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Boshika Gupta

Boshika Gupta

I'm a journalist and a dreamer. I'm also a xenophile, endlessly fascinated by new cultures and unfamiliar streets.

Articles published by Boshika Gupta

This Bridal Makeup Package Will Prove To Be Your BFF On Your D-day
Beauty for brides
Overwhelmed by countless bridal makeup package options and don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide to help you through the process and get clarity on the topic.
Quick Guide on Making Your Wedding Dessert Menu the Talk of the Town
Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception
Spoil your guests with wedding dessert options they can't resist! Need help in planning the dessert menu? Here is a handy guide.
New Bride Alert! At Your in-laws'? We Know You Will Miss Your Mother, So Let Us Help You With the Daily Chore Calendar
Tips for married life
Being a new bride and embracing the post-wedding life isn’t easy at all. Here’s a brief glimpse into what your life might be as a newly-wed bride and things that will make you miss your mom.
Sudden Rains on Your Wedding Day? Planning Cues to Manage It Like a Pro
Planning your wedding
An unexpected downpour shouldn’t dampen your wedding plans and festivities. Here are a few tips that’ll help you figure out the next steps and prepare for the unprecedented situation in the best way possible!
5 Latest Bridal Chura Designs For The Brides Of Today
The Bride
Choose a bridal chura design that reflects your traditions and beliefs, and also blends with your personal style. Find out the latest bridal chura designs here.
Breathtaking Beautiful Engagement Decoration Ideas You Need to See
Wedding decoration
Since engagement marks the beginning of your wedding ceremonies, create mesmerising decor. Check out our list of engagement decoration ideas to do so.
Best Friend's Engagement: All You Should Do for the Stud Bride
Wedding formalities
Now that your best friend is engaged, she will need you to be her support system throughout the wedding. Keep these tips in mind to help her sail through the experience smoothly.
How a Rustic Wedding Theme Can Light up Your Entire Celebration
Wedding decoration
Make your wedding stand out by choosing to be subtle. Here are handy tips to plan the perfect rustic wedding:
When You Have to Plan a Wedding in Crunch Time, Follow These Tips
Planning your wedding
If you’re getting married in less than six months, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to plan a wedding. Check out these ways to make your wedding planning easy and stress-free.
And That's How You Plan an Offbeat Wedding to Ensure That Everyone Has a Blast
Planning your wedding
If you’re looking for hosting your wedding with a twist, here are a few useful tips to help you get started:
8 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes That Can Sour Your Beautiful Bridal Dress Plans
The Bride
Got the moolah and set to go to town with it? Pause and reflect - are you really prepared to buy your wedding dress on this shopping spree. Keep these pointers in mind and carefully avoid making these very mistakes for you Din Shagna Da!
5 Things Every Bride-To-Be Heading for Wedding Outfit Shopping Should Know
The Bride
Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can feel like a daunting task. Here’s a useful guide to help you choose the right outfit for your style:
5 Indian Traditional Wedding How-Tos That Will Help With An Awsome Wedding Experience
Wedding traditions
Wish to host a grand Indian traditional wedding experience? Here's our guide on how to get the crucial elements right that would make your bridal day truly pop in the memories for your guests and your loved ones.
Things You Should Definitely Spend On For Your Wedding
Planning your wedding
There are a few things you shouldn’t think twice about splurging on while planning your wedding. Here is a useful list:
How Does an Unconventional Bride Make a Wedding Statement? Find out by Reading These Tips
The Bride
If you don’t believe in doing things that feel too run-off-the-mill, here is a useful list to help you have the wedding of your dreams:
The Most Common Wedding Social Media Mistakes
Planning your wedding
Technology can makes things easier but may lead to messy situations too. Here’s a handy social media wedding guide to help you deal: