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Quirky Wedding Hashtags Created For Couples By The WeddingWire India Community

Are you a millennial couple looking for the cutest wedding hashtag? Explore the list of classy hashtags given by the experts at WeddingWire India community. Scroll up and pick your favourite!

Quirky wedding hashtags for couples by weddingwire india

Do you routinely follow the WeddingWire India Community? Then chances are that you have scrolled through the hashtag window under the ‘Do It Yourself’ category! Let’s all accept that we love going gaga over new-fangled trends, and when we talk about wedding hashtags, the craze of electing the quirkiest tag for your precious day tops it all!

Why worry when wedding experts in the WeddingWire India community are always here with a bag full of quirky wedding hashtag ideas? In the WWI community, brides and grooms-to-be dig up their cherub love stories, and #Inhouse hashtag experts make sure to prick the bubble of voguish ideas and offer a classy D-day hashtag.

Millennials are going bonkers looking for a wedding hashtag that can set their wedding pictures apart from everyone else. Wish to tickle your wacky bones? Skim through these super-witty wedding hashtag ideas given by the WeddingWire India community and tell us which one you like the most!

In this article:

1. Tips to Make Your Couple Hashtag

2. Bridal Hashtag Ideas

3. Quirky Hashtags by WeddingWire India

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Tips to Make Your Couple Hashtag

Silhouette Events

While creating your bridal hashtags, you need to remember a few things to make it as effective as possible. Be creative while you follow the trends. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you decide on your hashtags:

  • Research well to see what's trending. Then use your own creativity.
  • Take help from experts like wedding planners if you're not too sure about your choice.
  • Keep your hashtag small, crisp, and easy to read.
  • Use comfortable and simple lingo.
  • Make sure your hashtag sounds good too while selecting your ship name. Don't blindly follow what others are doing, and come up with a ship name that has a rhyme and rhythm.
  • You can combine languages, like using Hinglish, to make it more fun and youthful.
  • Don't make it so long that it becomes exhausting to read.
  • Always try to incorporate humour and wit wherever possible. Nothing works better than laughter!
  • Don't go for the overused hashtags, and try creating some fresh words.
  • The more exclusive and personalised it is, the better your hashtag!

Coming up with unique bridal hashtags is just as important as creating your wedding invitations. Because that's your whole wedding theme. You can create different hashtags for different events, like the bachelor's party or cocktails, but there has to be one single hashtag that goes everywhere. Pick a ship name that rings well to the ears. Or simply use your short nicknames. Your wedding hashtags don't necessarily need to be complicated. Just put your heart and soul into it, and definitely use humour to make it work.

Learn how to create some cool couple hashtags with these easy-to-follow steps. Remember these and follow them to the 'T', and an uber cool hashtag is guaranteed. Don't believe us? See for yourself!

1. Initials for Wedding Decoration

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

One of the simplest ways to create a wedding hashtag is to take the initials of the couple and turn them into a hashtag. It is hassle-free, easy to share, and most of all, it will never get old. You can even use this hashtag for all your anniversaries to come, as it will always remain special to you. This is where it all starts, quite literally.

2. Add classic phrases to the initials

Romesh Dhamija Photography

Another way to enhance the previous style is to add classic phrases to the initials. With phrases like 'forever','say I do', or 'sealed the deal’ added to the couple’s initials, wedding hashtags sound even funkier. To add that touch of personalisation, you can add the name of the location where you first met or something about the theme of your wedding; the options are endless.  Honestly, this is all about those cheesy romantic feels, and we are totally digging it.

3. Pun intended

Having a pun in your wedding hashtag is really interesting. Your real life and relationships may serve as inspiration for these. These can be super simple, like this one here, or more meaningful, like ‘Nibaha’ for the wedding of Subaha and Nitin, taking ‘Ni’ from Nitin and ‘Baha’ from Subaha. So, get your creative juices flowing and make a punny wedding hashtag! Sounds cool, right? We agree!

4. Nicknames

Shutterink - Chandigarh

Why not make your wedding hashtag out of your nicknames? They are personal; people know them already, and they sound so much fun. Integrate classic phrases with them or add a pun to make it quirky; nicknames are always a hit! They will add to the uniqueness of your wedding hashtag. We all have some candid nicknames for our closest of peeps, and we are pretty sure you will have one for your fiance too! So now is the time to use it!

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Bridal Hashtag Ideas

Eventfully Yours

The moment you say "yes" to the wedding proposal from your partner, your mind starts working. Working on things like "which Sabyasachi lehenga should I pick for the wedding?" "Where should we plan our romantic honeymoon" and, most importantly, "What would be our wedding hashtag?" Ever since the hashtag #Branjelina became popular in 2005, the whole world has gone crazy over "couple-hashtags."So, if you're getting married this year and want some cool trendy bridal hashtags for yourself, you need to buck up!

Here are some fun, romantic, quirky, and creative hashtags you could use for your wedding events to make them more interesting and Instagram-worthy!

