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4 Spicey Pani Puri Games to Add the Right Masalas to Your Haldi and Mehndi Ceremonies and the Chutney to Your D-day

Every small function at your wedding should have a show-stealing activity. So why not pick games that are fun, entertaining and also appetising for your guests. Our pick? Pani Puri games. Here's how you can plan these crowd pleasers too.

Abhijeet Hospitality

Known by a million names, the humble pani puri is a mouthful of sensory overload - sweet, salty, spicy all at once. And while the recipe may vary a little from place to place, the essence always remains the same. Can't have enough of it? We can't either. So, apart from a live pani puri stall as part of your wedding banquet, why not include it in your minor wedding functions and engage your guests in some cool and funky wedding games? A little more spicey? And the last one needs to be one with the chutney? No that is not all about pani puri that we love, there's so much more one can do with the little balls of flavour bombs!

Bless your taste buds as we present pani puri games - a fun way of turning your favourite snack into a game for everyone to enjoy and what better occasion than the pre-wedding ceremonies to get the dice rolling.

1. Pile Those Puris:

Le Chaat Factory

Have you ever made a block tower? This game is exactly like that, with a little difference. One, you have to use pani puris to make the tower and two, you can make a hole on only one side of the puri. This might seem easy at first but try balancing more than five at a time and you’ll realise this is no piece of cake. With the filling inside it might get a little easy with weight, but in case of the dry pani puris, the wind is enough to raise the bars for all. Also having to make towers without stealing a bite of the deliciousness? It's harder than it sounds!

You can have a number of people playing this pani puri game, but try to keep it at maximum 6 at a time so all of them can be observed. You don’t need much raw material for it but just those puri’s (fill them up with ingredients if you want to make it more interesting), a timer and a steady table. This pani puri game can be played at either your Mehndi function or your Haldi function. Play this game out in the open if you want to make it even more difficult, with a breeze going on. Since the person playing the game might get hungry in the end, gift them a box of pani puri’s to enjoy.

2. Put Them Where They Belong

Kling Bar Solutions

Need more pani puri games? Try putting the puris where they belong. Where? Your mouth of course! The twist to the game is that you need to see how many of them you can fit in your mouth without cracking. Though this game can be played with many different things, playing it with pani puris just adds to that excitement. Make sure to add some flavours in the filling that makes the players drool and their loss of control will add to the fun element!

Setting up this game is also quite easy as you need nothing besides pani puris and a mouth. Any number of people can play this game, just make it to a number that you can keep an eye on. Play this pani puri game on your bachelorette party and see if any of your tipsy bridesmaids can get past one.

3. Pass The Puri

Le Chaat Factory

Played “Never Have I Ever”? If yes then this is just like that, just the pani puri version of it. Except for taking sips of your drink, you eat a pani puri, each time you have done a certain thing. If you want to make it more fun, make the pani puris alcoholic. Or add your own version of a cocktail in that puri.

Among Pani Puri games, all of this requires are willing participants and laced pani puris. It’s a good game to loosen up and lower your inhibitions, it can be played at the bachelorette party because obviously all the "never have I ever" confessions and truth or dare questions might not be that suitable for the other ceremonies and all the guests and family members present.

4. Guess The Flavour

Le Chaat Factory

As simple as it sounds, this game is about guessing the flavour of your pani puri. Have a competition between two people and lay down a bunch of pani puris with different flavours in it. One can be your normal, another could have mayonnaise in it, a third could even have alcohol in it. The people who play this pani puri game have to guess what each flavour if and whoever gets the most wins.

You need a bunch of different types of sauces, water and alcohol for this game. But it is fun to see who has better taste and who knows the names well enough. You can give a gift card to the person who wins the game. Play this game either at your Mehndi or your Haldi and make it a Ladkiwale vs. Ladkawala to up the stakes.

Le Chaat Factory

These pani puri games are not just fun for those who play but sometimes even more fun for people who watch. If nothing else works, you can always go for the traditional pani puri race to see who eats the most number of pani puris at once. The spicier it is the better because if the heat does not last inside the mouth even after you are done eating, then the pani puri needs to be hotter and that makes one eat lesser in number. It might mess up a little makeup, but then people are professionals in the pani puri games. Let the gol gappas do the magic for you on your D-day festivities and add masala to the celebrations.

Which Pani puri game would you enjoy playing? Tell us in comments if you have any more such innovative games in mind.