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Shrennya Kalyani

Shrennya Kalyani

A Potterhead who writes for a living, eats for entertainment and travels for the soul.

Articles published by Shrennya Kalyani

Together Forever Quotes - Get Together Forever Quote Ideas for your Wedding
Wedding invitations
Make your wedding guests feel the surreal mystique of your love story through strategically placed together forever quotes. Or use them on your to-be life partner as proposal lines or wedding gift tags. Find the ones you will find relatable, here.
Name Change After Marriage Sorted in Simple Steps for the Bride
Civil weddings
Sometimes getting married to your loved one is not enough; take a step further by adding his name to yours for perfect harmony.
8 Indian Marriage Car Decoration Inspiration for You to Style Your Own Ride for the D-Day
Wedding transportation
Spruce up your ride for the big day. Here are some spectacular Indian marriage car decoration images for you to take inspiration from.
8 Paper Decoration Ideas to Display Your Creative Side All Around the Venue
Wedding decoration
Looking for wilt-free, dependable and cheap decor options for your wedding celebrations? Turn eco-friendly with these paper decoration ideas.
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Saree for Engagement - All You Need to Know to Finalise Your Look
The Bride
Are you planning for one of the first events of your wedding, and are stuck with deciding what to wear? Flaunt a saree for engagement with a price that suits your budget. Learn how to find the right fit for yourself with these tips.
6 Simple Ring Ceremony Cake How-Tos To Land A Divine Dessert For Your Day
Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception
What goes into selecting the perfect cake for your ring ceremony? A lot of thought, sure, but how do you end up with the finest fit? Go through this guide for selecting your ring ceremony cake.
5 Cost-Effective Ways for Flower Decoration in Marriage That Make It Look Magical Without Costing a Fortune
Wedding decoration
Are looking for cost-effective ways for your flower decoration in marriage? Read on to discover ways that will reduce the cost but your celebration would still look grand.
How to Look Fair? 6 Tips On How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day
Beauty for brides
With all the raging trends, routines and beauty products out there claiming to be the one-stop solution to the popular query, 'how to look fair', one must get really confused. That's why here we are with some solid tried and tested ones.
Steer Clear of These 6 Wedding Blazer Mistakes Grooms Make
The Groom
Choosing a wedding blazer might seem like a straight-forward job but even that requires a lot of thought to go into it. Here are some of the most common mistakes that grooms make while choosing their wedding blazer.
8 Candle Decoration Ideas to Light up Your Wedding Decor
Wedding decoration
Light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up up...but don't put anything on fire. Using candle decoration ideas, you can legit light up the place to make it look 'lit'. Take inspiration from the following decor images for your wedding.
6 Honeymoon Destinations in India in June to Take the Most Special Vacation of Your Life
Honeymoon destinations
Are you having a summer wedding and are planning for a June getaway for our honeymoon? If so, browse through our list of carefully curated honeymoon destinations in India in June before you starting looking options abroad.
Ace like a Millennial Bride-To-Be with These 5 Effective Hacks for Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters
Health and beauty
For a bride to be completely confident in her choice of getting married until the very last moment is a scenario we all like to imagine but it never the reality. If pre-wedding jitters are bugging you as a bride-to-be, here's how to deal with them.
How to Select Your Wedding Lighting to Make the Decor Look Spectacular
Wedding decoration
One thing that has the power to tremendously amp your decor is the wedding lighting. Learn how to make the most of it by understanding the details first and discover how can save some bucks too.
Learn Which Bandi Jacket Fabric to Sport in Which Weather
The Groom
Discover the different styles of Bandi jackets a groom can wear on his wedding ceremonies. Learning which fabric to choose when will surely come as an asset.
How to Find the Right Diamond Jewellery Set for Your Big Day
The Bride
Are you planning to wear diamond jewellery set for your big day? Let us give you some inspiration and ideas of the designs and ensembles you carry.
The Complete Court Marriage Documents List You Should Bookmark
Civil weddings
If you're going in for a court marriage, you will need to get a list of documents ready before you apply. Here's a list of court marriage documents that you will require.