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Wedding music 6 Zabardast Dulhan Dance Ideas To Get Calls For An Encore On Your Sangeet Dance Night

Do you know that you’re going to be the centre of attention at your Sangeet? Dulhan dance is what the guests await the most and we need to make sure you have a power packed performance planned for this day. Here are some Zabardast ideas for you.

The Bride 8 Kerala Hairstyles That Will Make Sure You Look like You're Straight from Heaven

When it comes to traditional hairstyles for long and lovely locks, Kerala hairstyles is one of the topmost choices. Want to know what is so special about them? Well, keep reading.

The Bride Engagement Dress for Girl Ideas Inspired from Scrumptious Wedding Cakes

Have you ever looked at a cake and said wow that could be a great design for a dress? Well, if you haven’t then let’s widen your imagination and show you some gorgeous wedding cakes that are great cues to engagement dress for girls.

Beauty for brides Essential Tips on How to Choose a Dulhan Hair Style That Matches Your Face Shape

So, you have the bridal lehenga, some gorgeous shoes, and the perfect jewellery ready. Now is the time to pick a killer dulhan hair style. Not sure of what you want? Well, you’re not alone. We’ll help you understand what looks best on your face

The Bride Sorted! The 6 Theme Guide To What To Wear in Goa For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Going to Goa for your pre-wedding shoot? Wow! While we are sure you are going to have the time of your life, I hope you’ve figured out what to wear in Goa. If not, then let us guide you through some wardrobe options that you can rock.

The Bride 9 Kinds of Silk Sarees for Marriage Which Are a Perfect Blend of Tradition and Wonder

Every bride requires a few fundamental elements when she is getting married. Amongst those necessities, your silk sarees for marriage come as a priority.

The Bride The Ultimate Kali Lehenga Stitching Guide That You Were Waiting For

Every girl wants her wedding lehenga to be perfect. But when the time comes, brides find it tough to get their dream lehenga designed. Here’s our kali lehenga stitching guide that will help you explain to your designer the kind of lehenga you want

The Groom 9 Ideas for Latest Blazer Style For All Your Pre-To-Post Wedding Shoots

Grooms! Do not feel sidelined by the brides, get these latest blazer styles, and you would also shine in all of those photoshoots that you are getting done.

Beauty for brides Beautiful Bridal Buns That Are Sure To Give Brides a Break From The Clichéd Ones

Bridal hairstyles are not just about tying the luscious locks but more about making a style statement. Let’s fish out some beautiful and bonny bridal buns that are slightly different from the clichéd ones.

The wedding guests Quintessential Options of Function Dress for Ladies - So They Don’t Take Too Long to Get Dressed

Ladies take a lifetime to decide what they wish to wear. You know why? It’s because they have a million options to wear for functions in their closet. Let’s look at some of the function dress for ladies that really make the decision tough for them.

The Bride 10 Divine Peacock Work Blouses That South Indian Brides Wore

Peacock work blouses are a rage in Southern India. What makes them so good and so sought after that, you see them in almost every south Indian bride's bridal trousseau?

Wedding invitations Intriguing Indian Wedding Backgrounds That Make a Perfect Inspiration for New Age Wedding Card Designs

Planning to take inspiration for your wedding card from a wedding theme? Well, we’d say it’s a great idea as nothing spells grandeur as perfectly as Indian wedding backgrounds. We’ve put together our favourite ideas to help you choose your pick.

The Bride 7 Times a Cut Sleeves Blouse Was the Thing You Needed to Amp up Your Outfit

Like every piece and part of clothing, even sleeve styles come in and go out of fashion. Just like elbow sleeves were popular some time ago, it is now time for the cut sleeves blouse to take over!

The Bride Simple Maggam Work Blouses for the Sisters and Bridesmaids - So Even They Get to Shine

The sister of the bride or groom might not be the star of the day, but that does not mean that they cannot shine. Choose these simple maggam work blouses for these important days and look your best while doing whatever needs to be done.

Beauty for brides 10 Hairstyles for Open Straight Hair That Magnify Their Glossy Charm

Want to leave your spectacular hair open for the wedding functions, but thinking that it would be too simple? To keep these worries out of your hair we bring to you hairstyles for open straight hair that would give your hair a complete look.

Before the wedding 9 Gown Style Saree Draping Patterns That Complete the Trousseau For Brides Of Today

A saree is a diverse piece of clothing. There are many ways to display them, and as we have progressed our clothes have started to become an Indo-western mix-up. From this mix is born the gown style saree draping, and what can we say? We love it!

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