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Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik

Nandita has been working as a creative writer, content writer, blogger and a poet for over six years though her love affair with words started at 9 years when she wrote her first short story and first poem. She prefers to write on life skills, parenting, creativity, women and children and spirituality

Articles published by Nandita Kaushik

How to Find the Right Kurti Style for Your Bridal Trousseau by Cuts and Designs
The Bride
Did you know there are over 30 kurti styles to choose from, each one competing to show you in a new light! Team with the right bottom wear and you are on a roll for your wedding trousseau!
First Month Guide for a New Couple Who Just Tied the Knot
Tips for married life
The first month post wedding is replete with new discoveries and adjustments for a new couple. From space sharing to new labels to new habits, the first month is an eyeopener. So stay open and welcoming and enjoy the journey of discovery
10 Ways an Expert Dance Choreography Can Bedazzle Your Sangeet Ceremony
Wedding music
No wedding celebration is complete without the quintessential Sangeet with its colour, dresses, laughter, dance and music. How about making it doubly special with dance choreography customised to your theme and the dancing abilities of your guests.
This Is How You Can Plan Your Royal Wedding at Taj Falaknuma Palace
Places to celebrate your wedding
Resplendent and royal you shine as the bride waiting for your prince charming at the royal wedding at Taj Falaknuma Palace! Capture the magic of bygone eras, walk in the steps of past Nizams and Begums and have a royal wedding at this monumental venu
7 Printing Methods for Your Beautiful Wedding Invitations That Amaze Your Guests
Wedding invitations
Have you thought of the wedding invitation design and its printing? No? Relax, we have it covered - chose from a plethora of design printing options to match your style, personality and wedding plan.
Dhol Beats from 6 Parts of the Country You Can Use to Amp up Your Wedding
Wedding music
Create an entirely new vibe to your wedding with the lesser known dances using Dhol beats. Some states of India have very rhythmic, energetic and vigorous dances to Dhol beats that can equally express your joy.