Popular Bridal Hashtags

Some of the wedding hashtags that automatically go viral include the bride and groom's names, nicknames, initials, surnames, etc. So, let's take a look at some cute bridal hashtags you could use that are also quite popular with millennials. All you need to do is replace the "bride" and "groom" with your names:






#Shipname (combining both your names, e.g., #Virushka).





Funky Bridal Hashtags

Where's the fun in using simple bridal hashtags when you can spice it up a little for a dose of quirk? Whether it's your crazy Bachelorette party with your bridesmaids, Haldi games by the pool, or Sangeet night, you need the perfect hashtag for the perfect wedding event. Here are some funky hashtags you could use to add to the fun ambience:



#JhoomBarabar (For Cocktail bar)




#GangOfGirls (For Bachelorette)




#SipSipHurray (for a cocktail party)

Romantic Bridal Hashtags

Display your love for each other to the world using lovey-dovey hashtags. Get mushy, combine your names, add themes, and add your favourite hobbies to your bridal hashtags to make them more personalized. If you're the kind of couple who would like to flaunt your love story in front of everyone, here are some beautiful romantic hashtags you could use for different events:
















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Quirky Hashtags by WeddingWire India

Harsha and Rakesh

Having a bunch of ideas for hashtagging the most precious moments of your life on social media not only creates a separate photo album but also gives you tons of merry memories. Showing up straight from Mumbai, Harsha posted a discussion asking for cool and adorable hashtags for her wedding. We are swooning over the awesomeness of the innovative hashtags!

Hashtags for Harsha and Rakesh by Weddingwire India

What’s better than seeing a community user satisfied with the wedding hashtags? This lovely bride-to-be admired all the hashtags, and the community managers left no stone unturned in making her #ShaadiKiTayaari creative and alluring. We loved #RakeItUpHarsha and #MenOnFireVidNair. Which hashtag did you like the most?

Hashtags for Harsha and Rakesh by Weddingwire India

Hashtags for Harsha and Rakesh by Weddingwire India

Did you know hashtags for Mehndi and Haldi ceremony are trending? Well, this user made it all clear! Are you all set to start the pre-wedding functions with a #ShamazingHashtag? Turn up on the WeddingWire India community and shoot a post asking for creative hashtags.

Aishwarya and Biswajit 

The best relationships are the ones where you can be weird with each other and never give up on your partner. Being in a relationship for nine years, Aishwarya, a community user, posted a query for her #ValentinesWedding and got a bunch of ideas from the community experts.

Hashtags for Aishwarya and Biswajit by WeddingWire India

This bride-to-be loved #BiswaKiAishwa and curated a beautiful hashtag for her wedding functions. We are drooling over the suggestions given by the community experts. How about you? 

Ojaswini and Kavan 

Hashtags for Ojaswini and Kavan by weddingwire india

When chartered accountants met a Chelsa fan!! What better way to start the new beginnings of togetherness? A little information about the love story can turn any wedding hashtag into a quirky one. A cute love story topped with a dash of romance can level up the hashtags. Ojaswini, a community user, used a bunch of hashtags from the experts. 

Arpit and Sonal 

Hashtag for Arpit & Sonal by WeddingWire India

The feeling of a brother’s wedding is ethereal, and its happiness elevates when sisters get to be a part of the wedding planning. Full of enthusiasm, Ridhima turned up and asked for quirky wedding hashtags for her brother’s wedding, and that’s how the community managers at WeddingWire India helped with a bag full of catchy #ShaadiTags.

By adding a pinch of quirk and creativity, the community managers at WWI managed to give a list of wedding hashtags.

Chahat Bhatia and Ashima Upadhyay

Hashtags for Chahat Bhatia & Ashima Upadhyay by WeddingWire India

Hashtags for Chahat Bhatia & Ashima Upadhyay by WeddingWire India

When it’s your #VeereDiWedding and you can’t keep calm! Sahil, one of the lovely community members, showed up and asked for hashtags for his best friend’s wedding. The feeling of meeting someone on a dating app is surreal, and the community managers made sure to add a vibe of togetherness to the wedding hashtag.

Asmita Sawant and Jay Ambaji 

Asmita Sawant and Jay Ambaji 

What’s better than announcing your relationship to friends and family members with an adorable couple hashtag? Start the list with a lovely one! Full of excitement, Asmita showed up and asked for a lovable hashtag, and that’s how the WeddingWire India community supported her with a list of lovely hashtags for the adorable couple. With a blend of love and quirk, that’s how our community expert helped her with a list of #Relationship hashtags. Well, the satisfaction of the community members is the key focus at WeddingWire India. We are drooling over the response of this lovely user!

Aakriti and Sarat

Hashtags for Aakriti and Sarat by WeddingWire India

Hashtags for Aakriti and Sarat by WeddingWire India

#SaratKiRiti, #SarItGetHitched, and #KritiGotSarat, this pretty bride-to-be shortlisted these three hashtags for her #DreamyWedding. Which one did you like the most?

Additional Words by Alaknanda Bhattacharya

Did you decide on your wedding hashtag yet? Create your own Wedding hashtag with WeddingWire India community and grab the ball of merriment while you use the tag for your #ShaadiKiPictures.