by some people like, “I just can’t wait to attend your wedding," or “ I am really looking forward to your wedding," etc.

Be firm with your guest list rules and polite with such people and avoid any last minute add-ons.

5. Remain in control of the wedding guest count

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Remain in control of the wedding guest count by accounting for your guests' guests. India is a land known for its brotherhood and unity. People here are warm toward each other’s feelings and that is the reason there is every possibility that your guests might wish to bring their own guests.

So, in order to avoid any mess creating out of the increased guests at the actual wedding, make a room for the uninvited guests, your guests’ guests, on the guest list.

6. Confirm your RSVPs:

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Once you've made the first set of wedding invitations, go through the RSVPs for your wedding guest list to get a confirmed count of all attendees. This may require patience and a few confirm calls to get everyone to reply. However, trust us, it will be well worth the effort.

This confirmed guest list is what you would share with your vendors - from the wedding venue to the caterers, planners and other arrangements. Add a few over and above and you can also sort your wedding budget and minimise overhead costs. It would also mean that you can breathe easy and focus on yourself for your wedding.

Also, use our wedding guest list tool to keep tabs on whom to invite and whom not to. You can also use the same tool to check who all are willing to attend your wedding for sure. With a tab on the number of the guest list, you'll be better able to prepare for a kick ass wedding function. So take a back seat and make the most of this unforgettable journey. 

Have a way or two more to suggest? Tell us through comments.